707929 | Whirlpool Vent Hood Grease Filter

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Sku:  707929
Condition:  New
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Grease Filter used on some Admiral, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP707929, 707929, AP4089729, 4381712, 1343, 7-7929, 707926, 8310P002-60, AH2076846, EA2076846, PS2076846.


  • Chrome.
  • Approx. 14"L x 11-3/8"W x 3/32"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 22001
Whirlpool 22112
Whirlpool 22113
Whirlpool 22116
Whirlpool 22305
Whirlpool 22401
Whirlpool 12103
Whirlpool 12104
Whirlpool 2300
Whirlpool 2300ERS
Whirlpool 2320ERS
Whirlpool 2325ERS
Whirlpool 2350EGS
Whirlpool 2360
Whirlpool 2360EGS
Whirlpool 2361EGS
Whirlpool 2365
Whirlpool 2365EGN
Whirlpool 2365EGS
Whirlpool 2366
Whirlpool 2370
Whirlpool C301
Whirlpool C302
Whirlpool C306
Whirlpool C306-C
Whirlpool C316
Whirlpool C316-C
Whirlpool C316W
Whirlpool C316W-C
Whirlpool CG206B
Whirlpool CG206L
Whirlpool CG206S
Whirlpool 2650
Whirlpool 3860ERS
Whirlpool 3875ERS
Whirlpool 3890ERS
Whirlpool 87848
Whirlpool 87849
Whirlpool JED8130ADB
Whirlpool JED8230ADB
Whirlpool JED8230ADS
Whirlpool JED8345ADB
Whirlpool JGD8348ADP
Whirlpool JGD8348BDP
Whirlpool JGD8348CDP
Whirlpool JGD8130ADB
Whirlpool JGD8130ADS
Whirlpool JGD8345ADB
Whirlpool JGD8130ADW
Whirlpool JGD8345ADW
Whirlpool 89L-6
Whirlpool 88353
Whirlpool 88353-8
Whirlpool 89889
Whirlpool 89890
Whirlpool 89L-4
Whirlpool A89L-4-R
Whirlpool C
Whirlpool C102
Whirlpool C116
Whirlpool C116-C
Whirlpool C203
Whirlpool C203-C
Whirlpool C206
Whirlpool C206B
Whirlpool C206B-C
Whirlpool C206W
Whirlpool C206W-C
Whirlpool C222
Whirlpool C236
Whirlpool C236-C
Whirlpool C236B
Whirlpool C236B-C
Whirlpool C236NGB
Whirlpool G0206B-8
Whirlpool GO106
Whirlpool GO106B
Whirlpool GO106B-8
Whirlpool GO206
Whirlpool GO206B
Whirlpool GO206B-8
Whirlpool JED7430AAB
Whirlpool CVE4180W
Whirlpool CVE1400W
Whirlpool CVE4270W
Whirlpool CVE1400W-C
Whirlpool CVE4370W
Whirlpool CVE4180W-C
Whirlpool CVE4270W-C
Whirlpool SC8720EDW0
Whirlpool CSG9900AAB
Whirlpool C106
Whirlpool C106-C
Whirlpool C206-C
Whirlpool C226
Whirlpool C226W-C
Whirlpool C228W
Whirlpool C236NGW
Whirlpool C236W
Whirlpool C236W-C
Whirlpool JED8130ADW
Whirlpool JED8230ADW
Whirlpool JED8345ADW
Whirlpool 89891
Whirlpool C100
Whirlpool C101
Whirlpool C101-C
Whirlpool C101-J
Whirlpool C201
Whirlpool C201-C
Whirlpool C202
Whirlpool C220
Whirlpool C221
Whirlpool C221-J
Whirlpool C300
Whirlpool CG100B
Whirlpool CG100L
Whirlpool CG100S
Whirlpool CVE1400B
Whirlpool CVE1400B-C
Whirlpool CVE4180B
Whirlpool CVE4180B-C
Whirlpool CVE4180S
Whirlpool CVE4180S-C
Whirlpool CVE4270B
Whirlpool CVE4270B-C
Whirlpool CVE4270S
Whirlpool CVE4270S-C
Whirlpool CVE4370B
Whirlpool CVG4100B
Whirlpool CVG4280B
Whirlpool CVG4280S
Whirlpool CVG4280W
Whirlpool CVG4380B
Whirlpool CVG4380W
Whirlpool CG106S
Whirlpool CG200
Whirlpool CG200B
Whirlpool CG200L
Whirlpool CG205W
Whirlpool CG206B-C
Whirlpool CG206B-E
Whirlpool CG206L-C
Whirlpool CG206S-C
Whirlpool CSG9900AAE
Whirlpool CVG316B
Whirlpool CVG316W
Whirlpool 2370EGS
Whirlpool 2375ERS
Whirlpool 2380EGS
Whirlpool 2385EGN
Whirlpool 2385EGS
Whirlpool 2390ERS
Whirlpool 2475
Whirlpool 2480
Whirlpool 2485
Whirlpool 2490
Whirlpool C236B-E
Whirlpool C236W-E
Whirlpool C238B-C
Whirlpool C228
Whirlpool CVG4380P
Whirlpool 88890
Whirlpool C200
Whirlpool G102
Whirlpool 88891
Whirlpool G101
Whirlpool 89353
Whirlpool C238
Whirlpool CG106B
Whirlpool CVG4380PU
Whirlpool C202-C
Whirlpool C221-C
Whirlpool CG106L
Whirlpool CVG4380PF
Whirlpool CVG4380PR
Whirlpool G103
Whirlpool 88889
Whirlpool 89353-8
Whirlpool C228B-C
Whirlpool C228W-C
Whirlpool C301-C
Whirlpool CG106B-C
Whirlpool CG106S-C
Whirlpool CVG4380PD
Whirlpool CVG4380PG
Whirlpool CVG4380PK
Whirlpool G100
Whirlpool W238
Whirlpool R201
Whirlpool R200
Whirlpool CVE407B
Whirlpool CVE407W
Whirlpool CVE407B-C
Whirlpool CVE407W-C
Whirlpool R201-C
Magic Chef 89L-6
Magic Chef 89L-4
Whirlpool 62922401
Whirlpool 62922113
Whirlpool 62912103
Whirlpool 62912104
Whirlpool 62922001
Whirlpool 62922112
Whirlpool 62922116
Whirlpool 629CG200

90 Day Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Exactly as I expected

    Posted by Deborah on Aug 15th 2018

    It arrived quickly and it was just what I was expecting. Great purchase

  • 5
    Replacement Filter Great

    Posted by Peter Iacontino on Dec 15th 2017

    This replacement grease filter
    for my Jenn-Air counter top electric grill
    Was perfect ! The price was the lowest anywhere !

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