5304472207 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Air Filter

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Sku:  5304472207
Condition:  New
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Air filter used on some Crosley, Frigidaire and Kenmore air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 5304472207, AP4396567, 1514560, 5304436552, 5304448298, AH2361719, EA2361719, PS2361719.


  • Approx. 15.5"L x 8.5"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Crosley CAE10MA
Crosley CAE12ESR0
Crosley CAE12ESRA
Crosley CAE12ESRB
Crosley CAE12ESRC
Crosley CAE12ESRD
Frigidaire CRA122CT10
Frigidaire CRA122CT11
Frigidaire CRA122CT12
Frigidaire CRA122CT13
Frigidaire FAC084N7A1
Frigidaire FAC084N7A2
Frigidaire FAC085N7A1
Frigidaire FAC085N7A2
Frigidaire FAC086N7A1
Frigidaire FAC086N7A2
Frigidaire FAC102P1A1
Frigidaire FAC102P1A2
Frigidaire FAC102P1A3
Frigidaire FAC102P1A4
Frigidaire FAC102P1AA
Frigidaire FAC102P1AB
Frigidaire FAC104N1A1
Frigidaire FAC104P1A1
Frigidaire FAC104P1A2
Frigidaire FAC104P1A3
Frigidaire FAC104P1A4
Frigidaire FAC104P1A5
Frigidaire FAC104P1A6
Frigidaire FAC104P1AA
Frigidaire FAC104P1AB
Frigidaire FAC105P1A1
Frigidaire FAC105P1A2
Frigidaire FAC105P1A3
Frigidaire FAC105P1A4
Frigidaire FAC105P1A5
Frigidaire FAC105P1A6
Frigidaire FAC105P1AA
Frigidaire FAC105P1AB
Frigidaire FAC105P1AC
Frigidaire FAC105P1AD
Frigidaire FAC105T1A0
Frigidaire FAC105T1A1
Frigidaire FAC105T1A2
Frigidaire FAC105T1A3
Frigidaire FAC105T1A4
Frigidaire FAC105T1A5
Frigidaire FAC106N1A1
Frigidaire FAC106P1A1
Frigidaire FAC106P1A2
Frigidaire FAC106P1A3
Frigidaire FAC106P1A4
Frigidaire FAC106P1A5
Frigidaire FAC106P1A6
Frigidaire FAC106P1AA
Frigidaire FAC106P1AB
Frigidaire FAC106P1AC
Frigidaire FAC106P1AD
Frigidaire FAC107P1A1
Frigidaire FAC107P1A2
Frigidaire FAC107P1A3
Frigidaire FAC107P1A4
Frigidaire FAC107P1A5
Frigidaire FAC107P1A6
Frigidaire FAC109S1AA
Frigidaire FAC109S1AB
Frigidaire FAC122P1A1
Frigidaire FAC122P1A2
Frigidaire FAC122P1A3
Frigidaire FAC122P1A4
Frigidaire FAC122P1AA
Frigidaire FAC122P1AB
Frigidaire FAC124N1A1
Frigidaire FAC124N1A2
Frigidaire FAC124N1A3
Frigidaire FAC124P1A1
Frigidaire FAC124P1A2
Frigidaire FAC124P1A3
Frigidaire FAC124P1A4
Frigidaire FAC124P1A5
Frigidaire FAC124P1A6
Frigidaire FAC124P1AA
Frigidaire FAC124P1AB
Frigidaire FAC125P1A1
Frigidaire FAC125P1A2
Frigidaire FAC125P1A3
Frigidaire FAC125P1AA
Frigidaire FAC125P1AB
Frigidaire FAC125P1AC
Frigidaire FAC125P1AD
Frigidaire FAC125T1A0
Frigidaire FAC125T1A1
Frigidaire FAC125T1A2
Frigidaire FAC125T1A3
Frigidaire FAC126N1A1
Frigidaire FAC126P1A1
Frigidaire FAC126P1A2
Frigidaire FAC126P1A3
Frigidaire FAC126P1AA
Frigidaire FAC126P1AB
Frigidaire FAC126P1AC
Frigidaire FAC126P1AD
Frigidaire FAC127P1A1
Frigidaire FAC127P1A2
Frigidaire FAC127P1A3
Frigidaire FRA122CT10
Frigidaire FRA122CT11
Frigidaire FRA122CT12
Frigidaire FRA122CT13
Kenmore 25374131400
Kenmore 25374131401
Kenmore 25374131402
Kenmore 25374131403

1 Year Limited Warranty

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