EAFCBF | Electrolux Refrigerator PureAdvantage Air Filter

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The Electrolux Pure Advantage Refrigerator Air Filter Cartridge fits all PureAdvantage refrigerator models manufactured by Electrolux and Frigidaire, except Electrolux ICON models.

Directly Replaces: 241754001, 242061001, 242047801, 7241754001, PAULTRA, AP4323287, 1381501, AH1993820, EA1993820, PS1993820.


  • Reduces odors from foods such as onions, garlic, fish, stale milk, and over-ripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Composed of a combination of activated carbon, a specialty zeolite, and real baking soda to reduce the full range of acidic, basic, and neutral odors commonly found in foods stored in refrigerators or freezers.
  • Interchangeable with the Frigidaire PAULTRA. and is also known as part number 241754001.
  • For best results this PureAdvantage air filter should be changed out every 6 months.

  • Compatible with PureAdvantage refrigerator models.
  • Approx. 6 3/4"L x 4 7/8"W x 1/2"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire E23BC68JPS0
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS1
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS3
Frigidaire E23BC68JSS0
Frigidaire E23BC68JSS1
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS1
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS2
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS3
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS4
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS5
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS6
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS7
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS4
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS5
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS6
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS7
Frigidaire E24RD75HPS0
Frigidaire E24RD75HPS1
Frigidaire E24RD75HSS0
Frigidaire E24RD75HSS1
Frigidaire E24RD75KPS0
Frigidaire E24RD75KSS0
Frigidaire E32AF75JPS0
Frigidaire E32AF75JPS1
Frigidaire E32AR75JPS0
Frigidaire E32AR75JPS1
Frigidaire EI23BC36IB0
Frigidaire EI23BC36IB1
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS0
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS1
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS2
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS3
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS4
Frigidaire EI23BC36IW0
Frigidaire EI23BC36IW1
Frigidaire EI23BC36IW2
Frigidaire EI23BC36IW4
Frigidaire EI23BC51IB0
Frigidaire EI23BC51IB1
Frigidaire EI23BC51IB2
Frigidaire EI23BC51IB4
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS0
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS1
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS2
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS3
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS4
Frigidaire EI23BC51IW0
Frigidaire EI23BC51IW1
Frigidaire EI23BC51IW2
Frigidaire EI23BC51IW4
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB2
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB4
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB8
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS2
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS4
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS5
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS8
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW2
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW8
Frigidaire EI23CS35KB0
Frigidaire EI23CS35KS0
Frigidaire EI23CS35KW0
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB2
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB3
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB4
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB5
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB6
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB7
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS2
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS3
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS4
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS5
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS6
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS7
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW2
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW3
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW4
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW5
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW6
Frigidaire EI23CS65KS0
Frigidaire EI23SS55HS1
Frigidaire EI24RD65HS1
Frigidaire EI24RD65KS0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JB0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JB1
Frigidaire EI26SS30JS0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JS1
Frigidaire EI26SS30JW0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JW1
Frigidaire EI26SS35JB0
Frigidaire EI26SS35JB1
Frigidaire EI26SS35JS0
Frigidaire EI26SS35JS1
Frigidaire EI26SS35JW0
Frigidaire EI26SS35JW1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB2
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB3
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB4
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB5
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB6
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS2
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS3
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS4
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS5
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS6
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW2
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW3
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW4
Frigidaire EI23CS55GW7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW0
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS0
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB0
Frigidaire EI23BC55IW1
Frigidaire EI23BC55IS1
Frigidaire EI23BC55IB1
Frigidaire EI23BC36IB4
Frigidaire EI23BC36IB2
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS0
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS0
Frigidaire 25344753110
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW5
Frigidaire EI26SS55GW6
Frigidaire EI27BS16JB0
Frigidaire EI27BS16JB1
Frigidaire EI27BS16JB2
Frigidaire EI27BS16JS0
Frigidaire EI27BS16JS1
Frigidaire EI27BS16JS2
Frigidaire EI27BS16JW0
Frigidaire EI27BS16JW1
Frigidaire EI27BS16JW2
Frigidaire EI27BS26JB0
Frigidaire EI27BS26JB1
Frigidaire EI27BS26JB3
Frigidaire EI27BS26JB4
Frigidaire EI27BS26JS0
Frigidaire EI27BS26JS1
Frigidaire EI27BS26JS3
Frigidaire EI27BS26JS4
Frigidaire EI27BS26JW0
Frigidaire EI27BS26JW1
Frigidaire EI27BS26JW3
Frigidaire EI27BS26JW4
Frigidaire EI28BS36IB0
Frigidaire EI28BS36IB1
Frigidaire EI28BS36IB2
Frigidaire EI28BS36IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS0
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS1
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS2
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS3
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS36IW0
Frigidaire EI28BS36IW1
Frigidaire EI28BS36IW2
Frigidaire EI28BS36IW4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB0
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB1
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB2
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS0
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS1
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS2
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS3
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IW0
Frigidaire EI28BS51IW1
Frigidaire EI28BS51IW2
Frigidaire EI28BS51IW4
Frigidaire EI28BS55IB0
Frigidaire EI28BS55IB1
Frigidaire EI28BS55IS0
Frigidaire EI28BS55IS1
Frigidaire EI28BS55IW0
Frigidaire EI28BS55IW1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB0
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB2
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB3
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB6
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB8
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB9
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBA
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBB
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS0
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS2
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS3
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS6
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS7
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS8
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS9
Frigidaire EI28BS56ISA
Frigidaire EI28BS56ISB
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW0
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW2
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW3
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW8
Frigidaire EI28BS56IW9
Frigidaire EI28BS56IWA
Frigidaire EI28BS56IWB
Frigidaire EI32AF65JS0
Frigidaire EI32AF65JS1
Frigidaire EI32AR65JS0
Frigidaire EI32AR65JS1
Frigidaire EW23BC70IB0
Frigidaire EW23BC70IB1
Frigidaire EW23BC70IS0
Frigidaire EW23BC70IS1
Frigidaire EW23BC70IW0
Frigidaire EW23BC70IW1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB0
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB3
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB4
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB6
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB7
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB8
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS0
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS3
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS4
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS5
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS6
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS7
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS8
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW0
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW3
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW4
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW6
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW7
Frigidaire EW23BC71IW8
Frigidaire EW23CS65GB2
Frigidaire EW23CS65GB3
Frigidaire EW23CS65GB4
Frigidaire EW23CS65GS2
Frigidaire EW23CS65GS3
Frigidaire EW23CS65GS4
Frigidaire EW23CS65GW2
Frigidaire EW23CS65GW3
Frigidaire EW23CS65GW4
Frigidaire EW23CS70IB1
Frigidaire EW23CS70IB2
Frigidaire EW23CS70IB3
Frigidaire EW23CS70IB4
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS1
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS2
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS3
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS4
Frigidaire EW23CS70IW1
Frigidaire EW23CS70IW2
Frigidaire EW23CS70IW3
Frigidaire EW23CS70IW4
Frigidaire EW23SS65HB2
Frigidaire EW23SS65HB3
Frigidaire EW23SS65HB4
Frigidaire EW23SS65HB5
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS2
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS3
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS4
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS5
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS6
Frigidaire EW23SS65HW2
Frigidaire EW23SS65HW3
Frigidaire EW23SS65HW4
Frigidaire EW23SS65HW5
Frigidaire EW26SS65GB1
Frigidaire EW26SS65GB2
Frigidaire EW26SS65GB3
Frigidaire EW26SS65GB4
Frigidaire EW26SS65GS1
Frigidaire EW26SS65GS2
Frigidaire EW26SS65GS3
Frigidaire EW26SS65GS4
Frigidaire EW26SS65GW1
Frigidaire EW26SS65GW2
Frigidaire EW26SS65GW3
Frigidaire EW26SS65GW4
Frigidaire EW26SS70IB1
Frigidaire EW26SS70IB2
Frigidaire EW26SS70IB3
Frigidaire EW26SS70IB4
Frigidaire EW26SS70IS1
Frigidaire EW26SS70IS2
Frigidaire EW26SS70IS3
Frigidaire EW26SS70IS4
Frigidaire EW26SS70IW1
Frigidaire EW26SS70IW2
Frigidaire EW26SS70IW3
Frigidaire EW26SS70IW4
Frigidaire EW28BS70IB0
Frigidaire EW28BS70IB1
Frigidaire EW28BS70IS0
Frigidaire EW28BS70IS1
Frigidaire EW28BS70IW0
Frigidaire EW28BS70IW1
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB0
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB1
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB2
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB3
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB4
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB5
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB6
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB8
Frigidaire EW28BS71IB9
Frigidaire EW28BS71IBA
Frigidaire EW28BS71IBB
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS0
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS1
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS2
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS3
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS4
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS5
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS6
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS7
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS8
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS9
Frigidaire EW28BS71ISA
Frigidaire EW28BS71ISB
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW0
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW1
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW2
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW3
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW4
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW5
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW6
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW8
Frigidaire EW28BS71IW9
Frigidaire EW28BS71IWA
Frigidaire EW28BS71IWB
Frigidaire 25344743110
Frigidaire EI24BC65GS1
Whirlpool DGHS2665KF2
Whirlpool DGUS2635LE0
Whirlpool DGUS2635LE1
Whirlpool DGUS2635LP0
Whirlpool DGUS2635LP1
Whirlpool DGUS2645LF0
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE4
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF3
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF4
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP4
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE1
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE2
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE3
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP1
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP2
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP3
Whirlpool FGHC2335LE1
Whirlpool FGHC2335LE2
Whirlpool FGHC2335LP1
Whirlpool FGHC2335LP2
Whirlpool FGHC2345LF1
Whirlpool FGHC2345LF2
Whirlpool FGHC2345LF3
Whirlpool FGHC2378LE1
Whirlpool FGHC2378LE3
Whirlpool FGHC2378LP1
Whirlpool FGHC2378LP3
Whirlpool FGHF2378ME0
Whirlpool FGHF2378MP0
Whirlpool FGHS2367KB4
Whirlpool FGHS2367KE4
Whirlpool FGHS2367KP4
Whirlpool FGHS2367KW4
Whirlpool FGHS2368LE0
Whirlpool FGHS2368LE2
Whirlpool FGHS2368LE3
Whirlpool FGHS2368LP0
Whirlpool FGHS2368LP1
Whirlpool FGHS2368LP2
Whirlpool FGHS2368LP3
Whirlpool FGHS2369KE4
Whirlpool FGHS2369KP4
Whirlpool FGHS2665KF3
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE4
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP4
Whirlpool FGUS2635LE1
Whirlpool FGUS2635LP1
Whirlpool FGUS2637LE1
Whirlpool FGUS2637LP1
Whirlpool FGUS2645LF1
Whirlpool FGUS2647LF1
Whirlpool FGUS2676LE1
Whirlpool FGUS2676LP1
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF1
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF2
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF3
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF4
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF5
Whirlpool FPHC2398LF2
Whirlpool FPHC2398LF3
Whirlpool FPHC2399KF3
Whirlpool FPHC2399KF4
Whirlpool FPHF2399MF0
Whirlpool FPHG2399MF0
Whirlpool FPHG2399MF1
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF0
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF1
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF2
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF3
Whirlpool FPHS2386LF1
Whirlpool FPHS2386LF2
Whirlpool FPHS2387KF6
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF4
Whirlpool FPRH19D7LF0
Whirlpool FPRH19D7LF1
Whirlpool FPUH19D7LF0
Whirlpool FPUH19D7LF1
Whirlpool FPUS2686LF1
Whirlpool FPUS2698LF1
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF1
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF3
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF4
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF5
Whirlpool LGUS2646LE0
Whirlpool LGUS2646LF0
Whirlpool LGUS2646LP0
Whirlpool LPUS2686LF1

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