5304517203 | Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm

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Sku:  5304517203
Condition:  New
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Lower Spray Arm used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Kelvinator and Kenmore dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 5304517203, AP6783883, 4840174, 154568002, 5304506526, 154414102.


  • Blue.
  • Approx. 19"L.

*Per the manufacturer, you may also need part # 5304518968.

Compatible with the following models:

Kenmore 58714102800
Kenmore 58715102800
Kenmore 58715102801
Kenmore 58715103800
Kenmore 58715103801
Kenmore 58715104800
Kenmore 58715104801
Kenmore 58715109800
Kenmore 58715109801
Kenmore 58715252400
Kenmore 58715252401
Kenmore 58715252402
Kenmore 58715253400
Kenmore 58715253401
Kenmore 58715253402
Kenmore 58715254400
Kenmore 58715254401
Kenmore 58715254402
Kenmore 58715259400
Kenmore 58715259401
Kenmore 58715259402
Kenmore 58716102800
Kenmore 58716102801
Kenmore 58716103800
Kenmore 58716103801
Kenmore 58716104800
Kenmore 58716104801
Kenmore 58716109800
Kenmore 58716109801
Kenmore 58716252400
Kenmore 58716252401
Kenmore 58716252402
Kenmore 58716253400
Kenmore 58716253401
Kenmore 58716253402
Kenmore 58716254400
Kenmore 58716254401
Kenmore 58716254402
Kenmore 58716259400
Kenmore 58716259401
Kenmore 58716259402
Kenmore 58714022200A
Kenmore 58714023200A
Kenmore 58714024200A
Kenmore 58714028200A
Kenmore 58714029200A
Kenmore 58715372100A
Kenmore 58715372100B
Kenmore 58715373100A
Kenmore 58715373100B
Kenmore 58715378100A
Kenmore 58715378100B
Kenmore 58715379100A
Kenmore 58715379100B
Kenmore 58715382100A
Kenmore 58715382100B
Kenmore 58715383100A
Kenmore 58715383100B
Kenmore 58715389100A
Kenmore 58715389100B
Frigidaire BBBD2432KB0
Frigidaire BBBD2432KF0
Frigidaire BBBD2432KW0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KB0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KF0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KW0
Crosley CDB350NB0A
Crosley CDB350NB10B
Crosley CDB350NB2A
Crosley CDB350NB3A
Crosley CDB350NB4A
Crosley CDB350NB5A
Crosley CDB350NB6B
Crosley CDB350NB7B
Crosley CDB350NB8B
Crosley CDB350NB9B
Crosley CDB350NW0A
Crosley CDB350NW10B
Crosley CDB350NW2A
Crosley CDB350NW3A
Crosley CDB350NW4A
Crosley CDB350NW5A
Crosley CDB350NW6B
Crosley CDB350NW7B
Crosley CDB350NW8B
Crosley CDB350NW9B
Crosley CDB500NB0A
Crosley CDB500NB1A
Crosley CDB500NB2A
Crosley CDB500NB3A
Crosley CDB500NB4A
Crosley CDB500NB5B
Crosley CDB500NS0A
Crosley CDB500NS1A
Crosley CDB500NS2A
Crosley CDB500NS3A
Crosley CDB500NS4A
Crosley CDB500NS5B
Crosley CDB500NW0A
Crosley CDB500NW1A
Crosley CDB500NW2A
Crosley CDB500NW3A
Crosley CDB500NW4A
Crosley CDB500NW5B
Crosley CDB900NB0A
Crosley CDB900NB1A
Crosley CDB900NB2A
Crosley CDB900NB3A
Crosley CDB900NB4A
Crosley CDB900NB5A
Crosley CDB900NB6B
Crosley CDB900NS0A
Crosley CDB900NS1A
Crosley CDB900NS2A
Crosley CDB900NS3A
Crosley CDB900NS4A
Crosley CDB900NS5A
Crosley CDB900NS6B
Crosley CDB900NW0A
Crosley CDB900NW1A
Crosley CDB900NW2A
Crosley CDB900NW3A
Crosley CDB900NW4A
Crosley CDB900NW5A
Crosley CDB900NW6B
Crosley CDBEH600SB0A
Crosley CDBEH600SB2A
Crosley CDBEH600SS0A
Crosley CDBEH600SS2A
Crosley CDBEH600SW0A
Crosley CDBEH600SW2A
Crosley CDBEH950SB0A
Crosley CDBEH950SB1A
Crosley CDBEH950SS0A
Crosley CDBEH950SS1A
Crosley CDBEH950SW0A
Crosley CDBEH950SW1A
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB1A
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF1A
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW1A
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB0
Frigidaire FDB1250REB1
Frigidaire FDB1250REB2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB3
Frigidaire FDB1250REB4
Frigidaire FDB1250REC0
Frigidaire FDB1250REC1
Frigidaire FDB1250REC2
Frigidaire FDB1250REC3
Frigidaire FDB1250REC4
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ3
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ4
Frigidaire FDB1250RES0
Frigidaire FDB1250RES1
Frigidaire FDB1250RES2
Frigidaire FDB1250RES3
Frigidaire FDB1250RES4
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB4A
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC4A
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS4A
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS4
Frigidaire FDB1501BFB0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFC0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFQ0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFS0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS4A
Frigidaire FDB1504RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS2

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