PB010206 | Viking Range Top Burner Knob (Black)

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Sku:  PB010206
Condition:  New
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Top Burner Knob used on some Viking models.

Directly Replaces: AP5315463, 952591, 8858, VIKPB010206.


  • Black.
  • Approx. 2" Diameter.

Compatible with the following models:

Viking CVDSC307AFTER12-08-06
Viking CVDSC365-4G
Viking CVDSC365-4Q
Viking CVDSC365-6BAFTER9-5-06
Viking CVDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
Viking CVDSC305AFTER12-01-06
Viking CVDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
Viking CVDSC485-6G
Viking CVDSC485-6QAFTER8-16-06
Viking LVDSC305AFTER12-01-06
Viking LVDSC307AFTER12-08-06
Viking LVDSC365-4G
Viking LVDSC365-4Q
Viking LVDSC365-6BAFTER9-5-06
Viking LVDSC367-4QAFTER09-01-06
Viking LVDSC367-6BAFTER08-30-06
Viking LVDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
Viking LVDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
Viking LVDSC485-6G
Viking LVDSC485-6Q
Viking SVDSC305AFTER12-01-06
Viking SVDSC365-6BAFTER9-5-06
Viking SVGIC305DSI
Viking SVGRT300
Viking VDSC305
Viking VDSC305AFTER12-01-06
Viking VDSC307
Viking VDSC307AFTER12-08-06
Viking VDSC365
Viking VDSC365-4G
Viking VDSC365-4Q
Viking VDSC365-6BAFTER09-05-06
Viking VDSC367
Viking VDSC367-4GAFTER09-01-06
Viking VDSC367-4QAFTER09-01-06
Viking VDSC367-6BAFTER08-30-06
Viking VDSC485
Viking VDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
Viking VDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
Viking VDSC485-6G
Viking VDSC485-6Q
Viking VDSC485C-6G
Viking VDSC487
Viking VDSC487-4GAFTER06-22-06
Viking VDSC487-4GQAFTER06-22-06
Viking VDSC487-4QAFTER07-24-06
Viking VDSC487-6GAFTER06-14-06
Viking VDSC487-6QAFTER07-10-06
Viking VDSC487-6QAFTER10-06-07
Viking VGIC245
Viking VGIC305
Viking VGIC305DSI
Viking VGIC306
Viking VGIC307
Viking VGIC307DSI
Viking VGIC308
Viking VGIC365
Viking VGIC366-4G
Viking VGIC366-4Q
Viking VGIC366-6B
Viking VGIC367
Viking VGIC368-4G
Viking VGIC368-4Q
Viking VGIC368-6B
Viking VGIC485
Viking VGIC486-4G
Viking VGIC486-4GQ
Viking VGIC486-6G
Viking VGIC486-6Q
Viking VGIC487
Viking VGIC488-4G
Viking VGIC488-4GQ
Viking VGIC488-4Q
Viking VGIC488-6G
Viking VGIC488-6Q
Viking VGIS300
Viking VGIS360
Viking VGIS480
Viking VGRC365
Viking VGRC485
Viking VGRC605
Viking VGRT242
Viking VGRT300AFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT300BEFORE07-09-07
Viking VGRT302
Viking VGRT302_AFTER_07-09-07
Viking VGRT360
Viking VGRT360-4G
Viking VGRT360-4GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT360-4QAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT360-6B
Viking VGRT360-6BAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT362
Viking VGRT362-4GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT362-6BAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT421-4GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT421-4QAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT421-6BAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT480
Viking VGRT480-4GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT480-4GQAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT4804K
Viking VGRT480-4KAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT480-6G
Viking VGRT480-6GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT480-6QAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT482
Viking VGRT482-4GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT482-4GQ
Viking VGRT482-4GQAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT482-4QAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT482-6GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT482-6QAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT600
Viking VGRT600-6GAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGRT600-6GQAFTER07-09-07
Viking VGSB244T
Viking VGSC306
Viking VGSC307
Viking VGSC366
Viking VGSC367
Viking VGSC486
Viking VGSC487-4G
Viking VGSC487-4GQ
Viking VGSC487-4K
Viking VGSC487-4Q
Viking VGSC487-6G
Viking VGSC487-6Q
Viking VGSS300
Viking VGSS360

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