Hard to wash stains? Here's how to get them out!

Posted by Appliance Zone on Jun 5th 2017

Hard set-stubborn stains are very difficult to remove. They can ruin your favorite clothes and if you don’t treat them the right way, they can become permanent.

Why Pretreatment?

Different kinds of stains require different kind of treatment methods. The best thing you can do is pretreat them and properly at that. If you do not pretreat them, that quick washer and dryer trip could make that stain set in for good!

Listed below are the some of the most common and hard stains with their pretreatment methods:

Protein Stains:

Protein stains are organic in nature and include dairy products, ice-cream, blood, vomit and mud stains. They need to be treated with alkaline stain removal solutions. They can harden when exposed to hard water. Enzyme presoak products break down proteins. Before washing, soak protein stains in cold water for half hour.

Oily Stains:

Lipsticks, salad dressings and your neck create oily stains on the clothing. You need to apply liquid detergent directly to the soiled area to get rid of oily stains. Let it rest for 15 minutes before washing. The detergent would help to soften the stain so that it is removed in wash.

Dye Stains:

Food with strong colors like berries, fruit juices, coffee, mustard and grass cause dye stains. Direct transfer from leather or fabric also creates dye stains like the blue shade of your new jacket on your white tee. These need to be pretreated by direct application of detergent to the stained area and then has to be washed with the hottest water suitable for the type of fabric.

Combination Stains:

The stains that are caused by hot sauce, ketchup, barbeque sauce, makeup (eye shadow, foundation and lipstick) as well as crayons. They are the combination of the other type of stains. The excess stain needs to be cleared with cold water first. Then gently rub detergent into the stain and rinse it out. Use a stain stick and then wash the garment.

The earlier you catch the stain better for you. If you are somewhere out, get a hold of some stain stick or if it isn’t available, you can use an ice cube to wet the spot as it keeps the stain from setting completely. Remember that you are not supposed to rub the stains into the fibers of your clothes. Just dab and as soon as you get home, wash the item.

Tannin Stains:

Tannin is something that gives you a permanent stain. Red wine, tea, soft drinks, coffee, fruit juices and fruits commonly create tannin stains. After pretreating them by soaking them for some time in cold water, wash the soiled item in the hottest temperature appropriate for washing the particular garment.

When you follow the pretreatment tips before trying to get out a certain kind of stain, it becomes easier for you to remove the stubborn stain. And remember to always check the stained item after washing, see your wet laundry before you throw it in the dryer to ensure that the stain is gone.

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