71002111 | Whirlpool Vent Hood Grease Filter

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Sku:  71002111
Condition:  New
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Grease Filter used on some Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP71002111, 71002111, AP4089172, 1389, 5-80029, 580029, 7-15290, 715290, AH2077593, EA2077593, PS2077593, Y715290.


  • Silver.
  • Approx. .1"H x 15.5"L x 6.25"W.

*NOTE*: This filter is 1/2" narrower than the original filter per the manufacturer.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool SVE47100B
Whirlpool SVE47100BC
Whirlpool SVE47100W
Whirlpool SVE47100WC
Whirlpool JDS9860AAB
Whirlpool JDS9860AAW
Whirlpool SVD48600W
Whirlpool SVD48600WC
Whirlpool JDS9860BDS
Whirlpool JES9800BAS
Whirlpool JES9860BAS
Whirlpool JES9900BAS
Whirlpool JES9750AAB
Whirlpool JES9750AAS
Whirlpool JES9750AAW
Whirlpool JES9860AAB
Whirlpool JES9860AAS
Whirlpool JES9860AAW
Whirlpool JES9860ACB
Whirlpool JES9860ACS
Whirlpool JES9860ACW
Whirlpool JDS9860BDB
Whirlpool JDS9860BDW
Whirlpool JES9800AAS
Whirlpool SVE47500W
Whirlpool SVE47600W
Whirlpool JDS9860AAP
Whirlpool JES9800AAB
Whirlpool JES9800AAQ
Whirlpool JES9800AAW
Whirlpool JDS9865BDP
Whirlpool JES9800ACB
Whirlpool JES9800ACS
Whirlpool JDS9860ACB
Whirlpool JDS9860ACP
Whirlpool JDS9860ACW
Whirlpool JDS9860BCP
Whirlpool JDS9861AAP
Whirlpool JES9750BAB
Whirlpool JES9750BAS
Whirlpool JES9750BAW
Whirlpool JES9800BAB
Whirlpool JES9800BAF
Whirlpool JES9860BAB
Whirlpool JES9860BAW
Whirlpool SVD48600P
Whirlpool SVD48600PC
Whirlpool JES9900BAB
Whirlpool JES9860BCB
Whirlpool JES9860BCS
Whirlpool JES9860BCW
Whirlpool SVD48600B
Whirlpool SVD48600BC
Whirlpool SVD48600PF
Whirlpool SVD48600PG
Whirlpool SVD48600PK
Whirlpool SVD48600PR
Whirlpool SVD48600PT
Whirlpool SVD48600PU
Whirlpool SVE47500B
Whirlpool JES9900BAF
Whirlpool JES9900BCB
Whirlpool JES9900BCS
Whirlpool JES9900BCW
Whirlpool SVE47600B
Whirlpool SVE47600BC
Whirlpool JES9800ACW
Whirlpool SVE87600B
Whirlpool SVE87600W
Whirlpool SVD8310S
Whirlpool SVD8310S-C
Whirlpool SVE47600WC
Whirlpool SVD8310SF
Whirlpool SVD8310SG
Whirlpool SVD8310SK
Whirlpool SVD8310SR
Whirlpool SVD8310SU
Whirlpool SEG196
Whirlpool S160
Whirlpool S125
Whirlpool S136
Whirlpool 88370
Whirlpool D120
Whirlpool S120
Whirlpool S156
Whirlpool S161
Whirlpool D140
Whirlpool S105
Whirlpool S136W
Whirlpool S156W
Whirlpool CDE852
Whirlpool SEG196W
Whirlpool S166
Whirlpool 20236
Whirlpool 88368
Whirlpool SEG196-C
Whirlpool D156
Whirlpool S176B
Whirlpool S176W
Whirlpool D156W
Whirlpool D146
Whirlpool 4775
Whirlpool S121
Whirlpool 4860
Whirlpool S100
Whirlpool 20135
Whirlpool 4760
Whirlpool 4770
Whirlpool 629.46969
Whirlpool CDE850
Whirlpool D156B
Whirlpool S166-C
Whirlpool 20237
Whirlpool CDE8300ACB
Whirlpool CDE8520ACB
Whirlpool D140-C
Whirlpool S166W
Whirlpool S166W-C
Whirlpool S176
Whirlpool 20239
Whirlpool 4790
Whirlpool 4855
Whirlpool 4870
Whirlpool 4875
Whirlpool 4890
Whirlpool 629.46965
Whirlpool 88168
Whirlpool 88169
Whirlpool 88170
Whirlpool CDE820
Whirlpool CDE8300ADB
Whirlpool CDE851
Whirlpool D146-C
Whirlpool D146W
Whirlpool JDS9860CDS02
Whirlpool S101
Whirlpool S105-C
Whirlpool S110
Whirlpool S120-C
Whirlpool S125-C
Whirlpool S136-C
Whirlpool S136B
Whirlpool S136W-C
Whirlpool S156B-C
Whirlpool S156W-C
Whirlpool S160-C
Whirlpool SEG196W-C
Whirlpool 62946979
Whirlpool 6294697
Whirlpool 62946975
Whirlpool 62946965
Whirlpool 62920245
Whirlpool 62946969

90 Day Limited Warranty

1 Review

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    Fantastic Prices

    Posted by Sherry on Oct 31st 2016

    I've replace this grease filter for my Jenn-air ranger grill several time and this is the best price I have ever seen. Perfect fit, free shipping, and fast service.

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