PB040170 | Viking Oven Igniter Electrode

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Sku:  PB040170
Condition:  New
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Igniter electrode used on some Viking oven models.

Directly Replaces: PB040170, AP5315630, 811302.


  • Approx, 6"L x 1.5"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Viking SVGIC305DSI
Viking VDSC367
Viking VGCC548-4GQ
Viking VGCC548-6G
Viking VGCC548-6Q
Viking VGCC548-8B
Viking VGIC305DSI
Viking VGIC306
Viking VGIC307DSI
Viking VGIC308
Viking VGIC366-4G
Viking VGIC366-4Q
Viking VGIC366-6B
Viking VGIC368-4G
Viking VGIC368-4Q
Viking VGIC368-6B
Viking VGIC486-4G
Viking VGIC486-4GQ
Viking VGIC486-6G
Viking VGIC486-6Q
Viking VGIC488-4G
Viking VGIC488-4GQ
Viking VGIC488-4Q
Viking VGIC488-6G
Viking VGIC488-6Q
Viking VGSC306
Viking VGSC307
Viking VGSC366
Viking VGSC367
Viking VGSC367
Viking VGSC486
Viking VGSC487-4G
Viking VGSC487-4GQ
Viking VGSC487-4K
Viking VGSC487-4Q
Viking VGSC487-6G
Viking VGSC487-6Q
Viking VGSC5304B
Viking VGSC548-4GQ
Viking VGSC548-6G
Viking VGSC548-8B
Viking VGSO100

1 Year Limited Warranty

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