5304479274 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Hose Adapter

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Sku:  5304479274
Condition:  New
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Hose adapter used on some Frigidaire air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 5304479274, AP4568179, 1719772, AH3409771, EA3409771, PS3409771.


  • Approx. 6" Diameter.
  • Hose to window adapter.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CRA073PT10
Frigidaire CRA073PT11
Frigidaire CRA093PT10
Frigidaire CRA093PT11
Frigidaire CRA09EPT10
Frigidaire CRA09EPT11
Frigidaire CRA123PT10
Frigidaire CRA123PT11
Frigidaire CRA12EPT10
Frigidaire CRA12EPT11
Frigidaire FRA093PT10
Frigidaire FRA093PT11
Frigidaire FRA09EPT10
Frigidaire FRA09EPT11
Frigidaire FRA113PT10
Frigidaire FRA113PT11
Frigidaire FRA11EPT10
Frigidaire FRA11EPT11
Frigidaire FRA123PT10
Frigidaire FRA123PT11
Frigidaire FRA12EPT10
Frigidaire FRA12EPT11
Frigidaire CRA053PU10
Frigidaire CRA053PU11
Frigidaire CRA053PU112
Frigidaire CRA053PU113
Frigidaire CRA073PU10
Frigidaire CRA073PU11
Frigidaire CRA073PU112
Frigidaire CRA073PU113
Frigidaire CRA07EPU10
Frigidaire CRA07EPU11
Frigidaire CRA07EPU112
Frigidaire CRA07EPU113
Frigidaire CRA093PT110
Frigidaire CRA093PT111
Frigidaire CRA093PT112
Frigidaire CRA093PT113
Frigidaire CRA113PT110
Frigidaire CRA113PT111
Frigidaire CRA11EPT110
Frigidaire CRA11EPT111
Frigidaire FRA053PU10
Frigidaire FRA053PU11
Frigidaire FRA053PU112
Frigidaire FRA053PU113
Frigidaire FRA073PU10
Frigidaire CPA093DU110
Frigidaire CPA093DU111
Frigidaire CPA123DU110
Frigidaire CPA123DU111
Frigidaire CPA12EDU110
Frigidaire CPA12EDU111
Frigidaire FRA073PU11
Frigidaire FRA073PU112
Frigidaire FRA073PU113
Frigidaire FRA07EPU10
Frigidaire FRA07EPU11
Frigidaire FRA07EPU112
Frigidaire FRA07EPU113
Frigidaire FRA113PT110
Frigidaire FRA113PT111
Frigidaire FRA11EPT110
Frigidaire FRA11EPT111
Whirlpool CRA053PU10
Whirlpool CRA053PU11
Whirlpool CRA073PT10
Whirlpool CRA073PT11
Whirlpool CRA073PU10
Whirlpool CRA073PU11
Whirlpool CRA07EPU10
Whirlpool CRA07EPU11
Whirlpool CRA093PT10
Whirlpool CRA093PT11
Whirlpool CRA09EPT10
Whirlpool CRA09EPT11
Whirlpool CRA123PT10
Whirlpool CRA123PT11
Whirlpool CRA12EPT10
Whirlpool CRA12EPT11
Whirlpool FRA053PU10
Whirlpool FRA053PU11
Whirlpool FRA073PU10
Whirlpool FRA073PU11
Whirlpool FRA07EPU10
Whirlpool FRA07EPU11
Whirlpool FRA093PT10
Whirlpool FRA093PT11
Whirlpool FRA09EPT10
Whirlpool FRA09EPT11
Whirlpool FRA113PT10
Whirlpool FRA113PT11
Whirlpool FRA11EPT10
Whirlpool FRA11EPT11
Whirlpool FRA123PT10
Whirlpool FRA123PT11
Whirlpool FRA12EPT10
Whirlpool FRA12EPT11
Whirlpool CPA093DU110
Whirlpool CPA093DU111
Whirlpool CPA123DU110
Whirlpool CPA123DU111
Whirlpool CPA12EDU110
Whirlpool CPA12EDU111
Whirlpool CRA053PU112
Whirlpool CRA053PU113
Whirlpool CRA073PU112
Whirlpool CRA073PU113
Whirlpool CRA07EPU112
Whirlpool CRA07EPU113
Whirlpool CRA093PT110
Whirlpool CRA093PT111
Whirlpool CRA093PT112
Whirlpool CRA093PT113
Whirlpool CRA09EPT110
Whirlpool CRA09EPT111
Whirlpool CRA09EPT112
Whirlpool CRA09EPT113
Whirlpool CRA113PT110
Whirlpool CRA113PT111
Whirlpool CRA11EPT110
Whirlpool CRA11EPT111
Whirlpool FRA053PU112
Whirlpool FRA053PU113
Whirlpool FRA073PU112
Whirlpool FRA073PU113
Whirlpool FRA07EPU112
Whirlpool FRA07EPU113
Whirlpool FRA093PT110
Whirlpool FRA093PT111
Whirlpool FRA093PT112
Whirlpool FRA093PT113
Whirlpool FRA09EPT110
Whirlpool FRA09EPT111
Whirlpool FRA09EPT112
Whirlpool FRA09EPT113
Whirlpool FRA113PT110
Whirlpool FRA113PT111
Whirlpool FRA11EPT110
Whirlpool FRA11EPT111

1 Year Limited Warranty

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