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  • 8205676 | Whirlpool Microwave Cooking Tray
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8205676 | Whirlpool Microwave Cooking Tray

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$74.15 $55.75
SKU: 8205676

Cooking tray used on some KitchenAid and Whirlpool microwave models.

Directly Replaces: 8205676, AP3918913, 1177559, 4375343, 4375405, 4455915, 4455919, 8205540.


  • Approx. 16" Diameter.
  • Clear.
  • Glass.

8205676 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Whirlpool GMC275PDB4
Whirlpool GMC275PDQ07
Whirlpool GMC275PDQ4
Whirlpool GMC275PDS4
Whirlpool GMC275PDT07
Whirlpool GMC275PDT08
Whirlpool GMC275PDT6
Whirlpool GMC305PDB0
Whirlpool GMC305PDB07
Whirlpool GMC305PDB08
Whirlpool GMC305PRB01
Whirlpool GSC308PRS01
Whirlpool GSC309PVB00
KitchenAid KBHC109JBL0
KitchenAid KBHC109JBL03
KitchenAid KBHC109JBL04
KitchenAid KBHC109JBL05
KitchenAid KBHC109JBT0
KitchenAid KBHC109JBT03
KitchenAid KBHC109JSS0
KitchenAid KBHC109JSS03
KitchenAid KBHC109JSS04
KitchenAid KBHC109JSS05
KitchenAid KBHC109JWH0
KitchenAid KBHC109JWH03
KitchenAid KBHC109JWH05
KitchenAid KBMC140HSS05
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL0
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL05
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL06
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL07
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL08
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL2
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL3
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL4
KitchenAid KEHC309JBL5
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT0
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT05
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT06
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT07
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT08
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT2
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT3
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT4
KitchenAid KEHC309JBT5
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS0
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS05
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS06
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS07
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS08
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS2
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS3
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS4
KitchenAid KEHC309JSS5
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH0
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH05
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH06
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH07
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH08
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH2
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH3
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH4
KitchenAid KEHC309JWH5
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL05
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL06
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL07
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL08
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL3
KitchenAid KEHC379JBL4
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT05
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT06
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT07
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT08
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT3
KitchenAid KEHC379JBT4
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS05
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS06
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS07
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS08
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS3
KitchenAid KEHC379JSS4
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH0
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH05
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH06
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH07
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH08
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH3
KitchenAid KEHC379JWH4
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS00
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS02
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS03
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS04
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS05
KitchenAid KEHU309SSS06
KitchenAid KEHV309PMT00
KitchenAid KEHV309PMT02
KitchenAid KEHV309PSS00
KitchenAid KEHV309PSS02
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL0
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL01
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL02
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL03
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL04
KitchenAid KEMC307KBL05
KitchenAid KEMC307KBS0
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT0
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT01
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT02
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT03
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT04
KitchenAid KEMC307KBT05
KitchenAid KEMC307KSS02
KitchenAid KEMC307KSS03
KitchenAid KEMC307KSS04
KitchenAid KEMC307KSS05
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH0
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH01
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH02
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH03
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH04
KitchenAid KEMC307KWH05
KitchenAid KEMC308HBL0
KitchenAid KEMC308HBL1
KitchenAid KEMC308HBL2
KitchenAid KEMC308HBL3
KitchenAid KEMC308HBT0
KitchenAid KEMC308HBT1
KitchenAid KEMC308HBT2
KitchenAid KEMC308HBT3
KitchenAid KEMC308HWH0
KitchenAid KEMC308HWH1
KitchenAid KEMC308HWH2
KitchenAid KEMC308HWH3
KitchenAid KEMC308KBL0
KitchenAid KEMC308KBL01
KitchenAid KEMC308KBL02
KitchenAid KEMC308KBL03
KitchenAid KEMC308KBL04
KitchenAid KEMC308KBT0
KitchenAid KEMC308KBT01
KitchenAid KEMC308KBT02
KitchenAid KEMC308KBT03
KitchenAid KEMC308KSS0
KitchenAid KEMC308KSS02
KitchenAid KEMC308KWH0
KitchenAid KEMC377KBL0
KitchenAid KEMC377KBS0
KitchenAid KEMC377KBT0
KitchenAid KEMC377KWH0
KitchenAid KEMC378HBL0
KitchenAid KEMC378HBL1
KitchenAid KEMC378HBL2
KitchenAid KEMC378HBL3
KitchenAid KEMC378HBT0
KitchenAid KEMC378HBT1
KitchenAid KEMC378HBT2
KitchenAid KEMC378HBT3
KitchenAid KEMC378HWH0
KitchenAid KEMC378HWH1
KitchenAid KEMC378HWH2
KitchenAid KEMC378HWH3
KitchenAid KEMC378KBL0
KitchenAid KEMC378KBL02
KitchenAid KEMC378KBL03
KitchenAid KEMC378KBL04
KitchenAid KEMC378KBT0
KitchenAid KEMC378KBT01
KitchenAid KEMC378KBT02
KitchenAid KEMC378KBT03
KitchenAid KEMC378KBT04
KitchenAid KEMC378KSS0
KitchenAid KEMC378KSS01
KitchenAid KEMC378KSS02
KitchenAid KEMC378KSS03
KitchenAid KEMC378KSS04
KitchenAid KEMC378KWH0
KitchenAid KEMC378KWH01
KitchenAid KEMC378KWH02
KitchenAid KEMC378KWH03
KitchenAid KEMC378KWH04
KitchenAid KEMI301GBL0
KitchenAid KEMI301GWH0
KitchenAid KEMI371GBL0
KitchenAid KEMI371GWH0
KitchenAid KEMS309BSS00
KitchenAid KEMS377DWH4
KitchenAid KEMS378SSS04
Whirlpool RMC275PDB1
Whirlpool RMC275PDB4
Whirlpool RMC275PDQ1
Whirlpool RMC275PDQ2
Whirlpool RMC275PDQ4
Whirlpool RMC275PVB00
Whirlpool RMC275PVB01
Whirlpool RMC275PVQ00
Whirlpool RMC275PVQ01
Whirlpool RMC275PVS00
Whirlpool RMC275PVS01
Whirlpool RMC275PVT00
Whirlpool RMC275PVT01
Whirlpool RMC305PDB1
Whirlpool RMC305PDB2
Whirlpool RMC305PDB4
Whirlpool RMC305PDQ1
Whirlpool RMC305PDQ2
Whirlpool RMC305PDQ4
Whirlpool RMC305PDZ1
Whirlpool RMC305PDZ2
Whirlpool RMC305PDZ4
Whirlpool RMC305PVB00
Whirlpool RMC305PVB01
Whirlpool RMC305PVQ00
Whirlpool RMC305PVQ01
Whirlpool RMC305PVS00
Whirlpool RMC305PVT00
Whirlpool RMC305PVT01
Whirlpool YGSC308PJB0
Whirlpool YGSC308PJB2
Whirlpool YGSC308PJQ0
Whirlpool YGSC308PJQ2

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. It's a microwave cooking turntable.....

    Posted by Dennis on Aug 24th 2017

    Looks exactly the same as what was originally in my microwave (but without the big chip on the edge), a little lighter in weight - which may actually be a good thing, assuming it holds up. Could not tell if this was "OEM", or not - doesn't matter if it holds up, which it looks like it will. I am impressed that Appliance Zone had this, sent it on time, sent the right thing and asked my opinion. I will be using Appliance Zone again - probably for those darn expensive refrigerator water dispenser filters.

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