676413 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Dispenser Soap Cup Latch Kit

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Sku:  676413
Condition:  New
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Dispenser Soap Cup Latch Kit used on some Amana, Crosley, Estate, Ikea, Inglis, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper and Whirlpool Dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: AP3130817, 3369061, 3376066, 679921, AH382922, EA382922, PS382922.

  • Includes detergent latch and snap.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 7DP840CWDB0
Whirlpool 7DP840CWDB1
Whirlpool 7DP840DWGX0
Whirlpool 7DU840CWDB0
Whirlpool 7DU840CWDB1
Whirlpool 7DU900PCDB0
Whirlpool 7DU900PCDQ0
Whirlpool 7DU900PCDQ1
Whirlpool 7DU900PCDQ2
Whirlpool 7TUD4000EB0
Whirlpool 7TUD4000EB1
Whirlpool CUD4000JB0
Whirlpool CUD4000JB1
Whirlpool CUD4000JQ0
Whirlpool CUD4000JQ1
Whirlpool DU8400XB0
Whirlpool DU8400XB1
Whirlpool DU8400XX3
Whirlpool DU840CWDB0
Whirlpool DU840CWDB2
Whirlpool DU840CWDB3
Whirlpool DU840CWDB4
Whirlpool DU840CWDB5
Whirlpool DU840CWDQ4
Whirlpool DU840CWDQ5
Whirlpool DU8500XB0
Whirlpool DU8500XB1
Whirlpool DU8500XX4
Whirlpool DU8560XB0
Whirlpool DU8560XB1
Whirlpool DU900PCDB4
Whirlpool DU900PCDB5
Whirlpool DU900PCDB6
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ2
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ3
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ4
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ5
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ6
Whirlpool DU900PCDZ4
Whirlpool DU900PCDZ5
Whirlpool DU900PCDZ6
Whirlpool DU911PCDB0
Whirlpool DU911PCDQ0
Whirlpool DU915QWDB5
Whirlpool DU915QWDB6
Whirlpool DU811SWKQ0
Whirlpool DP8500XBN0
Whirlpool DP8500XBN1
Whirlpool DP8500XBN2
Whirlpool DP8500XXN3
Whirlpool DP8700XBN1
Whirlpool DP8700XYN0
Whirlpool DP8700XYN3
Whirlpool DP8700XYN4
Whirlpool DU4000XB0
Whirlpool DU4000XB1
Whirlpool DU4000XY1
Whirlpool DU4099XX1
Whirlpool GDP8500XBN0
Whirlpool GDP8500XBN1
Whirlpool GDP8500XXN3
Whirlpool DU810CWDB5
Whirlpool DU810CWDQ5
Whirlpool DU810CWDZ5
Whirlpool DP840CWDW0
Whirlpool DP840DWGX0
Whirlpool DP840DWGX1
Whirlpool DP840DWGX2
Whirlpool DP840SWKX0
Whirlpool DU800CWDB4
Whirlpool DU800CWDB5
Whirlpool DU800CWDQ0
Whirlpool DU800CWDQ2
Whirlpool DU800CWDQ3
Whirlpool DU800CWDQ4
Whirlpool DU800CWDQ5
Whirlpool DP920QWDB0
Whirlpool DP920QWDB2
Whirlpool DP920QWDB3
Whirlpool DP920QWDB4
Whirlpool DP920QWDB5
Whirlpool DP920QWDB6
Whirlpool DU400CWDB0
Whirlpool DU400CWDB1
Whirlpool DU400CWDB2
Whirlpool DU400CWDB5
Whirlpool DU400CWGW0
Whirlpool DU400CWGW1
Whirlpool DU400SWKW0
Whirlpool DU806CWDB4
Whirlpool DU806CWDB5
Whirlpool DU806CWDQ0
Whirlpool DU8000XB1
Whirlpool DU800CWDB0
Whirlpool DU800CWDB1
Whirlpool DU8016XB1
Whirlpool DU806CWDB0
Whirlpool DU806CWDB1
Whirlpool DU806CWDQ2
Whirlpool DU806CWDQ3
Whirlpool DU810CWDB0
Whirlpool DU810CWDB1
Whirlpool DU810CWDQ0
Whirlpool DU810CWDQ2
Whirlpool DU810CWDQ3
Whirlpool DU8150XB1
Whirlpool DU830CWDB0
Whirlpool DP840CWDB0
Whirlpool DP840CWDB2
Whirlpool DP840CWDB3
Whirlpool DP840CWDB4
Whirlpool DP840CWDB5
Whirlpool DU900PCDB3
Whirlpool DU900PCDZ3
Whirlpool DU920QWDB3
Whirlpool DU920QWDQ3
Whirlpool DU925QWDB3
Whirlpool DU925QWDQ3
Whirlpool DU930QWDB3
Whirlpool DU930QWDQ3
Whirlpool DU940QWDB3
Whirlpool DU940QWDQ3
Whirlpool DU940QWDZ3
Whirlpool DU840CWDQ2
Whirlpool DU840CWDQ3
Whirlpool DU8000XB0
Whirlpool DU800DWGQ2
Whirlpool DU800DWGU2
Whirlpool DU800SWKQ0
Whirlpool DU800SWKU0
Whirlpool DU801DWGQ2
Whirlpool DU810DWGU2
Whirlpool DU811DWGU1
Whirlpool DU8550XB0
Whirlpool DU8550XB1
Whirlpool DU900PCDB0
Whirlpool DU900PCDB2
Whirlpool DU900PCDQ0
Whirlpool DU8450XB1
Whirlpool DU8550XX3
Whirlpool DU8550XX4
Whirlpool RUD1000HB1
Whirlpool RUD1000KB0
Whirlpool RUD4500DB4
Whirlpool RUD5750DB4
Whirlpool RUD5750DQ4
Whirlpool TUD5700EQ3
Whirlpool DU4099XX0
Whirlpool DU8150XB0
Whirlpool DU8150XX4
Whirlpool DU8750XB0
Whirlpool DU8750XB1
Whirlpool DU8750XY1
Whirlpool DU8950XB0
Whirlpool DU927QWDB0
Whirlpool DU927QWDB1
Whirlpool DU927QWDQ0
Whirlpool DU927QWDQ1
Whirlpool DU927QWDZ0
Whirlpool DU927QWDZ1
Whirlpool DU929QWDB0
Whirlpool DU929QWDB1
Whirlpool DU929QWDQ0
Whirlpool DU929QWDQ1
Whirlpool DU930QWDB6
Whirlpool DU930QWDQ6
Whirlpool DU935QWDB6
Whirlpool DU935QWDQ6
Whirlpool TUD5700KB0
Whirlpool TUD5700KQ0
Whirlpool DU8900XB0
Whirlpool DU8900XB1
Whirlpool DU8900XY2
Whirlpool DU8950XB1
Whirlpool DU8950XY2
Whirlpool DU8960XB0
Whirlpool DU8960XB1
Whirlpool DU8960XY0
Whirlpool DU8960XY1
Whirlpool DU811SWKU0
Whirlpool DU806CWDQ4
Whirlpool DU806CWDQ5
Whirlpool DU810CWDB4
Whirlpool DU800DWGQ0
Whirlpool DU801DWGQ0
Whirlpool DU800DWGX0
Whirlpool DU800DWGX1
Whirlpool DU8560XX0
Whirlpool DU8560XX1
Whirlpool DU8560XX2
Whirlpool DU8700XB0
Whirlpool DU8700XB1
Whirlpool DU8700XY4
Whirlpool DU8700XY5
Whirlpool DU8770XB0
Whirlpool DU8770XB1
Whirlpool DU8770XY2
Whirlpool GU980SCGB2
Whirlpool GU980SCGQ2
Whirlpool GU940SCGQ2
Whirlpool GU980SCGQ3
Whirlpool GU940SCGB2
Whirlpool DU943PWKQ0
Whirlpool GU980SCGB3
Whirlpool DU943PWKB0
Whirlpool GU980SCGS3
Whirlpool GU940SCGZ2
Whirlpool GU940SCGB3
Whirlpool GU940SCGQ3
Whirlpool GU980SCGT2
Whirlpool GU980SCGB0
Whirlpool DU941PWKQ1
Whirlpool DU810SWKU0
Whirlpool DU948PWKQ1
Whirlpool GU980SCGS2
Whirlpool DU941PWKB1
Whirlpool DU945PWPQ0
Whirlpool GU980SCGQ0
Whirlpool DU943PWKT0
Whirlpool DU960PWKB1
Whirlpool DU960PWKQ1
Whirlpool GU980SCGZ2
Whirlpool DU8500XX3
Whirlpool DU920PFGQ3
Whirlpool DU915PWPS0
Whirlpool DUL200PKQ1
Whirlpool DU940PWKB0
Whirlpool GU940SCGB0
Whirlpool DU915PWKQ0
Whirlpool DU920PFGB3
Whirlpool GU980SCGT3
Whirlpool GU940SCGQ0
Whirlpool DU945PWSQ0
Whirlpool DU810SWKQ0
Whirlpool DU915PWPB0
Whirlpool DU915PWPB2
Whirlpool DU945PWPQ2
Whirlpool GU940SCGT3
Whirlpool DU920PFGB2
Whirlpool DU915PWKS0
Whirlpool DU1000CGQ1
Whirlpool DU920PWKB0
Whirlpool DU840SWKQ0
Whirlpool DU915PWPS2
Whirlpool DU920PFGZ2
Whirlpool DU925SCGB2
Whirlpool DU1000CGB1
Whirlpool DUL200PKB1
Whirlpool DU915PWKB0
Whirlpool DU8300XX3

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