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  • 74004105 | Whirlpool Oven Bake Element
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74004105 | Whirlpool Oven Bake Element

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SKU: 74004105

Bake element used on some Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool oven models.

Directly Replaces: 74004105, AP4096820, 704161, 7406P427-60, AH2082040, EA2082040, PS2082040, W10314702.


  • Approx. 18"L x 15"W.
  • Upper bake element.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MER6775AAB
Whirlpool MER6775AAF
Whirlpool MER6775AAN
Whirlpool MER6775AAQ
Whirlpool MER6775AAS
Whirlpool MER6775AAW
Whirlpool MER6775ACB
Whirlpool MER6775ACF
Whirlpool MER6775ACS
Whirlpool MER6775BAB
Whirlpool MER6775BAF
Whirlpool MER6775BAN
Whirlpool MER6775BAS
Whirlpool MER6875AAB
Whirlpool MER6875AAF
Whirlpool MER6875AAN
Whirlpool MER6875AAQ
Whirlpool MER6875AAS
Whirlpool MER6875AAW
Whirlpool MER6875ACB
Whirlpool MER6751AAS
Whirlpool MER6755AAS
Whirlpool MER6755ACS
Whirlpool MER6765BAS
Whirlpool MER6875ACS
Whirlpool MER6875BAS
Whirlpool MER6757BAB14
Whirlpool MER6757BAQ14
Whirlpool MER6757BAW14
Whirlpool MER6765BAB
Whirlpool MER6875BAB
Whirlpool MER6770AAB
Whirlpool MER6770ACB
Whirlpool MER6771AAB
Whirlpool MER6550BAW
Whirlpool MER6550BCW
Whirlpool MER6772BAW
Whirlpool MER6772BCW
Whirlpool MER6872BAW
Whirlpool MER6872BCW
Whirlpool MER6741BAB
Whirlpool MER6741BAS
Whirlpool MER6555AAQ
Whirlpool MER6755AAQ
Whirlpool MER6765BAQ
Whirlpool MER6875ACN
Whirlpool MER6751AAQ
Whirlpool MER6765BAW
Whirlpool MER6875BAF
Whirlpool MER6555AAB
Whirlpool MER6755AAB
Whirlpool MER6755ACB
Whirlpool MER6555AAW
Whirlpool MER6555ACW
Whirlpool MER6741BAW
Whirlpool MER6751AAW
Whirlpool JDR8895AAB
Whirlpool JDR8895AAS
Whirlpool JDR8895AAW
Whirlpool JDR8895ACB
Whirlpool JDR8895ACS
Whirlpool JDR8895ACW
Whirlpool MER6549BAQ
Whirlpool MER6549BAW
Whirlpool MER6550AAQ
Whirlpool MER6550AAW
Whirlpool MER6550ACQ
Whirlpool MER6550ACW
Whirlpool MER6550BAQ
Whirlpool MER6550BCQ
Whirlpool MER6751AAB
Whirlpool MER6769BAQ
Whirlpool MER6769BAW
Whirlpool MER6770AAC
Whirlpool MER6770AAQ
Whirlpool MER6770AAW
Whirlpool MER6771AAC
Whirlpool MER6771AAQ
Whirlpool MER6771AAW
Whirlpool MER6772BAB
Whirlpool MER6772BAC
Whirlpool MER6772BAQ
Whirlpool MER6772BAS
Whirlpool MER6770ACC
Whirlpool MER6770ACQ
Whirlpool MER6770ACW
Whirlpool MER6870AAB
Whirlpool MER6871AAB
Whirlpool MER6772BCB
Whirlpool MER6772BCQ
Whirlpool MER6772BCS
Whirlpool MER6870ACC
Whirlpool MER6870ACQ
Whirlpool MER6870ACW
Whirlpool MER6872BCB
Whirlpool MER6872BCQ
Whirlpool MER6872BCS
Whirlpool MER6872BAS
Whirlpool MER6755AAW
Whirlpool MER6755ACW
Whirlpool MER6875ACF
Whirlpool MER6875ACW
Whirlpool MER6870AAQ
Whirlpool MER6871AAQ
Whirlpool MER6872BAQ
Whirlpool MER6870AAC
Whirlpool MER6871AAC
Whirlpool MER6872BAB
Whirlpool MER6870AAW
Whirlpool MER6871AAW
Whirlpool GGE350LWB00
Whirlpool GGE350LWQ00
Whirlpool GGE350LWS00
Whirlpool JDR8895BAB13
Whirlpool JDR8895BAS13
Whirlpool JDR8895BAW13
Whirlpool JDR8895BCB13
Whirlpool JDR8895BCS13
Whirlpool JDR8895BCW13
Whirlpool JER8895BAS10
Whirlpool JER8895BAS11
Whirlpool JER8895BAS12
Whirlpool MER6741BAB17
Whirlpool MER6741BAS17
Whirlpool MER6741BAW17
Whirlpool MER6751AAB23
Whirlpool MER6751AAS24
Whirlpool MER6751AAW24
Whirlpool MER6755AAB24
Whirlpool MER6755AAQ25
Whirlpool MER6755AAW25
Whirlpool MER6755ABW25
Whirlpool MER6755ACB24
Whirlpool MER6755ACS26
Whirlpool MER6757BAB15
Whirlpool MER6757BAQ15
Whirlpool MER6757BAS15
Whirlpool MER6757BAW15
Whirlpool MER6765BAB17
Whirlpool MER6765BAQ17
Whirlpool MER6765BAS18
Whirlpool MER6765BAW17
Whirlpool MER6775BAB17
Whirlpool MER6775BAF17
Whirlpool MER6775BAN17
Whirlpool MER6775BAS18
Whirlpool MER6775BCB17
Whirlpool MER6775BCS17
Whirlpool MER6775BCW17
Whirlpool MER6875BAB17
Whirlpool MER6875BAF17
Whirlpool MER6875BAS18
Whirlpool MER6875BCB17
Whirlpool MER6875BCS17
Whirlpool MER6875BCW17
Whirlpool 62960003600
Whirlpool 62960009600
Whirlpool 66598002701
Whirlpool 66598003701
Whirlpool 66598009701
Whirlpool 62960002601
Whirlpool 62960002606
Whirlpool 62960008601
Whirlpool 62960008606
Whirlpool 62960009601
Whirlpool 62960009606
Whirlpool 66598002700
Whirlpool 66598003700
Whirlpool 66598009700
Whirlpool 66598013700
Whirlpool 66598019700
Whirlpool 62960002600
Whirlpool 62960008600

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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