DC69-00804A | Samsung Washer Tub Seal

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Sku:  DC69-00804A
Condition:  New
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Tub seal used on some Samsung washer models.

Directly Replaces: DC69-00804A, AP4212809, 2072926.


  • Approx. 80"L.

Compatible with the following models:

Samsung 59249003
Samsung 59249006
Samsung 59249045
Samsung 59249047
Samsung 59249052
Samsung 59249057
Samsung 59249065
Samsung 59249069
Samsung 59249075
Samsung 59249079
Samsung 59249082
Samsung 59249087
Samsung 592491020
Samsung 592491070
Samsung 592491080
Samsung 592491170
Samsung 592491180
Samsung 59249127
Samsung 59249145
Samsung 59249147
Samsung 59249155
Samsung 59249157
Samsung 59249182
Samsung 59249193
Samsung 59249196
Samsung 592493040
Samsung 592493080
Samsung 592495070
Samsung 592495090
Samsung BFW36B
Samsung BFW36W
Samsung IFW7200TW
Samsung MAH6700AWW
Samsung MAH8700AWM
Samsung MAH8700AWW
Samsung MAH8700BWW
Samsung MAH9700AWM
Samsung MAH9700AWW
Samsung NFW7200TW
Samsung WD18H7300KP
Samsung WF203ANS
Samsung WF203ANW
Samsung WF206ANS
Samsung WF206BNW
Samsung WF206LNW
Samsung WF209ANW
Samsung WF218ANB
Samsung WF218ANS
Samsung WF218ANW
Samsung WF219ANB
Samsung WF219ANW
Samsung WF229ANG
Samsung WF306BAW
Samsung WF306BHW
Samsung WF306LAW
Samsung WF316BAC
Samsung WF316BAW
Samsung WF316HAC
Samsung WF316LAS
Samsung WF316LAW
Samsung WF317AAG
Samsung WF317AAS
Samsung WF317AAW
Samsung WF328AAG
Samsung WF328AAR
Samsung WF328AAW
Samsung WF330ANB
Samsung WF330ANW
Samsung WF331ANR
Samsung WF331ANW
Samsung WF337AAG
Samsung WF337AAL
Samsung WF337AAR
Samsung WF337AAS
Samsung WF337AAW
Samsung WF338AAB
Samsung WF338AAW
Samsung WF339AAW
Samsung WF340ANG
Samsung WF340ANR
Samsung WF350ANG
Samsung WF350ANP
Samsung WF350ANR
Samsung WF350ANW
Samsung WF393BTPARA
Samsung WF393BTPAWR
Samsung WF395BTPARA
Samsung WF395BTPASU
Samsung WF395BTPAWR
Samsung WF397UTPAGR
Samsung WF405ATPASU
Samsung WF405ATPAWR
Samsung WF407ANW
Samsung WF409ANR
Samsung WF409ANW
Samsung WF409SNL
Samsung WF410ANR
Samsung WF410ANW
Samsung WF419AAS
Samsung WF419AAU
Samsung WF419AAW
Samsung WF428AAL
Samsung WF428AAW
Samsung WF42H5000AW
Samsung WF42H5100AW
Samsung WF42H5200AF
Samsung WF42H5200AP
Samsung WF42H5200AW
Samsung WF42H5400AF
Samsung WF42H5400AW
Samsung WF42H5500AF
Samsung WF42H5600AP
Samsung WF42H5600AW
Samsung WF42H5700AG
Samsung WF431ABP
Samsung WF431ABW
Samsung WF433BTGJWR
Samsung WF435ATGJRA
Samsung WF435ATGJWR
Samsung WF438AAR
Samsung WF448AAE
Samsung WF448AAP
Samsung WF448AAW
Samsung WF455ARGSGR
Samsung WF455ARGSWR
Samsung WF457ARGSGR
Samsung WF457ARGSWR
Samsung WF45H6300AG
Samsung WF45H6300AW
Samsung WF461ABP
Samsung WF461ABW
Samsung WF461ASP
Samsung WF501ANW
Samsung WF511ABR
Samsung WF511ABW
Samsung WF520ABP
Samsung WF520ABW
Samsung WWPC197CS

1 Year Limited Warranty

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