Maytag Refrigerator Frost Build Up In Freezer

Posted by ApplianceZone.Com on Sep 2nd 2019

A very common issue with frost free refrigerators especially in the summer months is ice build up or frost in the freezer section, normally on the back panel. Frost free refrigerators are not suppose … read more

Hard to wash stains? Here's how to get them out!

Posted by Appliance Zone on Jun 5th 2017

Hard set-stubborn stains are very difficult to remove. They can ruin your favorite clothes and if you don’t treat them the right way, they can become permanent.Why Pretreatment?Different kinds of st … read more

Tips on How to Drain Your Refrigerator

Oct 9th 2016

Shut Off the Electrical SupplyBefore carrying out any repair work to an electrical appliance, it is essential to shut off the power first. Your refrigerator will contain a capacitor which stores elect … read more

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