9871799 | Whirlpool Trash Compactor Control Knob

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Sku:  9871799
Condition:  New
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Control knob used on some Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool trash compactor models.

Directly Replaces: WP9871799, 9871799, AP3081041, 905097, AH405408, EA405408, PS405408.


  • Approx. 1.5" Diameter.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool KCCC151JBL0
Whirlpool KCCC151JBL1
Whirlpool KCCC151JWH0
Whirlpool KCCC151JWH1
Whirlpool KFCK03ITWH0
Whirlpool KUCC151JBL1
Whirlpool KUCC151JBS1
Whirlpool KUCC151JBT1
Whirlpool KUCC151JSS1
Whirlpool KUCC151JWH1
Whirlpool KUCS02CRBL0
Whirlpool KUCS02CRBL1
Whirlpool KUCS02CRSS0
Whirlpool KUCS02CRSS1
Whirlpool KUCS02CRWH0
Whirlpool KUCS02CRWH1
Whirlpool KFCK03ITWH1
Whirlpool KFCP02IRWH0
Whirlpool KFCP02IRWH1
Whirlpool KUCC151JAL0
Whirlpool KUCC151JBL0
Whirlpool KUCC151JBS0
Whirlpool KUCC151JBT0
Whirlpool KUCC151JSS0
Whirlpool KUCC151JWH0
Whirlpool KUCS03CTBL0
Whirlpool KUCS03CTBL1
Whirlpool KUCS03CTBL2
Whirlpool KUCS03CTSS0
Whirlpool KUCS03CTSS1
Whirlpool KUCS03CTSS2
Whirlpool KUCS03CTWH0
Whirlpool KUCS03CTWH1
Whirlpool KUCS03CTWH2
Whirlpool MTUC7000AWB2
Whirlpool MTUC7000AWS2
Whirlpool MTUC7000AWW2
Whirlpool 66513612101
Whirlpool 66513612102
Whirlpool 66513613101
Whirlpool 66513613102
Whirlpool 66513614101
Whirlpool 66513614102
Whirlpool 66513619101
Whirlpool 66513619102
Whirlpool 66513619100
Whirlpool 66513612100
Whirlpool 66513613100
Whirlpool 66513614100
KitchenAid KCCC151JBL1
KitchenAid KUCS03CTBL2
KitchenAid KUCS03CTSS2
KitchenAid KUCS03CTWH2
KitchenAid KUCC151JBL0
KitchenAid KUCC151JSS0
KitchenAid KUCC151JWH0
KitchenAid KUCC151JBS0
KitchenAid KUCS03CTSS0
KitchenAid KCCC151JWH0
KitchenAid KUCC151JSS1
KitchenAid KUCC151JBL1
KitchenAid KUCC151JBT0
KitchenAid KUCS03CTBL0
KitchenAid KCCC151JBL0
KitchenAid KUCS02CRSS1
KitchenAid KUCC151JBS1
KitchenAid KUCS03CTWH0
KitchenAid KFCK03ITWH0
KitchenAid KUCC151JWH1
KitchenAid KUCS02CRBL1
KitchenAid KUCS02CRSS0
KitchenAid KUCS02CRWH0
KitchenAid KUCS02CRWH1
KitchenAid KCCC151JWH1
KitchenAid KFCP02IRWH0
KitchenAid KFCP02IRWH1
KitchenAid KUCC151JAL0
KitchenAid KUCC151JBT1
KitchenAid KUCS02CRBL0
KitchenAid KFCK03ITWH1
KitchenAid KUCS03CTBL1
KitchenAid KUCS03CTSS1
KitchenAid KUCS03CTWH1

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