SSN24 | Honeywell Furnace Igniter Flame Rod Replacement

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Sku:  TJSSN24
Condition:  New
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Igniter flame rod replacement used on some Honeywell furnace models.

Directly Replaces: Q3400A, Q3400A1016, Q3400A1024, Q3400A1040, 1009524, 1149856, 42640001, TJSSN24, SSN24.


  • Fits 24V Honeywell Smart Valve's.
  • Replacement for the original igniter-flame rod assembly in the Q3400A, Q3450 and Q3480 Pilot hardware used with the SV9500 and SV9600 SmartValve System. This part has a unique keyed connector that will only fit the SV9500/SV9600 Systems.
  • Includes replaceable igniter-flame rod assembly, wiring harness (30") with plug and mounting clip.
1 Year Limited Warranty

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