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  • DA29-00003G | Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter
  • DA29-00003G Front
  • DA29-00003G Side
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DA29-00003G | Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

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SKU: DA29-00003G

Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter used on some Maytag and Samsung models.

Directly Replaces: DA29-00003B, DA29-00003G, WF289, WSS-1, DA29-00002, DA29-000028, DA29-00002A, DA29-00002A-8, DA29-00002A-B, DA29-00003, DA29-000038, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003A-8, DA29-00003A-B, da29-00003f, DA29-00003H, DA29-0002, DA29-00028, DA29-0002B, DA29-0003, DA29-00038, DA29-0003B, DA29-0003G, DA2900002, DA29000028, DA2900002A, DA2900002B, DA2900003, DA29000038, DA2900003A, DA2900003B, da2900003f, DA2900003G, DA2900003H, DA290002, DA2900028, DA290002B, DA290003, DA2900038, DA290003B, DA290003G, DA61-00159, DA61-00159A, DA61-00159A-8, DA61-00159A-B, DA61-159, DA61159, DA97-06317A, EFF-6011A, HAFIN2, HAFIN2/EXP, PS1012513, PS2123057, PS2507074, PS2509506, SGF-DSB30, TADA29-000038, TADA29-00003A, TADA29-00003B, W10132126, WF-289.


  • Removes the following contaminants:
    • Chlorine.
    • Particulates (Class III).
    • 99.9% of Lead at pH 6.5.
    • 93.4% of Lead at pH 8.5.


  • Filter Type: Activated Carbon Block
  • Filter Life:6 months or 500 gallons
  • FlowRate:0.5 gallons per minute
  • Size:5 1/2 inches (length) x 3 1/4 inches (Diameter)


DA29-00003G Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Samsung 40140483800
Samsung RB195BSSB
Samsung RF266AEWP
Samsung RF267AABP
Samsung RF267AARS
Samsung RF267AASH
Samsung RF267AAWP
Samsung RF266AERS
Samsung RF266AEPN
Samsung RF266AEBP
Samsung RF266ABWP
Samsung RF266ABRS
Samsung RF266ABPN
Samsung RF266ABBP
Samsung RF266AAWP
Samsung RF266AASH
Samsung RF268ABPN
Samsung RF266AARS
Samsung RF266AABP
Samsung RF26DEPN
Samsung RF26VABBP
Samsung RF26VABPN
Samsung RF26VABWP
Samsung RF26XAEBP
Samsung RF26XAEPN
Samsung RF26XAERS
Samsung RF26XAEWP
Samsung RFG237AABP
Samsung RFG237AAPN
Samsung RFG237AARS
Samsung RFG237AAWP
Samsung RFG237ACRS
Samsung RFG238AABP
Samsung RFG238AAPN
Samsung RFG238AARS
Samsung RFG238AAWP
Samsung RFG295AABP
Samsung RFG295AAPN
Samsung RFG295AARS
Samsung RFG295AAWP
Samsung RFG297AABP
Samsung RFG297AAPN
Samsung RFG297AARS
Samsung RFG297AAWP
Samsung RFG297ACBP
Samsung RFG297ACRS
Samsung RFG297ACWP
Samsung RFG298AABP
Samsung RFG298AAPN
Samsung RFG298AARS
Samsung RFG298AAWP
Samsung RF265ABWP
Samsung RF265ABRS
Samsung RF265ABPN
Samsung RF265ABBP
Samsung RF265AAWP
Samsung RF265AASH
Samsung RF265AARS
Samsung RF265AABP
Samsung RF263AEWP
Samsung RF263AERS
Samsung RF263AEPN
Samsung RF263AEBP
Samsung GSE4820SS
Samsung RF267ABBP
Samsung RF267ABPN
Samsung RF267ABRS
Samsung RF267ABWP
Samsung RF267AEBP
Samsung RF267AEPN
Samsung RF267AERS
Samsung RF267AEWP
Samsung RF268ABBP
Samsung RF268ABRS
Samsung RF268ABWP
Samsung RFG299AARS
Samsung RH269LBSH
Samsung RM257ABBP
Samsung RM257ABRS
Samsung RM257ACPN
Samsung RM257ACRS
Samsung RS21HKLBG
Samsung RS21HKLMR
Samsung RS2520SW
Samsung RS2530BBP
Samsung RS2530BSH
Samsung RS2530BWP
Samsung RS2531SW
Samsung RS2533SW
Samsung RS2533VQ
Samsung RS2534BB
Samsung RS2534VQ
Samsung RS2534WW
Samsung RS253BABB
Samsung RS253BASB
Samsung RS253BAVQ
Samsung RS253BAWW
Samsung RS2542SH
Samsung RS2544SL
Samsung RS2545SH
Samsung RS2555BB
Samsung RS2555SL
Samsung RS2555SW
Samsung RS2556BB
Samsung RS2556SH
Samsung RS2556WW
Samsung RS255BABB
Samsung RS255BASB
Samsung RS2577BB
Samsung RS2577SL
Samsung RS2577SW
Samsung RS2578BB
Samsung RS2578SH
Samsung RS2578WW
Samsung RS257BARB
Samsung RS2622SW
Samsung RS2623SL
Samsung RS2623VQ
Samsung RS2623WW
Samsung RS2630ASH
Samsung RS2630AWW
Samsung RS2630SH
Samsung RS2630WW
Samsung RS263BBSH
Samsung RS263BBWP
Samsung RS2644SL
Samsung RS264ABBP
Samsung RS264ABRS
Samsung RS264ABSH
Samsung RS264ABWP
Samsung RS265BBWP
Samsung RS265LABP
Samsung RS265LBBP
Samsung RS265LBWP
Samsung RS2666SW
Samsung RS267BBBB
Samsung RS267BBRS
Samsung RS267BBSH
Samsung RS267BBWP
Samsung RS267LABB
Samsung RS267LABP
Samsung RS267LARS
Samsung RS267LASH
Samsung RS267LAWP
Samsung RS267LAWW
Samsung RS267LBBP
Samsung RS267LBRS
Samsung RS267LBSH
Samsung RS269LARS
Samsung RS26XUSW
Samsung RS275ACBP
Samsung RS275ACPN
Samsung RS275ACRS
Samsung RS275ACWP
Samsung RS2777SL
Samsung RS277ACBP
Samsung RS277ACPN
Samsung RS277ACRS
Samsung RS277ACWP
Samsung RSC6FWRS
Samsung RSC6FWSH
Samsung RSC6JWSH
Samsung RSC6JWWP
Samsung RSC6KWRS
Samsung RSG257AABP
Samsung RSG257AAPN
Samsung RSG257AARS
Samsung RSG257AAWP
Samsung RSH1KLBG
Samsung RSH1KLMR
Samsung RSH3KTPE
Samsung RSH3KTRS
Samsung RSH3KTSW
Samsung SRT768VFHW
Samsung TS48WLUS

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. great product

    Posted by Dana Gron on Jun 8th 2018

    great product. the only thing that I wish that this filter would do is remove more of the chlorine taste from my water.

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