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  • 786324 | Whirlpool Oven Igniter
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786324 | Whirlpool Oven Igniter

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SKU: 786324

Oven Igniter used on some Amana, Caloric, Litton, Maytag, Modern Maid, Roper and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP2934763, 0309159, 0062766, 0063148, 0064395, 0064446, 0064671, 0068025, 0068026, 0068043, 0087699, 0308103, 0309145, 0309157, 0309158, 1191, 14210904, 309159, 31939901, 41-206, 4157300, 4179150, 4315139, 4363426, 63148, 64671, 68025, 68026, 68043, 786659, 786660, 87699, AH387058, EA387058, F16-744, IGN-6, PS387058, R0710104, R0710221, Y0062766, Y0063148, Y0064395, Y0064446, Y0064671, Y0068025.


  • Flat-style igniter.
  • Approx. 7"L x 1-1/4"W.
  • Igniter only. You may need to reuse the original cage/bracket.

*NOTE*: The Gray coil is very fragile, handle with care.

786324 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Amana ACS3350AS
Amana ACS3350AB
Amana ACS3350AW
Amana ARG7303WW
Amana ARG7800WW
Amana ARGS7650E
Amana ARGS7650WW
Amana ARGS7650SS
Amana ARG7600WW
Amana ARG7600L
Amana ARG7800E
Amana ARGS7650LL
Amana ARG7303CC
Amana ARG7600LL
Amana ARG7800LL
Amana ACS3350AC
Amana ARG7303LL
Amana ARG7600W
Amana ARG7800SS
Amana ARGS7650CC
Amana ARG7600CC
Amana ARG7800CC
Amana CSG7601WW
Amana RMR395
Amana RST376
Amana AGS761L
Amana AGS781WW
Amana RSK3700UL
Amana AGS761W
Amana AGS751W
Amana AGS760WW
Amana AGS761WW
Amana AGS781E
Amana RSS358UL
Amana RSF3410UL
Amana RSS358UW
Amana AGS730W
Amana AGS745W
Amana AGS746WW
Amana AGS751W1
Amana RSF3400UWG
Amana RST399UL
Amana AGS745E
Amana AGS746E
Amana AGS760L
Amana PHU201UB
Amana RSF3300L
Amana RSK3700UK
Amana RSK3700UW
Amana AGS751L
Amana AGS760W
Amana AGS761LL
Amana AGS780WW
Amana RSF3400UL
Amana RSK3700UWW
Amana RST399UW
Amana AGS730L
Amana AGS751L1
Amana PHU201UK
Amana RSS356UL
Amana RST308UL
Amana RST308UWW
Amana AGS750L
Amana AGS780E
Amana AGS781LL
Amana PHU201UWW
Amana RSF3300W
Amana RSS356UW
Amana RSS358ULG
Amana RST308UK
Amana AGS743L
Amana AGS743W
Amana AGS745E1
Amana AGS745WW
Amana AGS745WW1
Amana AGS750W
Amana AGS761L1
Amana AGS761W1
Amana PHU201UB1
Amana PHU201UWW1
Amana AGDS902WW
Amana AGDS902E
Amana AGDS902SS
Amana PHU186NB
Amana AGDS901E
Amana RST380
Amana RST376/ALL
Amana RST369
Amana RST369/ALL
Amana RST378UW
Amana RST380/ALL
Amana RST381
Amana RST381/ALL
Amana RST382U
Amana RST382UK
Amana CSG7103W
Amana RLR345
Amana RKS395
Amana RLR359
Amana RLR364
Amana RLR395
Amana RLR398
Amana RMR345
Amana RMR359
Amana RMR364
Amana RMR398
Amana ARG7302WW
Amana ARG7301WW
Amana ARG7300WW
Amana ARG7301W
Amana ARG7102W
Amana ARG7302LL
Amana ARG7102L
Amana ARG7200W
Amana ARG7200L
Amana ARG7102C
Amana ARG7202 E
Amana ARG7301L
Amana ARG7301LL
Amana ARG7302CC
Amana RSS369
Amana AGDS901WW
Amana RSD369
Amana RSS399
Amana RSS307
Amana PHU101
Amana PHU186NWW
Amana RSD399
Amana RSS363-OF
Amana RSS380
Amana RST307
Amana RSS353
Amana RSS354
Amana RSS398
Amana PHU101-OF
Amana RST359
Amana RSD359
Amana RSS307-OF
Amana RSS359
Amana RSS380-OF
Amana PHU102-OF
Amana RHS365
Amana RSS361-OF
Amana AGS740
Amana PHU103
Amana RHS365-OF
Amana RHT365
Amana RKD395
Amana RSD307
Amana RSD352
Amana RSD354
Amana RSS343
Amana RSS353-OF
Amana RSS361
Amana RSS363
Amana RSS369-OF
Amana RST354
Amana RST361
Amana RST361/ALL
Amana ARG7300W
Amana ARG7300LL
Amana RJT369
Amana RST308U
Amana RST308UW
Amana RST309
Amana RST354/ALL
Amana RST359/ALL
Amana RST362/ALL
Amana RST388U
Amana RST388UWW
Amana RSF3400UW
Amana RSS356UL,W
Amana RSS358UL,W
Amana RSS358ULCO
Amana RSS358UWCO
Amana RSS358UWG
Amana RWS212
Amana RWS214UWW
Amana PGO191
Amana RWS202UD
Amana RWS214
Amana RWS202
Amana RWS216
Amana RWS212U0
Amana RWS214UD
Amana DGO757
Amana DKO757
Amana PKO-151
Amana PKO191
Amana RXS212
Amana AGC710
Amana AGS720
Amana AGS741L
Amana AGS741W
Amana GAK26TC
Amana PGO-151
Amana PKI121
Amana RHS353-OF
Amana RJS369
Amana RJS369-OF
Amana RKS-396
Amana RSD350
Amana RSD353
Amana RSD363
Amana RSD379
Amana RSD398
Amana RSF3200L
Amana RSF3200W
Amana RSF320OUL
Amana RSF320OUW
Amana RSF330OUL
Amana RSF330OUW
Amana RSF3410L
Amana RSF3410W
Amana RSF341OUW
Amana RSS352
Amana RSS352-OF
Amana RSS354-OF
Amana RSS359-OF
Amana RST362
Amana RST387
Amana RST387/ALL
Amana RST387UWW
Amana RWS214U0
Amana RWS216U0
Amana RXS212U0
Amana RXS214
Amana RXS214U0
Amana RXS216
Amana RXS216U0
Amana SAK26TC
Whirlpool SF370PEWN4
Whirlpool SF370PEWQ0
Whirlpool SF370PEWQ1
Whirlpool SF370PEWW4
Whirlpool SF370PEWW5
Whirlpool SF370PEWZ0
Whirlpool SF380PEWN0
Whirlpool SF380PEWQ0
Whirlpool SF380PEWW0
Whirlpool SF380PEWZ0
Whirlpool SE960PEPW0
Whirlpool SE960PEPW1
Whirlpool SE960PEPW2
Whirlpool SE960PEPW3
Whirlpool SE960PEPW5
Whirlpool SE960PEPW6
Whirlpool SF365BEPW1
Whirlpool SF365BEPW2
Whirlpool SF365BEPW7
Whirlpool SF370PEWN0
Whirlpool SF370PEWN1
Whirlpool SF370PEWN2
Whirlpool SF370PEWN3

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