DE72-40022A | Samsung Microwave Damper

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Sku:  DE72-40022A
Condition:  New
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Damper used on some Amana, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, and Samsung microwave models.

Directly Replaces: DE72-40022A, AP4230225, 2083930.


  • Approx. 11"L x 3.5"W.
  • Main vent damper frame.

Compatible with the following models:

Samsung 592856000
Samsung 592856030
Samsung 592856040
Samsung 592856060
Samsung 592856090
Samsung 592856100
Samsung 592856130
Samsung 592856140
Samsung 592856190
Samsung 592857130
Samsung 80082
Samsung 80083
Samsung 80084
Samsung 80086
Samsung 80089
Samsung 80092
Samsung 80093
Samsung 80094
Samsung 80099
Samsung 88522
Samsung 88523
Samsung 88529
Samsung AMV1154BAB
Samsung AMV1154BAQ
Samsung AMV1154BAS
Samsung AMV1154BAW
Samsung AMV1154BAZ
Samsung AMV5164BAB
Samsung AMV5164BAQ
Samsung AMV5164BAS
Samsung AMV5164BAW
Samsung AMV5164BCB
Samsung AMV5164BCS
Samsung AMV5164BCW
Samsung AMV5206BAB
Samsung AMV5206BAS
Samsung AMV5206BAW
Samsung AMV6167BDS
Samsung BMHC815SS
Samsung BMHC815WW
Samsung EMO3000CSS
Samsung JMV8166BAB
Samsung JMV8166BAS
Samsung JMV8166BAW
Samsung JMV8186AAB
Samsung JMV8186AAS
Samsung JMV8186AAW
Samsung JMV8208BAB
Samsung JMV8208BAS
Samsung JMV8208BAW
Samsung JMV8208BCB
Samsung JMV8208BCS
Samsung JMV8208BCW
Samsung JMV8208DB00
Samsung JMV8208DP00
Samsung JMV8208DS00
Samsung JMV8208DW00
Samsung JMV9169BAB
Samsung JMV9169BAP
Samsung JMV9169BAS
Samsung JMV9169BAW
Samsung JNM6171DF1BB
Samsung JNM6171DF1WW
Samsung JVM1341BW
Samsung JVM1440BH
Samsung JVM1730DP2CC
Samsung JVM1740DMWW
Samsung JVM1750EP2ES
Samsung JVM1750STC
Samsung JVM1750WTC
Samsung JVM1752DP2WW
Samsung JVM1950BTC
Samsung JVM1950STC
Samsung JVM1950WTC
Samsung JVM6170DF1BB
Samsung JVM6170DF1WW
Samsung JVM6172DF1BB
Samsung JVM6172DF1WW
Samsung JVM6172RF1SS
Samsung JVM6172SF1SS
Samsung JVM6175DF1BB
Samsung JVM6175DF1WW
Samsung JVM6175EF1ES
Samsung JVM6175RF1SS
Samsung JVM6175SF1SS
Samsung JVM6177DF1BB
Samsung JVM6177DF1WW
Samsung JVM6177SF1SS
Samsung MC17F808KDT
Samsung ME16H702SEB
Samsung ME16H702SES
Samsung ME16H702SEW
Samsung ME179KFETSR
Samsung ME17H703SHB
Samsung ME17H703SHS
Samsung ME17H703SHW
Samsung ME18H704SFB
Samsung ME18H704SFS
Samsung ME18H704SFW
Samsung ME20H705MSS
Samsung ME21F606MJT
Samsung ME21F707MJT
Samsung ME21H706MQB
Samsung ME21H706MQS
Samsung ME21H706MQW
Samsung ME21H9900AS
Samsung MMV1153BAB
Samsung MMV1153BAS
Samsung MMV1153BAW
Samsung MMV4205BAB
Samsung MMV4205BAQ
Samsung MMV4205BAS
Samsung MMV4205BAW
Samsung MMV5165BAB
Samsung MMV5165BAS
Samsung MMV5165BAW
Samsung MMV5207BAB
Samsung MMV5207BAQ
Samsung MMV5207BAS
Samsung MMV5207BAW
Samsung MMV5207BCB
Samsung MMV5207BCQ
Samsung MMV5207BCS
Samsung MMV5207BCW
Samsung MO1430BA
Samsung MO1430WA
Samsung MO1440BA
Samsung MO1440CA
Samsung MO1440WA
Samsung MO1450BA
Samsung MO1450CA
Samsung MO1450WA
Samsung MO1640BA
Samsung MO1640CA
Samsung MO1640WA
Samsung MO1650BA
Samsung MO1650CA
Samsung MO1650WA
Samsung MR6698WB
Samsung MR6699GB
Samsung MR6699SB
Samsung PNM9196SF2SS
Samsung PVM1970STC
Samsung PVM2170STC
Samsung PVM9195DF1BB
Samsung PVM9195SF1SS
Samsung PVM9195SF2SS
Samsung PVM9215DF1BB
Samsung PVM9215SF1SS
Samsung PVM9215SF2SS
Samsung SMH1611B
Samsung SMH1611P
Samsung SMH1611S
Samsung SMH1611SE
Samsung SMH1611W
Samsung SMH1622B
Samsung SMH1622S
Samsung SMH1622W
Samsung SMH1713B
Samsung SMH1713S
Samsung SMH1713W
Samsung SMH1816B
Samsung SMH1816S
Samsung SMH1816W
Samsung SMH1926B
Samsung SMH1926S
Samsung SMH1926W
Samsung SMH1927B
Samsung SMH1927S
Samsung SMH1927W
Samsung SMH2117S
Samsung SMH3150BF
Samsung SMH3150BG
Samsung SMH3150WF
Samsung SMH3150WG
Samsung SMH4150BD
Samsung SMH4150BE
Samsung SMH4150WD
Samsung SMH4150WE
Samsung SMH5165STG
Samsung SMH6140BB
Samsung SMH6140CB
Samsung SMH6140WB
Samsung SMH6150BB
Samsung SMH6150WC
Samsung SMH6165STG
Samsung SMH7150BC
Samsung SMH7150BE
Samsung SMH7150CC
Samsung SMH7150CE
Samsung SMH7150WC
Samsung SMH7150WE
Samsung SMH7155BC
Samsung SMH7159BC
Samsung SMH7159CC
Samsung SMH7159WC
Samsung SMH7174BC
Samsung SMH7174BE
Samsung SMH7174CC
Samsung SMH7174WC
Samsung SMH7174WE
Samsung SMH7175BC
Samsung SMH7175BE
Samsung SMH7175BF
Samsung SMH7175CC
Samsung SMH7175CE
Samsung SMH7175WC
Samsung SMH7175WE
Samsung SMH7175WF
Samsung SMH7176STE
Samsung SMH7177STE
Samsung SMH7178STD
Samsung SMH7178STE
Samsung SMH7178STF
Samsung SMH7185BG
Samsung SMH7185STG
Samsung SMH7185WG
Samsung SMH7187STG
Samsung SMH8165B
Samsung SMH8165ST
Samsung SMH8165STE
Samsung SMH8165W
Samsung SMH8187BG
Samsung SMH8187STG
Samsung SMH8187WG
Samsung SMH9151B
Samsung SMH9151BE
Samsung SMH9151S
Samsung SMH9151ST
Samsung SMH9151STE
Samsung SMH9151W
Samsung SMH9151WE
Samsung SMH9187B
Samsung SMH9187ST
Samsung SMH9187W
Samsung SMH9207ST
Samsung SMK9175ST
Samsung SMV7165STD
Samsung SMV9165BC
Samsung SMV9165SC
Samsung SRH1230ZG
Samsung SRH1230ZS
Samsung SRH1230ZW
Samsung UMV1152CAB
Samsung UMV1152CAQ
Samsung UMV1152CAS
Samsung UMV1152CAW
Samsung UMV2186AAB
Samsung UMV2186AAS
Samsung UMV2186AAW
Samsung YJMV8208DB0

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