5304476944 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

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Sku:  5304476944
Condition:  New
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Filter used on some Crosley and Frigidaire air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 5304476944, AP4564129, 1615267, AH2582776, EA2582776, PS2582776.


  • Approx. 18"L x 9"W.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Crosley CRA156MT10
Crosley CRA156MT11
Crosley CRA186MT20
Crosley CRA186MT21
Crosley CRA186MT210
Crosley CRA186MT211
Crosley CRA186MT212
Crosley CRA186MT213
Frigidaire FRA155MT10
Frigidaire FRA155MT11
Frigidaire FRA155MT110
Frigidaire FRA155MT111
Frigidaire FRA155MT112
Frigidaire FRA155MT113
Frigidaire FRA156MT10
Frigidaire FRA156MT11
Frigidaire FRA156MT110
Frigidaire FRA156MT110
Frigidaire FRA156MT111
Frigidaire FRA156MT112
Frigidaire FRA156MT113
Frigidaire FRA183MT20
Frigidaire FRA183MT21
Frigidaire FRA183MT210
Frigidaire FRA183MT211
Frigidaire FRA183MT212
Frigidaire FRA183MT213
Frigidaire FRA184MT20
Frigidaire FRA184MT21
Frigidaire FRA184MT210
Frigidaire FRA184MT211
Frigidaire FRA184MT212
Frigidaire FRA184MT213
Frigidaire FRA184MT214
Frigidaire FRA184MT215
Frigidaire FRA184MT216
Frigidaire FRA184MT217
Frigidaire FRA186MT20
Frigidaire FRA186MT21
Frigidaire FRA186MT210
Frigidaire FRA186MT211
Frigidaire FRA186MT212
Frigidaire FRA186MT213
Frigidaire FRA18EMU210
Frigidaire FRA18EMU211
Frigidaire FRA18EMU212
Frigidaire FRA18EMU213

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