5304442620 | Frigidaire Freezer Evaporator Fan Motor

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Sku:  5304442620
Condition:  New
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Evaporator fan motor used on some Arctic Air, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Montgomery Wards, Tappan, Universal, and Westinghouse freezer and refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 5304442620, AP3779014, 1063698, 216346100, 216409700, 216470200, 216482400, 216570900, 216690400, 216705000, 216705100, 216732200, 216737700, 3205519, AH979875, EA979875, PS979875.


  • Approx. 3"L x 2.5"W x 3"H.
  • Includes jumper wires.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire GFU17F7GW5
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW5
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW0
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW1
Frigidaire GRU17B2JW1
Frigidaire GRU17B2JW2
Whirlpool FFU20F9GW3
Whirlpool FFU20F9GW2
Whirlpool FFU17G9HW2
Whirlpool FFU20F9GW5
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW1
Whirlpool FFU20F9GW0
Whirlpool FFU20G9HW1
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW0
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW2
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW0
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW3
Whirlpool FFU17G9HW0
Whirlpool FFU20F9GW4
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW1
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW3
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW4
Whirlpool FFU14F9GW5
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW2
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW4
Whirlpool FFU17F9GW5
Whirlpool FFU17G9HW1
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW7
Whirlpool F22CW10
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW5
Whirlpool MFU17F3GW6
Whirlpool FFU20F9FW1
Whirlpool F82U14F3W0
Whirlpool FFU14F5BW0
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW9
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW9
Whirlpool R22CW7
Whirlpool F82U20F3W1
Whirlpool FFU16F6AW2
Whirlpool FFU20F6AW1
Whirlpool FFU20F9CW0
Whirlpool MFU17F3GW8
Whirlpool F82U20F3W0
Whirlpool FFU14F9CW0
Whirlpool FFU14F9CW3
Whirlpool FFU20G9FW1
Whirlpool FRU17B2JW0
Whirlpool GFU14F3HW1
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW3
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW0
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW2
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW1
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW0
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW7
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW8
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW1
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW3
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW5
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW6
Whirlpool MFU20F7FW0
Whirlpool R22CW5
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW0
Whirlpool UFP16NL2
Whirlpool F22CW6
Whirlpool F82U14F3W1
Whirlpool FFU14F3AW1
Whirlpool FFU14F9FW1
Whirlpool FFU16F6AW1
Whirlpool FFU16F6AW5
Whirlpool FFU17F9HW0
Whirlpool FFU20F3AW1
Whirlpool FFU20G9FW0
Whirlpool FU199LRW2
Whirlpool FV19F5WXFE
Frigidaire GFU14F3AW2
Whirlpool GFU14F3HW2
Whirlpool GFU16F7AW3
Whirlpool GFU16F7FW0
Whirlpool GFU17F7GW2
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW3
Whirlpool MFU14F1EW2
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW6
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW2
Whirlpool MFU16F7FW0
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW0
Whirlpool MFU20F3GW4
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW1
Whirlpool UFP16NL3
Whirlpool UL2030ECW5
Whirlpool MFU16F3BW6
Whirlpool FFU20F9CW3
Whirlpool FFU20F9FW0
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW4
Whirlpool TFU14F7EW1
Whirlpool FFU14F9FW0
Whirlpool FFU16F9CW3
Whirlpool UFP16NL1
Frigidaire GFU14F3AW1
Whirlpool CFU17F3AW0
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW0
Whirlpool CFU14F3HW0
Whirlpool CFU14F3HW1
Whirlpool FFU11F0HW0
Whirlpool FFU11F0HW1
Whirlpool FRU17B2JW1
Whirlpool FRU17B2JW3
Whirlpool FRU17B2JW4
Whirlpool FRU17G4JW0
Whirlpool FRU17G4JW1
Whirlpool FRU17G4JW2
Whirlpool FRU17G4JW3
Whirlpool GFU14F3H20
Whirlpool GRU17B2JW0
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW4
Whirlpool F82U14F3W2
Whirlpool F82U14F3W3
Whirlpool GFU14F3HW3
Frigidaire GFU14F3HW4
Whirlpool MFU14F1GW0
Whirlpool MFU14F1GW1
Whirlpool MFU14F1GW2
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW1
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW3
Whirlpool MFU14F3GW6
Whirlpool FFU11FK2AW0
Whirlpool FFU11FK2AW1
Whirlpool FFU11FK2AW2
Whirlpool B30LSPSC0
Whirlpool B30LSPSC1
Whirlpool CAF11
Whirlpool CAF12
Whirlpool F22CW2
Whirlpool F22CW3
Whirlpool F22CW4
Whirlpool F22CW7
Whirlpool F22CW8
Whirlpool F22CW9
Whirlpool ER141
Whirlpool ER1410
Whirlpool ER142
Whirlpool ER143
Whirlpool ER145
Whirlpool ER146
Whirlpool ER147
Whirlpool ER148
Whirlpool F82F166BW0
Whirlpool F82F169CW0
Whirlpool F82F206BW0
Whirlpool FFU11F0HW2
Whirlpool FFU11F0HW3
Whirlpool FFU14F9CW1
Whirlpool FFU14F9CW2
Whirlpool FFU16F9CW0
Whirlpool FFU16F9CW1
Whirlpool FFU16F9CW2
Whirlpool FFU16F9FW0
Whirlpool FFU16F9FW1
Whirlpool FFU20F6AW4
Whirlpool FFU20F6AW5
Whirlpool FFU20F6BW1
Whirlpool FFU20F9CW1
Whirlpool FFU20F9CW2
Whirlpool GFU16F7AW4
Whirlpool GFU16F7AW5
Whirlpool GFU16F7AW6
Whirlpool GFU16F7AW7
Whirlpool GFU16F7FW1
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW4
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW5
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW6
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW7
Whirlpool GFU20F7FW0
Whirlpool GFU20F7FW1
Whirlpool MFU14F1EW0
Whirlpool MFU14F1EW1
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW2
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW3
Whirlpool MFU14F3BW5
Whirlpool MFU14F7FW0
Whirlpool MFU14F7FW1
Whirlpool MFU16F3BW1
Whirlpool MFU16F3BW2
Whirlpool MFU16F3BW3
Whirlpool MFU16F3BW5
Whirlpool MFU16F7FW1
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW1
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW2
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW3
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW4
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW5
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW6
Whirlpool MFU20F7FW1
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW0
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW1
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU14F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7AW3
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW1
Whirlpool TFU16F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7EW1
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU20F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU20F7EW1
Whirlpool UL2030ECW4
Whirlpool UL2030ECW7
Whirlpool UL2030ECW8
Whirlpool VV202
Whirlpool VV203
Whirlpool VV204
Whirlpool 46658C
Whirlpool 46659A
Whirlpool 46659B
Whirlpool FU169LRW3
Whirlpool FU169LRW4
Whirlpool FU169LRW5
Whirlpool FU169LRW6
Whirlpool FU199LRW3
Whirlpool FV16F5WVFD
Whirlpool FV16F5WXFA
Whirlpool FV16F5WXFB
Whirlpool FV16F5WXFC
Whirlpool FV19F5WXFA
Whirlpool FV19F5WXFB
Whirlpool FV19F5WXFC
Whirlpool UFP16DL6
Whirlpool UFP19NL1
Whirlpool UFP19NL2
Whirlpool UL1950ECW1
Whirlpool UL1950ECW2
Whirlpool UL1991ECW1
Whirlpool UL1991ECW2
Whirlpool UL1991ECW3
Whirlpool UL1991ECW4
Whirlpool FFU16F6AL3
Whirlpool FFU16F6AL4
Whirlpool FFU16F6AW3
Whirlpool FFU16F6AW4
Whirlpool FFU20F6AW2
Whirlpool FFU20F6AW3
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW1
Whirlpool GFU20F7AW2
Whirlpool MFU20F3BW0
Whirlpool UL2030ECW1
Whirlpool UL2030ECW2
Whirlpool UL2030ECW3

1 Year Limited Warranty

1 Review

  • 5
    motor quit running

    Posted by Brandon Donalson on Feb 25th 2016

    Motor died and was no longer cooling. Part arrived quick and freezer is up and running again. ApplianceZone has the best price I could find by a lot and the free shipping was great!

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