61376P | Speed Queen Dryer Lint Filter

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Sku:  61376P
Condition:  New
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Lint filter used on some Amana, Caloric, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 61376P, AP2402866, 2179, 56015, 56019, 57024, 57025, 60728, 61376, R0603530, R0603578, R0603594.


  • Approx. 7"L x 16"W.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Amana HE5003
Amana HG6009
Amana HE6003
Amana LE3402L
Amana HG4209
Amana LG3412W
Amana HG5009
Amana LE3402W
Amana HG3009
Amana TGA600
Amana TEA600
Amana HE4503
Amana HG7009
Amana LE2402
Amana LG1101
Amana LG2412
Amana LG3412L
Amana TEA400
Amana HE3003
Amana LE1100
Amana LE2102W
Amana LE2500
Amana FE0080
Amana GFS2271L10
Amana HE2003
Amana HE4003
Amana HE6650
Amana HE9250
Amana HG4390
Amana HG4509
Amana LE2400
Amana LE3502L
Amana LG2112W
Amana LG3812W
Amana LGD512
Amana TGA800
Amana UG8091
Amana CE2402
Amana CE9002
Amana CG2412
Amana GFS227/MN00
Amana GFS227/MN02
Amana GFS227/MN10
Amana GFS227/MN11
Amana GFS227110
Amana GFS2271W10
Amana GFS227MN02
Amana HE2030
Amana HE2050
Amana HE2250
Amana HE2430
Amana HE2970
Amana HE3060
Amana HE4030
Amana HE4070
Amana HE4103
Amana HE4203
Amana HE4270
Amana HE4330
Amana HE4350
Amana HE4430
Amana HE5330
Amana HE6350
Amana HE6370
Amana HE6430
Amana HE6434
Amana HE7003
Amana HE7230
Amana HE9270
Amana HG2090
Amana HG2260
Amana HG2490
Amana HG2980
Amana HG4009
Amana HG4080
Amana HG4109
Amana HG4280
Amana HG4360
Amana HG4490
Amana HG5390
Amana HG6360
Amana HG6380
Amana HG6490
Amana HG6494
Amana HG6660
Amana HG7290
Amana HG9260
Amana HG9280
Amana HS8031
Amana KE5313
Amana KE5513
Amana KE6533
Amana KG5319
Amana KG5519
Amana KG6539
Amana LE1102
Amana LE2102L
Amana LE2502
Amana LE2802
Amana LE2810
Amana LE2902
Amana LE2910
Amana LE3402G
Amana LE3502W
Amana LE3802L
Amana LE3802W
Amana LE3902L
Amana LE3902W
Amana LE9002
Amana LED250
Amana LED302
Amana LED450
Amana LED502
Amana LED850
Amana LED902
Amana LED950
Amana LG1112
Amana LG2112L
Amana LG2401
Amana LG2501
Amana LG2512
Amana LG2811
Amana LG2812
Amana LG2911
Amana LG2912
Amana LG3412G
Amana LG3512L
Amana LG3512W
Amana LG3812L
Amana LG3912L
Amana LG3912W
Amana LG9012
Amana LGD251
Amana LGD312
Amana LGD451
Amana LGD851
Amana LGD912
Amana LGD951
Amana TEA300
Amana TEA800
Amana TGA400
Amana UE8031
Amana UE8230
Amana UG8290

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