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  • 8273994 | Whirlpool Range Surface Element
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8273994 | Whirlpool Range Surface Element

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SKU: 8273994

Surface element used on some Amana, Ikea, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool range models.

Directly Replaces: WP8273994, 8273994, AP3045954, 831369, AH393906, EA393906, PS393906.


  • Approx. 6.5" Diameter.
  • 1200 watts.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool G7CE3034XB00
Whirlpool G7CE3034XC00
Whirlpool G7CE3034XP00
Whirlpool G7CE3034XS00
Whirlpool G7CE3055XB00
Whirlpool G7CE3055XS00
Whirlpool G7CE3635XB00
Whirlpool G7CE3635XB01
Whirlpool G7CE3635XP00
Whirlpool G7CE3635XP01
Whirlpool G7CE3635XS00
Whirlpool G7CE3635XS01
Whirlpool G7CE3655XB00
Whirlpool G7CE3655XB01
Whirlpool G7CE3655XS00
Whirlpool G7CE3655XS01
Whirlpool G9CE3065XB00
Whirlpool G9CE3065XS00
Whirlpool G9CE3074XB00
Whirlpool G9CE3074XS00
Whirlpool G9CE3675XB00
Whirlpool G9CE3675XS00
Whirlpool GGE388LXB00
Whirlpool GGE388LXB01
Whirlpool GGE388LXB02
Whirlpool RF262LXSB1
Whirlpool RF262LXSB2
Whirlpool RF262LXSB3
Whirlpool RF262LXSB4
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ2
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ3
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ4
Whirlpool RF262LXST1
Whirlpool RF262LXST2
Whirlpool RF262LXST3
Whirlpool RF262LXST4
Whirlpool RF262LXSW1
Whirlpool MER6775BAB17
Whirlpool MER6775BAF17
Whirlpool MER6775BAN17
Whirlpool MER6775BAS18
Whirlpool MER6775BCB17
Whirlpool MER6775BCS17
Whirlpool MER6775BCW17
Whirlpool MER6875BAB17
Whirlpool MER6875BAF17
Whirlpool MER6875BAS18
Whirlpool MER6875BCB17
Whirlpool MER6875BCS17
Whirlpool MER7662WB0
Whirlpool MER7662WB1
Whirlpool MER7662WB2
Whirlpool MER7662WB3
Whirlpool MER7662WQ1
Whirlpool MER7662WQ2
Whirlpool MER7662WQ3
Whirlpool MER7662WS0
Whirlpool MER7662WS1
Whirlpool MER7662WS2
Whirlpool MER7662WS3
Whirlpool MER7662WT0
Whirlpool MER7662WW0
Whirlpool MER7662WW1
Whirlpool MER7662WW2
Whirlpool MER7662WW3
Whirlpool RF272LXTD0
Whirlpool RF265LXTB0
Whirlpool RF265LXTB1
Whirlpool RF265LXTB2
Whirlpool RF265LXTB3
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ0
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ1
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ2
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ3
Whirlpool RF265LXTS0
Whirlpool RF265LXTS1
Whirlpool RF265LXTS2
Whirlpool RF265LXTS3
Whirlpool RF265LXTT0
Whirlpool RF265LXTT1
Whirlpool RF265LXTT2
Whirlpool RF265LXTT3
Whirlpool RF265LXTY0
Whirlpool RF265LXTY1
Whirlpool RF265LXTY2
Whirlpool RF265LXTY3
Whirlpool RF362LXTB1
Whirlpool RF362LXTQ1
Whirlpool RF362LXTS1
Whirlpool RF362LXTT1
Whirlpool RF362LXSB0
Whirlpool RF362LXSB1
Whirlpool RF362LXSQ0
Whirlpool RF362LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF362LXSS0
Whirlpool RF362LXSS1
Whirlpool RF362LXST0
Whirlpool RF362LXST1
Whirlpool GFE461LVB0
Whirlpool GFE461LVB1
Whirlpool GFE461LVQ0
Whirlpool GFE461LVQ1
Whirlpool GFE461LVS0
Whirlpool GFE461LVS1
Whirlpool GFE461LVT0
Whirlpool GFE461LVT1
Whirlpool AER5822VAB0
Whirlpool AER5822VAD0
Whirlpool AER5822VAS0
Whirlpool AER5822VAW0
Whirlpool AER5830VAB0
Whirlpool AER5830VAD0
Whirlpool AER5830VAS0
Whirlpool AER5830VAW0
Whirlpool AER5844VAB0
Whirlpool AER5844VAD0
Whirlpool AER5844VAS0
Whirlpool AER5844VAW0
Whirlpool MER6741BAB17
Whirlpool MER6741BAW17
Whirlpool KERS205TBL4
Whirlpool KERS205TBL5
Whirlpool KERS205TBT4
Whirlpool KERS205TSS4
Whirlpool KERS205TSS5
Whirlpool KERS205TWH4
Whirlpool KERS205TWH5
Whirlpool MER6757BAB14
Whirlpool MER6757BAQ14
Whirlpool MER6757BAW14
Whirlpool RF386PXGB3
Whirlpool RF386PXGN3
Whirlpool RF386PXGQ3
Whirlpool RF386PXGT3
Whirlpool RF386PXGW3
Whirlpool RF386PXGZ3
Whirlpool GGE350LWB00
Whirlpool GGE350LWQ00
Whirlpool GGE350LWS00
Whirlpool MER6755AAB24
Whirlpool JES9800CAB01
Whirlpool JES9800CAF01
Whirlpool AER5822VCB0
Whirlpool AER5822VCS0
Whirlpool AER5822VCW0
Whirlpool MER6757BAS15
Whirlpool YGFE461LVB1
Whirlpool YGFE461LVQ1
Whirlpool YGFE461LVS1
Whirlpool YGFE471LVQ1
Whirlpool YGFE471LVS1
Whirlpool MES5752BAB16
Whirlpool MES5752BAW16
Whirlpool MER6875BCW17
Whirlpool AER5830VAB1
Whirlpool AER5830VAD1
Whirlpool AER5830VAS1
Whirlpool AER5830VAW1
Whirlpool MER6765BAB17
Whirlpool MER6765BAQ17
Whirlpool MER6765BAW17
Whirlpool MER6755AAS26
Whirlpool MER6755ACS26
Whirlpool MER6741BAS17
Whirlpool MER6751AAB23
Whirlpool YKERA205PB6
Whirlpool YKERA205PS6
Whirlpool YKERA205PW6
Whirlpool MER6757BAB15
Whirlpool MER6757BAQ15
Whirlpool MER6757BAW15
Whirlpool ISE630WS01
Whirlpool YISE630WS01
Whirlpool GY399LXUB03
Whirlpool GY399LXUS03
Whirlpool YGY399LXUB04
Whirlpool YGY399LXUS04
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ0
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ1
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ2
Whirlpool RF272LXTD3
Whirlpool RF367LXSB1
Whirlpool RF367LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF367LXSS1
Whirlpool RF367LXSY1
Whirlpool JES9800CAR01
Whirlpool JES9800CAS02
Whirlpool MER6755AAQ25
Whirlpool MER6755AAW25
Whirlpool MER6755ABW25
Whirlpool RF362LXTB0
Whirlpool RF362LXTQ0
Whirlpool RF362LXTS0
Whirlpool RF362LXTT0
Whirlpool RF362LXTY0
Whirlpool RF462LXSB1
Whirlpool RF462LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF462LXSS1
Whirlpool RF462LXST1
Whirlpool GY397LXUB03
Whirlpool GY397LXUS03
Whirlpool JED3430WB00
Whirlpool JED3430WB01
Whirlpool JED3430WF00
Whirlpool JED3430WF01
Whirlpool JED3430WS00
Whirlpool JED3430WS01
Whirlpool MER7775WB2
Whirlpool MER7775WS2
Whirlpool MER7775WW2
Whirlpool MET8665XB00
Whirlpool MET8665XB01
Whirlpool MET8665XS00
Whirlpool MET8665XS01
Whirlpool JES8860CCS02
Whirlpool JES8850CAB01
Whirlpool JES8850CAF01
Whirlpool JES8850CAS01
Whirlpool JES8850CAS02
Whirlpool MER6751AAW24
Whirlpool KERA205PBL2
Whirlpool KERA205PBL3
Whirlpool KERA205PBL4
Whirlpool KERA205PBL5
Whirlpool KERA205PBT2
Whirlpool KERA205PBT3
Whirlpool KERA205PBT4
Whirlpool KERA205PBT5
Whirlpool KERA205PSS2
Whirlpool KERA205PSS3
Whirlpool KERA205PSS4
Whirlpool KERA205PSS5
Whirlpool KERA205PWH2
Whirlpool KERA205PWH3
Whirlpool KERA205PWH4
Whirlpool KERA205PWH5
Whirlpool GY397LXUQ04
Whirlpool GY399LXUQ05
Whirlpool YGY397LXUQ05
Whirlpool YGY399LXUQ06
Whirlpool JED4536WB00
Whirlpool JED4536WB01
Whirlpool JED4536WR00
Whirlpool JED4536WR01
Whirlpool JED4536WS00
Whirlpool JED4536WS01
Whirlpool JED3536WB00

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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