5304440323 | Frigidaire Microwave Door Handle

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Sku:  5304440323
Condition:  New
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Door handle used on some Frigidaire microwave models.

Directly Replaces: 5304440323, AP3774313, 1063067, AH979589, EA979589, PS979589.


  • Approx. 11.5"L x 1"W.
  • Black.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CFMV156DBC
Frigidaire CFMV156DBD
Frigidaire CFMV156DBE
Frigidaire FMV156DBB
Frigidaire FMV156DBC
Frigidaire FMV156DBD
Frigidaire FMV156DBE
Frigidaire FMV156DBF
Frigidaire CFMV156DCB
Frigidaire CFMV156DCD
Frigidaire CFMV156DCE
Frigidaire CFMV156DCF
Frigidaire CFMV156FMA
Frigidaire CFMV156FMB
Frigidaire CFMV156FMC
Frigidaire CGLMV169DBB
Frigidaire CGLMV169DBC
Frigidaire FMV156DCD
Frigidaire FMV156DCE
Frigidaire FMV156DCF
Frigidaire FMV156DCG
Frigidaire FMV156DBA
Frigidaire FMV156DCA
Frigidaire FMV156DCB
Frigidaire FMV156DCC
Frigidaire FMV156EMA
Frigidaire FMV156EMC
Frigidaire GLMV169DBF
Frigidaire GLMV169DBA
Frigidaire GLMV169DBB
Frigidaire GLMV169DBC
Frigidaire GLMV169DBD
Whirlpool FMV156DCC
Whirlpool FMV156DCA
Whirlpool FMV156DBA
Whirlpool FMV156EMA
Whirlpool GLMV169DBC
Whirlpool FMV156DBB
Whirlpool GLMV169DBA
Whirlpool GLMV169DBB
Whirlpool FMV156DCB
Whirlpool FMV156DBD
Whirlpool GLMV169DBD
Whirlpool CGLMV169DBB
Whirlpool FMV156DCE
Whirlpool CFMV156DBC
Whirlpool CFMV156DBD
Whirlpool CFMV156DBE
Whirlpool CFMV156DCB
Whirlpool CFMV156DCD
Whirlpool CFMV156DCE
Whirlpool CFMV156DCF
Whirlpool CFMV156FMA
Whirlpool CFMV156FMB
Whirlpool CFMV156FMC
Whirlpool CGLMV169DBC
Whirlpool FMV156DBC
Whirlpool FMV156DBE
Whirlpool FMV156DBF
Whirlpool FMV156DCD
Whirlpool FMV156DCF
Whirlpool FMV156DCG
Whirlpool FMV156EMC
Whirlpool GLMV169DBF

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