5304476200 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Side Curtain Set

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Sku:  5304476200
Condition:  New
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Side curtain set used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, and Kenmore air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 5304476200, AP4512612, PS2379637, 1565562.


  • Each side is approx. 10"W x 15"H.
  • Includes left and right curtains.

Compatible with the following models:

Kenmore / Sears 25370101010
Kenmore / Sears 25370101011
Kenmore / Sears 25370101012
Kenmore / Sears 25370101013
Kenmore / Sears 25370101014
Kenmore / Sears 25370101015
Kenmore / Sears 25370121010
Kenmore / Sears 25370121011
Kenmore / Sears 25370121012
Kenmore / Sears 25370121013
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A10
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A11
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A12
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A13
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A14
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A15
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A16
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A17
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A18
Frigidaire CAE10ESRR410A19
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A10
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A11
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A12
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A13
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A14
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A15
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A16
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A17
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A18
Frigidaire CAE12ESRR410A19
Frigidaire CRA103BT10
Frigidaire CRA103BT11
Frigidaire CRA103BT110
Frigidaire CRA103BT111
Frigidaire CRA103BT112
Frigidaire CRA103BT113
Frigidaire CRA103BT12
Frigidaire CRA103BT13
Frigidaire CRA104CV110
Frigidaire CRA104CV111
Frigidaire CRA104CV112
Frigidaire CRA104CV113
Frigidaire CRA104CV114
Frigidaire CRA104CV115
Frigidaire CRA104CV116
Frigidaire CRA104CV117
Frigidaire CRA106BU110
Frigidaire CRA106BU111
Frigidaire CRA106BU112
Frigidaire CRA106BU113
Frigidaire CRA106BU114
Frigidaire CRA106BU115
Frigidaire CRA106CT10
Frigidaire CRA106CT11
Frigidaire CRA106CT12
Frigidaire CRA106CT13
Frigidaire CRA106CT14
Frigidaire CRA106CT15
Frigidaire CRA106CV110
Frigidaire CRA106CV111
Frigidaire CRA106CV112
Frigidaire CRA106CV113
Frigidaire CRA106CV114
Frigidaire CRA106CV115
Frigidaire CRA106CV116
Frigidaire CRA106CV117
Frigidaire CRA107BU110
Frigidaire CRA107BU111
Frigidaire CRA107BU112
Frigidaire CRA107BU113
Frigidaire CRA107BU114
Frigidaire CRA107BU115
Frigidaire CRA107CT10
Frigidaire CRA107CT11
Frigidaire CRA107CT12
Frigidaire CRA107CT13
Frigidaire CRA107CT14
Frigidaire CRA107CT15
Frigidaire CRA107CV110
Frigidaire CRA107CV111
Frigidaire CRA107CV112
Frigidaire CRA107CV113
Frigidaire CRA107CV114
Frigidaire CRA107CV115
Frigidaire CRA107CV116
Frigidaire CRA107CV117
Frigidaire CRA126CT10
Frigidaire CRA126CT11
Frigidaire CRA126CT110
Frigidaire CRA126CT111
Frigidaire CRA126CT112
Frigidaire CRA126CT113
Frigidaire CRA126CT114
Frigidaire CRA126CT115
Frigidaire CRA126CT116
Frigidaire CRA126CT12
Frigidaire CRA126CT13
Frigidaire CRA126CT14
Frigidaire CRA126CT15
Frigidaire CRA127CT10
Frigidaire CRA127CT11
Frigidaire CRA127CT110
Frigidaire CRA127CT111
Frigidaire CRA127CT112
Frigidaire CRA127CT113
Frigidaire CRA127CT114
Frigidaire CRA127CT115
Frigidaire CRA127CT116
Frigidaire CRA127CT12
Frigidaire CRA127CT13
Frigidaire CRA127CT14
Frigidaire CRA127CT15
Frigidaire FRA088BU110
Frigidaire FRA103BT10
Frigidaire FRA103BT11
Frigidaire FRA103BT110
Frigidaire FRA103BT111
Frigidaire FRA103BT112
Frigidaire FRA103BT113
Frigidaire FRA103BT12
Frigidaire FRA103BT13
Frigidaire FRA104BU110
Frigidaire FRA104BU111
Frigidaire FRA104BU112
Frigidaire FRA104BU113
Frigidaire FRA104BU114
Frigidaire FRA104BU115
Frigidaire FRA104CT10
Frigidaire FRA104CT11
Frigidaire FRA104CT12
Frigidaire FRA104CT13
Frigidaire FRA104CT14
Frigidaire FRA104CT15
Frigidaire FRA104CV110
Frigidaire FRA104CV111
Frigidaire FRA104CV112
Frigidaire FRA104CV113
Frigidaire FRA104CV114
Frigidaire FRA104CV115
Frigidaire FRA104CV116
Frigidaire FRA104CV117
Frigidaire FRA105BU110
Frigidaire FRA105BU111
Frigidaire FRA105BU112
Frigidaire FRA105BU113
Frigidaire FRA105BU114
Frigidaire FRA105BU115
Frigidaire FRA105CT10
Frigidaire FRA105CT11
Frigidaire FRA105CT12
Frigidaire FRA105CT13
Frigidaire FRA105CT14
Frigidaire FRA105CT15
Frigidaire FRA105CV110
Frigidaire FRA105CV111
Frigidaire FRA105CV112
Frigidaire FRA105CV113
Frigidaire FRA105CV114
Frigidaire FRA105CV115
Frigidaire FRA105CV116
Frigidaire FRA105CV117
Frigidaire FRA106BU110
Frigidaire FRA106BU111
Frigidaire FRA106BU112
Frigidaire FRA106BU113
Frigidaire FRA106BU114
Frigidaire FRA106BU115
Frigidaire FRA106CT10
Frigidaire FRA106CT11
Frigidaire FRA106CT12
Frigidaire FRA106CT13
Frigidaire FRA106CT14
Frigidaire FRA106CT15
Frigidaire FRA106CV110
Frigidaire FRA106CV111
Frigidaire FRA106CV112
Frigidaire FRA106CV113
Frigidaire FRA106CV114
Frigidaire FRA106CV115
Frigidaire FRA106CV116
Frigidaire FRA106CV117
Frigidaire FRA123BU110
Frigidaire FRA123BU111
Frigidaire FRA123BU112
Frigidaire FRA123BU113
Frigidaire FRA123CT10
Frigidaire FRA123CT11
Frigidaire FRA123CT12
Frigidaire FRA123CT13
Frigidaire FRA123CV110
Frigidaire FRA123CV111
Frigidaire FRA123CV112
Frigidaire FRA123CV113
Frigidaire FRA125CT10
Frigidaire FRA125CT11
Frigidaire FRA125CT110
Frigidaire FRA125CT111
Frigidaire FRA125CT112
Frigidaire FRA125CT113
Frigidaire FRA125CT114
Frigidaire FRA125CT115
Frigidaire FRA125CT116
Frigidaire FRA125CT12
Frigidaire FRA125CT13
Frigidaire FRA125CT14
Frigidaire FRA125CT15
Frigidaire FRA126CT10
Frigidaire FRA126CT11
Frigidaire FRA126CT110
Frigidaire FRA126CT111
Frigidaire FRA126CT112
Frigidaire FRA126CT113
Frigidaire FRA126CT114
Frigidaire FRA126CT115
Frigidaire FRA126CT116
Frigidaire FRA126CT12
Frigidaire FRA126CT13
Frigidaire FRA126CT14
Frigidaire FRA126CT15
Frigidaire LRA107BU110
Frigidaire LRA107BU111
Frigidaire LRA107BU112
Frigidaire LRA107BU113
Frigidaire LRA107BU114
Frigidaire LRA107BU115
Frigidaire LRA107CT10
Frigidaire LRA107CT11
Frigidaire LRA107CT12
Frigidaire LRA107CT13
Frigidaire LRA107CT14
Frigidaire LRA107CT15
Frigidaire LRA107CV110
Frigidaire LRA107CV111
Frigidaire LRA107CV112
Frigidaire LRA107CV113
Frigidaire LRA107CV114
Frigidaire LRA107CV115
Frigidaire LRA107CV116
Frigidaire LRA107CV117
Frigidaire LRA127CT10

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