8194001 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Door Balance Kit

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Sku:  8194001
Condition:  New
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Door Balance Kit used on some Ikea, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP3775412, W10158291, 8535568, 8270021, 8524474, 8270022, 1059756, 8270015, 8270018, AH972325, EA972325, ERW10158291, PS972325.


  • Kit Includes:
    • 2 links.
    • 1 Mount Assembly.
    • 2 Wheels.
  • Mount approx. 4"L x 2"W.
  • Links approx. 15"L each.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool KUDS01DJSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS6
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS2
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS1
Whirlpool KUDS01IJBS0
Whirlpool KUDR01TJBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS3
Whirlpool KUDS01DJBL0
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01IJWH0
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBS0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS1
Whirlpool KUDR01TJWH0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS5
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS6
Whirlpool KUDI01TJBL0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS3
Whirlpool KUDS01IJBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01FKSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS6
Whirlpool KUDM01TJWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS2
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL2
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS2
Whirlpool KUDS01FLSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01FKSS1
Whirlpool KUDS02FRSS1
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBT0
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL6
Whirlpool KUDS02FRSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL3
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL1
Whirlpool KUDI01TJWH0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS1
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLSS5
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL6
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH6
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL1
Whirlpool KUDR01TJBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01DJSS1
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBS1
Whirlpool KUDS01IJBT0
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL0
Whirlpool KUDM01FKSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01IJAL0
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH1
Whirlpool KUDI02IRWH1
Whirlpool KUDL02FRSS0
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBL0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLSS5
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL2
Whirlpool KUDP02FRSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01DJWH0
Whirlpool KUDS01DLSS6
Whirlpool KUDS01IJBS1
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH3
Whirlpool KUDS01FLWH1
Whirlpool KUDS02FRBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH2
Whirlpool KUDM01TJWH1
Whirlpool KUDP02FRSS1
Whirlpool KUDS01DJSP0
Whirlpool KUDL02IRBS0
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBL0
Whirlpool KUDR01TJBT0
Whirlpool KUDS01DLSS3
Whirlpool KUDS01FKPA0
Whirlpool KUDI01TJWH1
Whirlpool KUDK01ILBS6
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH2
Whirlpool KUDS01DJSB0
Whirlpool KUDL01ILBS3
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBS2
Whirlpool KUDS01DLSS1
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBL0
Whirlpool KUDK01TKBL0
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBL1
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL5
Whirlpool KUDL02IRBS1
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBS1
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL0
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBL3
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBS6
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01DLSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01FKPA1
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBL3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL5
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH6
Whirlpool KUDS01DLBL1
Whirlpool KUDI01TJBL1
Whirlpool KUDI02CRBS1
Whirlpool KUDI02IRWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBS1
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS2
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL5
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBL1
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBL6
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBS2
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLWH3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH3
Whirlpool KUDI02FRSS0
Whirlpool KUDI02FRSS1
Whirlpool KUDL02IRBS2
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBS0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL2
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL6
Whirlpool KUDP01FLWH1
Whirlpool KUDP01FLWH3
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBS0
Whirlpool KUDP02FRBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01DLSS2
Whirlpool KUDS01DLWH3
Whirlpool KUDS01FLBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBS3
Whirlpool KUDS02SRSS0
Whirlpool KUDK01ILBS3
Whirlpool KUDK03FTSS0
Whirlpool KUDM01FKBL0
Whirlpool KUDM01FKSS1
Whirlpool KUDS01FLWH6
Whirlpool KUDS02FRSS2
Whirlpool KUDW02FRSS0
Whirlpool GU3600XTRY1
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBL1
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBL6
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBT2
Whirlpool KUDK02CRBS1
Whirlpool KUDM01TJBT1
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBL1
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBS3
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBL3
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBS1
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH5
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBL2
Whirlpool KUDS01DJBT0
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBS5
Whirlpool KUDS02SRSS1
Whirlpool KIDS01EKSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBL4
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH4
Whirlpool KUDI01ILWH5
Whirlpool KUDK01TKWH0
Whirlpool KUDK03FTSS2
Whirlpool KUDM01FKWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01ILWH1
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBS3
Whirlpool KUDS01DJSP1
Whirlpool KUDS01ILWH1
Whirlpool KUDS02FRWH1
Whirlpool GU2300XTKB0
Whirlpool GU3200XTPS3
Whirlpool KUDI01DLSS6
Whirlpool KUDI01FLBL6
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS1
Whirlpool KUDI01TJBT0
Whirlpool KUDI02IRBL1
Whirlpool KUDI02IRBS1
Whirlpool KUDI02IRWH4
Whirlpool KUDK01ILBS2
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBL6
Whirlpool KUDP01DLWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01FLWH0
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBS3
Whirlpool KUDP02CRBL3
Whirlpool KUDS01DLWH0
Whirlpool KUDS01FLWH5
Whirlpool GU3600XTSQ0
Whirlpool KUDC03FTSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBS6
Whirlpool KUDI01DLWH0
Whirlpool KUDI01FKBL0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLBL3
Whirlpool KUDI01FLWH2
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS5
Whirlpool KUDI02IRBL0
Whirlpool KUDK01TKBT0
Whirlpool KUDK03CTSS0
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBL2
Whirlpool KUDR01TJBT1
Whirlpool KUDR01TJWH1
Whirlpool KUDS01DLWH2
Whirlpool KUDS01FLWH0
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBL3
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBT1
Whirlpool KUDS02FRBL0
Whirlpool KUDS02FRSS3
Whirlpool KUDS02SRBL1
Whirlpool KUDS02SRBL2
Whirlpool KUDI01DLBS2
Whirlpool KUDI01FLBL2
Whirlpool KUDI02IRBL2
Whirlpool KUDI02IRWH3
Whirlpool KUDK02CRBS0
Whirlpool KUDL01ILBS6
Whirlpool KUDL02FRSS2
Whirlpool KUDM01FKWH1
Whirlpool KUDP01FLWH2
Whirlpool KUDP02FRBL1
Whirlpool KUDP02IRBS1
Whirlpool KUDP02SRSS0
Whirlpool KUDS01DJBL1
Whirlpool KUDS01ILWH2
Whirlpool KUDS01ILWH6
Whirlpool KUDS02SRWH0
Whirlpool GU3200XTPB0
Whirlpool KUDC02IRBL0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLWH0
Whirlpool KUDI01FLWH3
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS4
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBT6
Whirlpool KUDI02IRWH2
Whirlpool KUDK03ITWH1
Whirlpool KUDL01ILBS0
Whirlpool KUDL01ILBS5
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBL3
Whirlpool KUDP01DLBT3
Whirlpool KUDP01FLBT0
Whirlpool KUDP01ILBT3
Whirlpool KUDP02CRWH0
Whirlpool KUDP02FRSS2
Whirlpool KUDP02IRWH1
Whirlpool KUDP02SRBL0
Whirlpool KUDS01IJBT1
Whirlpool KUDS01ILBT2
Whirlpool KUDS01ILWH3
Whirlpool KUDS02SRBL0
Whirlpool KUDS02SRSS2
Whirlpool KUDS02SRWH1
Whirlpool GU3600XTSY0
Whirlpool KUDA03CTBS0
Whirlpool KUDI01DLWH3
Whirlpool KUDI01FKSS0
Whirlpool KUDI01FKSS1
Whirlpool KUDI01FLBL1
Whirlpool KUDI01ILBS6

90 Day Limited Warranty

1 Review

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    8294001/dish washer door balance kit

    Posted by Renato Manuel on Sep 4th 2019

    It’s so easy to install.

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