A Brief History of Whirlpool

A Brief History of Whirlpool

Apr 29th 2016

A Brief History of Whirlpool Whirlpool, Inc. is an American manufacturer which plays a key role in the home appliance market. The group has eight major facilities for manufacturing, located in Iow … read more

Speed Queen Appliances - The History

Apr 12th 2016

A Brief History of Speed Queen Appliances Speed Queen is an American manufacturer of large appliances. Based in Ripon, Wisconsin, this company is a subsidiary of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, mean … read more
A Brief History of Frigidaire

A Brief History of Frigidaire

Mar 18th 2016

A Brief History of Frigidaire The group Frigidaire originated in 1918 with the acquisition of Guardian Frigerator Company by General Motors. The name change was just the first of many large change … read more

Tips On Getting Your Freezer Clean

Mar 15th 2016

How to Clean Your FreezerCleaning the freezer is usually pretty far down the list of kitchen tasks – after all, it pretty much takes care of itself, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly! If you’ve ever sp … read more

How to Get Your Blender Clean: A Cheat Sheet

Mar 4th 2016

How to Clean a BlenderEverybody loves smoothies. Who could resist the creamy blend of fresh fruit, juice, yogurt, and ice? What NO ONE enjoys is trying to clean up afterwards. Glass and plastic jar … read more

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