5304507214 | Frigidaire Freezer Door Gasket

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Sku:  5304507214
Condition:  New
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Door gasket used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Kenmore and Tappan freezer and refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 5304507214, AP6037264, PS11770658, 216522359.


  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Crosley CALR17LW1
Crosley CALR17LW2
Crosley CCV17RFLW1
Crosley CFUFH17LW1
Crosley CFUFH17LW3
Crosley CFUFH17LW4
Crosley CFUFH17PW1
Crosley CFUM17LW1
Frigidaire FFH17F7HWF
Frigidaire FFH17F7HWG
Frigidaire FFH17F7HWH
Frigidaire FFH17F7HWJ
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWF
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWG
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWH
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWJ
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWK
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWL
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWM
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWN
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWP
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWR
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWS
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWT
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWU
Frigidaire FFU17F5HWV
Frigidaire FFU17M7HWK
Frigidaire FFU17M7HWL
Frigidaire FFU17M7HWM
Frigidaire FFUH17F2NWA
Frigidaire FKCH17F7HWD
Frigidaire FKCH17F7HWE
Frigidaire FKCH17F7HWF
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW21
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW23
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW24
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW25
Frigidaire FRU17B2JW26
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW20
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW21
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW22
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW23
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW24
Frigidaire FRU17G4JW25
Frigidaire GLFH17F8HWG
Frigidaire GLFH17F8HWH
Frigidaire GLFH17F8HWK
Frigidaire GLFH17F8HWL
Frigidaire GLFH17F8HWM
Frigidaire LFFH17F7HWE
Frigidaire LFFH17F7HWG
Frigidaire LFFH17F7HWH
Frigidaire LFFH17F7HWK
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWE
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWF
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWG
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWH
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWJ
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWK
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWM
Frigidaire LFFU17F5HWN
Frigidaire LFUH17F2NW0
Frigidaire LFUH17F2NW1
Kenmore 25328712805
Kenmore 25328712806
Kenmore 25328712808
Kenmore 25328712809
Kenmore 25328722804
Kenmore 25328722805
Kenmore 25328732C0
Kenmore 25328732C1
Kenmore 25328782802
Kenmore 25328782804
Kenmore 25328782805
Kenmore 25360722010
Kenmore 25360722011
Kenmore 25360722012
Kenmore 25360722013
Kenmore 25360722014
Kenmore 25360722015

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