DA63-07734A | Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Door Gasket

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Sku:  DA63-07734A
Condition:  New
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Freezer door gasket used on some Samsung refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: DA63-07734A, AP5914681, DA97-07722B, B017RTD9DG.


  • Light Gray.
  • Approx. 31"W x 25"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Samsung RF18HFENBSP/AA-0000
Samsung RF18HFENBSR/AA-0000
Samsung RF18HFENBWW/AA-0000
Samsung RF197ACPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF197ACRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF197ACWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF20HFENBSP/AA-0000
Samsung RF20HFENBSPAA0000
Samsung RF20HFENBSR/AA-0000
Samsung RF20HFENBSRAA0000
Samsung RF20HFENBWW/AA-0000
Samsung RF20HFENBWWAA0000
Samsung RF217ABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ABPNXAA0000
Samsung RF217ABWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ABWPXAA0000
Samsung RF217ACPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ACPNXAA
Samsung RF217ACRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ACRSXAA
Samsung RF217ACWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ACWPXAA

90 Day Limited Warranty

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