5304472189 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Window Filler Kit

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Sku:  5304472189
Condition:  New
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Window filler kit used on some Crosley, Frigidaire and Gibson air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 5304472189, AP4396271, 1514548, AH2361707, EA2361707, PS2361707.


  • Includes Left and right curtains, foam seals and installation hardware.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CAE5M0
Frigidaire CAE5MA
Frigidaire CAE5MB
Frigidaire CAE5MC
Frigidaire CAE5MD
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A10
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A11
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A12
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A13
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A14
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A15
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A16
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A17
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A18
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A19
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A20
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A21
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A22
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A23
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A24
Frigidaire CAE5MR410A25
Frigidaire CRA050XT70
Frigidaire CRA050XT71
Frigidaire CRA050XT710
Frigidaire CRA050XT711
Frigidaire CAE6MR410A10
Frigidaire CAE6MR410A11
Frigidaire CAE6MR410A12
Frigidaire CAE6MR410A13
Frigidaire CRA054XT70
Frigidaire CRA054XT71
Frigidaire CRA054XT710
Frigidaire CRA054XT711
Frigidaire CRA054XT712
Frigidaire CRA054XT713
Frigidaire CRA054XT72
Frigidaire CRA054XT73
Frigidaire CRA057XT710
Frigidaire CRA057XT711
Frigidaire CRA057XT712
Frigidaire CRA057XT713
Frigidaire CRA057XT714
Frigidaire CRA057XT715
Frigidaire CRA057XT716
Frigidaire CRA057XT717
Frigidaire FRA054XT70
Frigidaire FRA054XT71
Frigidaire FRA054XT710
Frigidaire FRA054XT711
Frigidaire FRA054XT712
Frigidaire CRA050XT72
Frigidaire CRA050XT73
Frigidaire CRA050XT74
Frigidaire CRA050XT75
Frigidaire CRA052XT70
Frigidaire CRA052XT71
Frigidaire CRA052XT72
Frigidaire CRA052XT73
Frigidaire CRA052XT74
Frigidaire CRA052XT75
Frigidaire CRA050XT712
Frigidaire CRA050XT713
Frigidaire CRA050XT714
Frigidaire CRA050XT715
Frigidaire CRA050XT716
Frigidaire CRA050XT717
Frigidaire CRA050XT718
Frigidaire FRA053XT70
Frigidaire FRA053XT71
Frigidaire FRA053XT710
Frigidaire FRA053XT711
Frigidaire FRA053XT712
Frigidaire FRA053XT713
Frigidaire FRA053XT714
Frigidaire GAX052P7AA
Frigidaire GAX052P7AB
Frigidaire GAX052P7AC
Frigidaire GAX052P7AD
Whirlpool LRA050XT70
Whirlpool LRA050XT71
Whirlpool LRA050XT72
Whirlpool LRA050XT73
Whirlpool LRA050XT74
Whirlpool LRA050XT75
Whirlpool CRA050XT719
Whirlpool CRA050XT720
Whirlpool CRA050XT721
Whirlpool CRA050XT722
Whirlpool CRA050XT723
Whirlpool CRA050XT724
Whirlpool CRA050XT725
Whirlpool CRA052XT710
Whirlpool CRA052XT711
Whirlpool CRA052XT712
Whirlpool CRA052XT713
Whirlpool CRA052XT714
Whirlpool CRA052XT715
Whirlpool CRA052XT716
Whirlpool CRA052XT717
Whirlpool CRA052XT718
Whirlpool CRA052XT719
Whirlpool CRA052XT720
Whirlpool CRA052XT721
Whirlpool CRA052XT722
Whirlpool CRA052XT723
Whirlpool CRA052XT724
Whirlpool CRA052XT725
Whirlpool FRA052XT710
Whirlpool FRA052XT711
Whirlpool FRA052XT712
Whirlpool FRA052XT713
Whirlpool FRA052XT714
Whirlpool FRA052XT715
Whirlpool FRA052XT716
Whirlpool FRA052XT717
Whirlpool FRA052XT718
Whirlpool FRA052XT719
Whirlpool FRA052XT720
Whirlpool FRA052XT721
Whirlpool FRA052XT722
Whirlpool FRA052XT723
Whirlpool FRA052XT724
Whirlpool FRA052XT725
Whirlpool FRA053XT715
Whirlpool FRA053XT716
Whirlpool FRA053XT717
Whirlpool FRA053XT718
Whirlpool FRA053XT719
Whirlpool FRA053XT720
Whirlpool FRA053XT721
Whirlpool FRA053XT722
Whirlpool FRA053XT723
Whirlpool FRA053XT724
Whirlpool FRA053XT725
Whirlpool LRA050XT710
Whirlpool LRA050XT711
Whirlpool LRA050XT712
Whirlpool LRA050XT713
Whirlpool LRA050XT714
Whirlpool LRA050XT715
Whirlpool LRA050XT716
Whirlpool LRA050XT717
Whirlpool LRA050XT718
Whirlpool LRA050XT719
Whirlpool LRA050XT720
Whirlpool LRA050XT721
Whirlpool LRA050XT722
Whirlpool LRA050XT723
Whirlpool LRA050XT724
Whirlpool LRA050XT725
Whirlpool FAX050S7AA
Whirlpool FAX050S7AB
Whirlpool FAX050S7AC
Whirlpool FAX050S7AD
Whirlpool FAX050S7AE
Whirlpool FAX050S7AF
Whirlpool FAX052P7AA
Whirlpool FAX052P7AB
Whirlpool FAX052P7AC
Whirlpool FAX052P7AD
Whirlpool FAX054P7AA
Whirlpool FAX054P7AB
Whirlpool FAX054P7AC
Whirlpool FAX054P7AD
Whirlpool FRA052XT70
Whirlpool FRA052XT71
Whirlpool FRA052XT72
Whirlpool FRA052XT73
Whirlpool FRA052XT74
Whirlpool FRA052XT75
Whirlpool FRA053XT72
Whirlpool FRA053XT73
Whirlpool FRA053XT74
Whirlpool FRA053XT75
Whirlpool FRA054XT713
Whirlpool FRA054XT72
Whirlpool FRA054XT73
Whirlpool FRA055XT70
Whirlpool FRA055XT71
Whirlpool FRA055XT710
Whirlpool FRA055XT711
Whirlpool FRA055XT712
Whirlpool FRA055XT713
Whirlpool FRA055XT72
Whirlpool FRA055XT73
Whirlpool FRA060XT70
Whirlpool FRA060XT71
Whirlpool FRA060XT710
Whirlpool FRA060XT711
Whirlpool FRA060XT712
Whirlpool FRA060XT713
Whirlpool FRA060XT72
Whirlpool FRA060XT73

1 Year Limited Warranty

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