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  • 93524 TJ93524 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter
  • 93524 TJ93524 grid

93524 | Air Conditioner Universal Cut-to-Fit Foam Filter (15" x 24")

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SKU: 93524

Filter used on some Frigidaire, Kenmore, Mars, and Whirlpool air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 93524, TJ93524, AP5638868, 5303320285, 00640403, 00640690, 00640722, 05875207, 06571941, 06574758, 06575236, 06575907, 06575999, 06576114, 06576184, 06577778, 06577798, 06577863, 06592508, 06592574, 06592784, 06593180, 06595713, 08003044, 08006431, 08007210, 08007211, 08007564, 08007664, 08009019, 08009020, 08047439, 1777, 3011808, 684B676H01, 684B676H02, 684B676H03, 684B676H05, 684B707H01, 7777, 93524, A000124803, A000124804, AK500, AK500AB, CYU, DG145392, FF1524, G145332-38, G145332-40, G145392, KK500, N84B676H06.


  • Approx. 24"L x 15"W.
  • Cut-to-fit foam filter.

93524 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Frigidaire 2538710750
Frigidaire 2538765074
Frigidaire 2538781210
Frigidaire 2538783081
Frigidaire 2538783111
Frigidaire 2538784111
Frigidaire 2538790750
Frigidaire 2538791830
Frigidaire 2538791831
Frigidaire 2538791832
Frigidaire 2538791833
Frigidaire 2538794110
Frigidaire 2539368701
Frigidaire 2539368781
Frigidaire 2539710820
Frigidaire 2539710822
Frigidaire 2539725080
Frigidaire 2539755080
Whirlpool 5050A
Whirlpool 5070A
Whirlpool 5100A
Whirlpool 5107B
Whirlpool 5117A
Whirlpool 5118A
Whirlpool 5145001
Whirlpool 5159B
Whirlpool 5180004
Whirlpool 5180004A
Whirlpool 5243000
Whirlpool 5244001A
Whirlpool 5277A
Whirlpool 5330A
Whirlpool 5499B
Whirlpool 5559B
Whirlpool 5565B
Whirlpool 5601A
Whirlpool 5607B
Whirlpool 5610A
Whirlpool 5629A
Whirlpool 5630A
Whirlpool 5640A
Whirlpool 5650A
Whirlpool 5695A
Whirlpool 5HA501
Whirlpool 5HA501B
Whirlpool 6HA601A
Whirlpool 6HA601C
Whirlpool 7HA701A
Whirlpool 7HA701B
Whirlpool 7HA702
Whirlpool 8HA801
Whirlpool 8HA80B
Whirlpool A04LE2F1
Whirlpool A05LE2E7
Whirlpool A05LE2N1
Whirlpool A05LS1N1
Whirlpool A06LE2K1
Whirlpool A06LE2L1
Whirlpool A06LE2N1
Whirlpool A08LE2E1
Whirlpool A08LE2E2
Whirlpool A08LE2N1
Whirlpool A08LE2N2
Whirlpool A08ME2E3
Whirlpool A08ME2E4
Whirlpool AC041K7Z1
Whirlpool AC042J7A1
Whirlpool AC042L7A1
Whirlpool AC043J7A1
Whirlpool AC043J7A2
Whirlpool AC043L7A1
Whirlpool AC051N7Z1
Whirlpool AC052M7A1
Whirlpool AC052M7A2
Whirlpool AC052N7A2
Whirlpool AC052N7A9
Whirlpool AC052P7A2
Whirlpool AC053K7A2
Whirlpool AC053L7A1
Whirlpool AC053L7A2
Whirlpool AC053L7A3
Whirlpool AC053M7A1
Whirlpool AC054L7A1
Whirlpool AC056H7A1
Whirlpool AC056N7A1
Whirlpool AC057L7A1
Whirlpool AC057N7A1
Whirlpool AC058J7B1
Whirlpool AC059K7B1
Whirlpool AC062N7A1
Whirlpool AC064L7A2
Whirlpool AC064L7A5
Whirlpool AC064M7A1
Whirlpool AC065J7A1
Whirlpool AC066N7A1
Whirlpool AC067H7A1
Whirlpool AC067R7A1
Whirlpool AC068J7B1
Whirlpool AC06EH7Z1
Whirlpool AC079J7B1
Whirlpool AC082N7A1
Whirlpool AC083J1A1
Whirlpool AC083L1A1
Whirlpool AC083L1A2
Whirlpool AC086N7A1
Whirlpool AC088J7B1
Whirlpool AC089H1A1
Whirlpool AC089H1A2
Whirlpool AC08EJ1A1
Whirlpool AC08EK7A1
Whirlpool AC08EL1A1
Whirlpool ACO59J7B1
Whirlpool AH064J7T1
Whirlpool AH064J7T2
Whirlpool AH066N7T1
Whirlpool AH066P7T1
Whirlpool AH074K7T2
Whirlpool AH074K7T3
Whirlpool AH084J1T1
Whirlpool AH084J1T2
Whirlpool AH084J1T3
Whirlpool AH084K2T1
Whirlpool AH085J7T1
Whirlpool AH085J7T2
Whirlpool AH085J7T3
Whirlpool AH086N7T1
Whirlpool AH094H2T1
Whirlpool AH094J2T1
Whirlpool AH094J2T2
Whirlpool AH094J2T3
Whirlpool AH095H2T1
Whirlpool AH095J2T1
Whirlpool AH095J2T2
Whirlpool AH095J2T3
Whirlpool AH095L2T1
Whirlpool AH096N2T1
Whirlpool AH09EH2T1
Whirlpool AH09EH2T2
Whirlpool AH09EJ2T1
Whirlpool AH09EL2T1
Whirlpool AH09EN2T1
Whirlpool AH103L1T1
Whirlpool AH114J1T1
Whirlpool AH114J1T2
Whirlpool AH114J1T3
Whirlpool AH116N1T1
Whirlpool AH117N2T1
Whirlpool AH11EN2T1
Whirlpool AH11EP2T1
Whirlpool AH124J2T1
Whirlpool AH124J2T2
Whirlpool AH124K2T1
Whirlpool AH125L2T1
Whirlpool AH127J2A2
Whirlpool AH12E2T1
Whirlpool AH12EL2T1
Whirlpool AH144G2T1
Whirlpool AH147G2T1
Whirlpool AH153K2A1
Whirlpool AH154J2T1
Whirlpool AH154J2T2
Whirlpool AH154K2T1
Whirlpool AH154L2T1
Whirlpool AH157J2A2
Whirlpool AH15EJ2T1
Whirlpool AH15EJ2T2
Whirlpool AH15EL2T1
Whirlpool AJ10E4TSBA
Whirlpool AJ10E5TSBA
Whirlpool AJ10E7TSBA
Whirlpool AK067J7V1
Whirlpool AK087J7V1
Whirlpool AK09B6ERBA
Whirlpool AK09B6ERBB
Whirlpool AK09B6ERBC
Whirlpool AK107J1V1
Whirlpool AK12E7RRBB
Whirlpool AK13C6ERBB
Whirlpool AK13C6ESBA
Whirlpool AK13C6ESBB
Whirlpool AK13E7RTBA
Whirlpool AK13E8RRBA
Whirlpool AK16E6RRBA
Whirlpool AK16E6RSBA
Whirlpool AK18E2NVA
Whirlpool AK18E2RWA
Whirlpool AK18E2RZA
Whirlpool AK18E4RRBC
Whirlpool AK18E4RTBA
Whirlpool AK18E4RVA
Whirlpool AK18E5RWA
Whirlpool AK18E6RSBA
Whirlpool AK18E6RTBA
Whirlpool AK18E7RRBB
Whirlpool AK18E7RTBA
Whirlpool AK18E7RVA
Whirlpool AK20E6RRBB
Whirlpool AK21E4RTBA
Whirlpool AK22E4RVA
Whirlpool AK22E5RWA
Whirlpool AL04A2NVA
Whirlpool AL05A2RRBB
Whirlpool AL05A2RWA
Whirlpool AL05A2RWG
Whirlpool AL05A2RYA
Whirlpool AL05A4ERBA
Whirlpool AL05A4ESBA
Whirlpool AL05A4ESBB
Whirlpool AL05A4EVA
Whirlpool AL05A4EVG
Whirlpool AL05A5EVA
Whirlpool AL05A5EWA
Whirlpool AL05A6ERBA
Whirlpool AL05A6ESBA
Whirlpool AL05A6ESBB
Whirlpool AL06A4EVA
Whirlpool AL06A5EWA
Whirlpool AL06A6ETBA
Whirlpool AL08B4EVA
Whirlpool AL08B4EVB
Whirlpool AL08B5EWA
Whirlpool AL08C4ESBA
Whirlpool AL08C4EVA
Whirlpool AL08C4EVA1
Whirlpool AL08C4EVB
Whirlpool AL08C7EVA
Whirlpool AL095M1A1
Whirlpool AL095M1A2
Whirlpool AL095N1A1
Whirlpool AL097H1A1
Whirlpool AL097L1A1
Whirlpool AL097L1A3
Whirlpool AL099J1A1
Whirlpool AL099J1A2
Whirlpool AL106N1A1
Whirlpool AL106N1A2
Whirlpool AL112M1A1
Whirlpool AL112M1A2
Whirlpool AL113J1A1
Whirlpool AL113J1A2
Whirlpool AL113K1A2
Whirlpool AL113L1A1
Whirlpool AL113L1A2
Whirlpool AL113M1A1
Whirlpool AL113M1A2
Whirlpool AL117R1A1
Whirlpool AL119J1A1
Whirlpool AL119J1A2
Whirlpool AL119J1A7
Whirlpool AL125M1A1
Whirlpool AL125N1A1
Whirlpool AL183J2A1
Whirlpool AL183J2A2
Whirlpool AL183J2A3
Whirlpool AM08B4ERBA
Whirlpool AM08B4ESBA

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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