61005339 | Whirlpool Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor

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Sku:  61005339
Condition:  New
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Evaporator fan motor used on some Jenn Air, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: WP61005339, AP6010052, 894481, 61005339.


  • Approx. 3.5"L x 2.25"W x 3"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Magic Chef CTN1511GEW
Magic Chef CTL1511GEW
Magic Chef CTN1911GEW
Magic Chef CTL1911GEW
Whirlpool JCB2388GRB
Whirlpool JCB2388GRQ
Whirlpool JCB2388GRW
Whirlpool JCB2388GTB
Whirlpool JCB2388GTW
Whirlpool JCB2389GRS
Whirlpool MTB2456GEQ
Whirlpool MTB2456GEW
Whirlpool JSD2789HEB
Whirlpool JSD2789HES
Whirlpool MSD2433HEW
Whirlpool MSD2434GEQ
Whirlpool MSD2434GEW
Whirlpool JSD2488GEB
Whirlpool JSD2488GEQ
Whirlpool JSD2488GEW
Whirlpool MSD2456GEB
Whirlpool MSD2456GEQ
Whirlpool MSD2456GEW
Whirlpool MZD2766GEB
Whirlpool MZD2766GEQ
Whirlpool MZD2766GES
Whirlpool MZD2766GEW
Whirlpool MSD2458GEB
Whirlpool MSD2458GEQ
Whirlpool MSD2458GEW
Whirlpool MSD2758GEB
Whirlpool MSD2758GEQ
Whirlpool MSD2758GEW
Whirlpool MZD2768GEB
Whirlpool MZD2768GEQ
Whirlpool MZD2768GEW
Whirlpool MSD2734GEQ
Whirlpool JSD2789GEW
Whirlpool JSD2789HEW
Whirlpool MSD2756GEW
Whirlpool PTB2153GEQ
Whirlpool PTB2153GEW
Whirlpool MSD2654GRQ
Whirlpool MSD2654GRW
Whirlpool MSD2656GEB
Whirlpool MSD2656GEQ
Whirlpool MSD2656GEW
Whirlpool JCD2389GEB
Whirlpool JCD2389GEQ
Whirlpool JCD2389GES
Whirlpool MTB1955GRQ
Whirlpool MTB1956GEQ
Whirlpool MTB2156GEQ
Whirlpool MTF1955GRQ
Whirlpool MTF1956GEQ
Whirlpool MTF2156GEQ
Whirlpool MTB2656GEQ
Whirlpool MTB2156GEB
Whirlpool MTB2156GES
Whirlpool MTB2456GEB
Whirlpool MTF2156GEB
Whirlpool MTF2156GES
Whirlpool MTB2656GEW
Whirlpool MSD2756GEB
Whirlpool MSD2756GES
Whirlpool MSD2957GEB
Whirlpool MTB2656GEB
Whirlpool PTB2154GRB
Whirlpool MZD2752GRB
Whirlpool MZD2752GRS
Whirlpool MTB1955GRW
Whirlpool MTB1956GEB
Whirlpool MTB1956GEW
Whirlpool MTF1956GEB
Whirlpool PTB1954GRB
Whirlpool MZD2752GRQ
Whirlpool MZD2752GRW
Whirlpool MTF1956GEW
Whirlpool PTB1553GRQ
Whirlpool MSD2756GEQ
Whirlpool JCD2389GEW
Whirlpool PTB1953GEQ
Whirlpool PTB1953GEW
Whirlpool MSD2734GEW
Whirlpool JCD2389GTB
Whirlpool JCD2389GTW
Whirlpool JSD2789GEB
Whirlpool JSD2789GEQ
Whirlpool JSD2789GES
Whirlpool MTB2156GEW
Whirlpool MTF2156GEW
Whirlpool MTF1955GRW
Whirlpool PTB1953GRQ
Whirlpool PTB1953GRW
Whirlpool PTB1954GRQ
Whirlpool PTB1954GRW
Whirlpool PTB1753GRW
Whirlpool PTB1553GRW
Whirlpool MSD2957GEW
Whirlpool MSD2957GEQ
Whirlpool PTB2154GRW
Whirlpool PTB2154GRQ

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