9704204 | Whirlpool Blender Gasket

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Sku:  9704204
Condition:  New
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Gasket used on some Whirlpool blender models.

Directly Replaces: WP9704204, 9704204, AP3124176, 831716, 9701859, AH401653, EA401653, PS401653.


  • Approx. 3" Diameter.
  • Black.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 4KSB5BK4
Whirlpool 4KSB5BU4
Whirlpool 4KSB5CR4
Whirlpool 4KSB5ER4
Whirlpool 4KSB5GN4
Whirlpool 4KSB5MC4
Whirlpool 4KSB5MY4
Whirlpool 4KSB5OB4
Whirlpool 4KSB5PK4
Whirlpool 4KSB5SSOB
Whirlpool 4KSB5TG4
Whirlpool 4KSB5WH4
Whirlpool 4KSB5WW4
Whirlpool 5KSB52-4
Whirlpool KSB3-4
Whirlpool KSB5-4
Whirlpool KSB5AC4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AAC4
Whirlpool 5KSB52ABU4
Whirlpool 5KSB52ACR4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AER4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AGR4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AMC4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AMY4
Whirlpool 5KSB52ANK4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AOB4
Whirlpool 5KSB52APK4
Whirlpool 5KSB52ATG4
Whirlpool 5KSB52AWH4
Whirlpool KSB5BK4
Whirlpool KSB5BU4
Whirlpool KSB5CP4
Whirlpool KSB5CR4
Whirlpool KSB5ER4
Whirlpool KSB5GN4
Whirlpool KSB5GR4
Whirlpool KSB5MC4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BAC4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BAC5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BBU4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BBU5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BER4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BER5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BGR4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BGR5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BMY4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BMY5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BNK4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BNK5
Whirlpool 5KSB52BWH4
Whirlpool KSB5MY4
Whirlpool KSB5NK4
Whirlpool KSB5OB4
Whirlpool KSB5PK4
Whirlpool KSB5TG4
Whirlpool KSB5WW4
Whirlpool 5KSB52BOB4
Whirlpool KSB5
KitchenAid KSB5(DUP)
KitchenAid KSB5WH3
KitchenAid 5KSB52BOB5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BPM5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BWH4
KitchenAid KSB5AC4
KitchenAid KSB5BK4
KitchenAid KSB5BU4
KitchenAid KSB5CP4
KitchenAid KSB5CR4
KitchenAid KSB5ER4
KitchenAid KSB5GN4
KitchenAid KSB5GR4
KitchenAid KSB5MC4
KitchenAid KSB5MY4
KitchenAid KSB5NK4
KitchenAid KSB5OB4
KitchenAid KSB5PK4
KitchenAid KSB5TG4
KitchenAid KSB5WW4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BWH5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EAC4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EAC5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EBU4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EBU5
KitchenAid 5KSB52ECR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ECR5
KitchenAid 5KSB52ECV5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EGR5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EMY4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EMY5
KitchenAid 5KSB52ENK4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ENK5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EOB4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EOB5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EPM5
KitchenAid 5KSB52ETG5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EWH4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EWH5
KitchenAid 5KSB52SBU4
KitchenAid 5KSB52SBU5
KitchenAid 5KSB52SER4
KitchenAid 5KSB52SER5
KitchenAid 5KSB52SGR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52SGR5
KitchenAid 5KSB52SOB4
KitchenAid 5KSB52SOB5
KitchenAid 5KSB52SWH4
KitchenAid 5KSB52SWH5
KitchenAid KSB-5
KitchenAid KSB5WH4
KitchenAid KSB5SSOB4
KitchenAid KSB5-3
KitchenAid KSB5SSBK4
KitchenAid KSB5SSWH4
KitchenAid KSB5-4
KitchenAid KSB3-4
KitchenAid KSB3-3
KitchenAid KSB53
KitchenAid KSB5SS-4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ANK4
KitchenAid KSB5SSMW4
KitchenAid 5KSB5-4
KitchenAid 5KSB52-4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AMC4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AOB4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BMY4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EER4
KitchenAid 5KSB52EER5
KitchenAid 5KSB52EGR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ETG4
KitchenAid KSB33
KitchenAid 4KSB5SSOB
KitchenAid 5KSB52AAC4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ABU4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ACR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AER4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AGR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AMY4
KitchenAid 5KSB52APK4
KitchenAid 5KSB52ATG4
KitchenAid 5KSB52AWH4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BAC4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BAC5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BBU4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BBU5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BER4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BER5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BGR4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BGR5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BMY5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BNK4
KitchenAid 5KSB52BNK5
KitchenAid 5KSB52BOB4

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