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  • PB040001 | Viking Range Igniter
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PB040001 | Viking Range Igniter

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SKU: PB040001

Igniter used on some Viking models.

Directly Replaces: AP5315579, 792263, PB04001, SGR4001, TJSGR4001, AP5643152, 2219943.


  • Draws 3.2 to 3.4 amps.
  • Approx. 4-1/2"L x 1-3/4"W.

PB040001 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Viking CVDSC485-4G
Viking CVDSC485-4GQ
Viking CVDSC485-6G
Viking EVGIC305
Viking EVGIC365
Viking CVDSC365-4G
Viking EVGIC485
Viking EVGRT360
Viking EVGRT480
Viking EVGRT600
Viking LVDSC365-4G
Viking LVDSC485-4G
Viking LVDSC485-4GQ
Viking LVDSC485-6G
Viking VDSC365
Viking VDSC365-4G
Viking VDSC367
Viking VDSC367-4G
Viking VDSC485
Viking VDSC485-4G
Viking VDSC485-4GQ
Viking VDSC485-6G
Viking VDSC485C-6G
Viking VDSC487
Viking VDSC487-4G
Viking VDSC487-4GQ
Viking VDSC487-6G
Viking VGGT240
Viking VGIC245
Viking VGIC245G
Viking VGIC245K
Viking VGIC245Q
Viking VGIC305
Viking VGIC307
Viking VGIC365
Viking VGIC367
Viking VGIC367
Viking VGIC367
Viking VGIC485
Viking VGIC487
Viking VGIS300
Viking VGIS360
Viking VGIS480
Viking VGRC365
Viking VGRC485
Viking VGRC605
Viking VGRT360
Viking VGRT360-4G
Viking VGRT360-4G
Viking VGRT362
Viking VGRT362-4G
Viking VGRT420
Viking VGRT421
Viking VGRT421-4G
Viking VGRT480
Viking VGRT4804G
Viking VGRT480-4G
Viking VGRT480-4GQ
Viking VGRT480-6G
Viking VGRT480-6G
Viking VGRT482
Viking VGRT482-4G
Viking VGRT482-4GQ
Viking VGRT482-4GQ
Viking VGRT482-6G
Viking VGRT600
Viking VGRT600-6G
Viking VGRT600-6GQ
Viking VGSC300
Viking VGSC305
Viking VGSC366
Viking VGSC367
Viking VGSC367
Viking VGSC486
Viking VGSC487-4G
Viking VGSC487-4GQ
Viking VGSC487-6G
Viking VGSO165
Viking VGSO166
Viking VGSS300
Viking VGSS360
Viking VGSS480

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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