Hard to wash stains? Here's how to get them out!

Posted by Appliance Zone on Jun 5th 2017

Hard set-stubborn stains are very difficult to remove. They can ruin your favorite clothes and if you don’t treat them the right way, they can become permanent.Why Pretreatment?Different kinds of st … read more

How to Get Out Those Pesky School Stains

Aug 4th 2016

1. GrassWhen your kids get involved in school sports, be prepared to deal with grass stains! Apply a pre-wash stain removal agent to the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Next, use a toothbrus … read more
Tide: From 1946 to Today

Tide: From 1946 to Today

May 5th 2016

A Brief History of Tide Detergent Washing powders were the first form of laundry detergent, making it easier to clean clothes thoroughly without spending too much time scrubbing. Since then clean … read more

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