ULTRAWF (3-Pack) | Frigidaire Puresource Ultra Water Filter

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Puresource Ultra Filter ULTRAWF used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Kenmore and Westinghouse Refrigerator Filtration Systems.

Directly Replaces: ULTRAWF, P_N_ULTRAWF, ULTRA-WF, 242017800, 242017801, 85075-SGP-001, P_N_ULTRAWF, A0094E28261, PS2364646, 46-9999, 469999, 9999.


  • Fits Frigidaire Pure Source Ultra refrigerators which feature a cylindrical filter housing mounted on the refrigerator's ceiling.
  • Tested and certified to NSF / ANSI Standards 42 and 53 in Frigidaire Pure Source Ultra refrigerators for the reduction of the claims specified.
  • Conforms to NSF / ANSI Standard 53 for VOC reduction, with a VOC surrogate average reduction of 99.8 percent.

  • Press. Range: 30 - 100 F.
  • Temp. Range: 33 - 100 F.
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute.
  • Capacity (Filter Life): 6 months or 200 gallons.
  • Approx. 11.5"L x 2.3" in Diameter.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool BGHS2634KE0
Whirlpool BGHS2634KE1
Whirlpool BGHS2634KE2
Whirlpool BGHS2634KP0
Whirlpool BGHS2634KP1
Whirlpool BGHS2634KP2
Whirlpool BGHS2644KF0
Whirlpool BGHS2644KF1
Whirlpool BGHS2644KF2
Whirlpool DGHS2634KB0
Whirlpool DGHS2634KB2
Whirlpool DGHS2634KB3
Whirlpool DGHS2634KE1
Whirlpool DGHS2634KE2
Whirlpool DGHS2634KE3
Whirlpool DGHS2634KP1
Whirlpool DGHS2634KP2
Whirlpool DGHS2634KP3
Whirlpool DGHS2634KW0
Whirlpool DGHS2634KW2
Whirlpool DGHS2634KW3
Whirlpool DGHS2644KF1
Whirlpool DGHS2644KF2
Whirlpool DGHS2644KF3
Whirlpool DGHS2665KF0
Whirlpool DGHS2665KF2
Whirlpool FGHB2844LE1
Whirlpool FGHB2844LE2
Whirlpool FGHB2844LE3
Whirlpool FGHB2844LE5
Whirlpool FGHB2844LE6
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF1
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF2
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF3
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF4
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF5
Whirlpool FGHB2844LF6
Whirlpool FGHB2844LM1
Whirlpool FGHB2844LM2
Whirlpool FGHB2844LM3
Whirlpool FGHB2844LM5
Whirlpool FGHB2844LM6
Whirlpool FGHB2844LP1
Whirlpool FGHB2844LP2
Whirlpool FGHB2844LP3
Whirlpool FGHB2844LP5
Whirlpool FGHB2844LP6
Whirlpool FGHB2846LF1
Whirlpool FGHB2846LF2
Whirlpool FGHB2846LF5
Whirlpool FGHB2846LM1
Whirlpool FGHB2846LM2
Whirlpool FGHB2846LM5
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LE4
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF3
Whirlpool FGHB2869LF4
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP1
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP2
Whirlpool FGHB2869LP4
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE1
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE2
Whirlpool FGHB2878LE3
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP1
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP2
Whirlpool FGHB2878LP3
Whirlpool FGHF2344ME0
Whirlpool FGHF2344MF0
Whirlpool FGHF2344MP0
Whirlpool FGHF2369ME0
Whirlpool FGHF2369MF0
Whirlpool FGHF2369MP0
Whirlpool FGHF2378ME0
Whirlpool FGHF2378MP0
Whirlpool FGHG2344ME0
Whirlpool FGHG2344ME1
Whirlpool FGHG2344MF0
Whirlpool FGHG2344MF1
Whirlpool FGHG2344MP0
Whirlpool FGHG2344MP1
Whirlpool FGHN2844LE0
Whirlpool FGHN2844LE1
Whirlpool FGHN2844LE3
Whirlpool FGHN2844LE4
Whirlpool FGHN2844LF0
Whirlpool FGHN2844LF1
Whirlpool FGHN2844LF2
Whirlpool FGHN2844LF3
Whirlpool FGHN2844LF4
Whirlpool FGHN2844LM0
Whirlpool FGHN2844LM1
Whirlpool FGHN2844LM3
Whirlpool FGHN2844LM4
Whirlpool FGHN2844LP0
Whirlpool FGHN2844LP1
Whirlpool FGHN2844LP3
Whirlpool FGHN2844LP4
Whirlpool FGHS2634KB0
Whirlpool FGHS2634KB1
Whirlpool FGHS2634KB2
Whirlpool FGHS2634KE0
Whirlpool FGHS2634KE1
Whirlpool FGHS2634KE2
Whirlpool FGHS2634KP0
Whirlpool FGHS2634KP1
Whirlpool FGHS2634KP2
Whirlpool FGHS2634KQ0
Whirlpool FGHS2634KQ1
Whirlpool FGHS2634KQ2
Whirlpool FGHS2634KW0
Whirlpool FGHS2634KW1
Whirlpool FGHS2634KW2
Whirlpool FGHS2644KF0
Whirlpool FGHS2644KF1
Whirlpool FGHS2644KF2
Whirlpool FGHS2644KF3
Whirlpool FGHS2644KM0
Whirlpool FGHS2644KM1
Whirlpool FGHS2644KM2
Whirlpool FGHS2644KM3
Whirlpool FGHS2655KE0
Whirlpool FGHS2655KE1
Whirlpool FGHS2655KE2
Whirlpool FGHS2655KP0
Whirlpool FGHS2655KP1
Whirlpool FGHS2655KP2
Whirlpool FGHS2665KF0
Whirlpool FGHS2665KF1
Whirlpool FGHS2665KF2
Whirlpool FGHS2665KF3
Whirlpool FGHS2667KB0
Whirlpool FGHS2667KB1
Whirlpool FGHS2667KB2
Whirlpool FGHS2667KB3
Whirlpool FGHS2667KB4
Whirlpool FGHS2667KE0
Whirlpool FGHS2667KE1
Whirlpool FGHS2667KE2
Whirlpool FGHS2667KE3
Whirlpool FGHS2667KE4
Whirlpool FGHS2667KP0
Whirlpool FGHS2667KP1
Whirlpool FGHS2667KP2
Whirlpool FGHS2667KP3
Whirlpool FGHS2667KP4
Whirlpool FGHS2667KW0
Whirlpool FGHS2667KW1
Whirlpool FGHS2667KW2
Whirlpool FGHS2667KW3
Whirlpool FGHS2667KW4
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE0
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE1
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE2
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE3
Whirlpool FGHS2669KE4
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP0
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP1
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP2
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP3
Whirlpool FGHS2669KP4
Whirlpool FGHS2679KE0
Whirlpool FGHS2679KE1
Whirlpool FGHS2679KE2
Whirlpool FGHS2679KE3
Whirlpool FGHS2679KP0
Whirlpool FGHS2679KP1
Whirlpool FGHS2679KP2
Whirlpool FGHS2679KP3
Whirlpool FGUB2642LE0
Whirlpool FGUB2642LE1
Whirlpool FGUB2642LE2
Whirlpool FGUB2642LF0
Whirlpool FGUB2642LF1
Whirlpool FGUB2642LF2
Whirlpool FGUB2642LP0
Whirlpool FGUB2642LP1
Whirlpool FGUB2642LP2
Whirlpool FGUN2642LE0
Whirlpool FGUN2642LE1
Whirlpool FGUN2642LE2
Whirlpool FGUN2642LF0
Whirlpool FGUN2642LF1
Whirlpool FGUN2642LF2
Whirlpool FGUN2642LP0
Whirlpool FGUN2642LP1
Whirlpool FGUN2642LP2
Whirlpool FGUS2637LE0
Whirlpool FGUS2637LE1
Whirlpool FGUS2637LP0
Whirlpool FGUS2637LP1
Whirlpool FGUS2647LF0
Whirlpool FGUS2647LF1
Whirlpool FGUS2666LE0
Whirlpool FGUS2666LP0
Whirlpool FGUS2676LE0
Whirlpool FGUS2676LE1
Whirlpool FGUS2676LP0
Whirlpool FGUS2676LP1
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF1
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF2
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF3
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF4
Whirlpool FPHB2899LF5
Whirlpool FPHF2399MF0
Whirlpool FPHG2399MF0
Whirlpool FPHG2399MF1
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF0
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF1
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF2
Whirlpool FPHN2899LF3
Whirlpool FPHS2687KF0
Whirlpool FPHS2687KF1
Whirlpool FPHS2687KF2
Whirlpool FPHS2687KF3
Whirlpool FPHS2687KF4
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF0
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF1
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF2
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF3
Whirlpool FPHS2699KF4
Whirlpool FPUS2686LF0
Whirlpool FPUS2686LF1
Whirlpool FPUS2698LF0
Whirlpool FPUS2698LF1
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF1
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF3
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF4
Whirlpool LGHB2869LF5
Whirlpool LGHN2844ME0
Whirlpool LGHN2844MF0
Whirlpool LGHN2844MP0
Whirlpool LGHS2634KE0
Whirlpool LGHS2634KE1
Whirlpool LGHS2634KE2
Whirlpool LGHS2634KP0
Whirlpool LGHS2634KP1
Whirlpool LGHS2634KP2
Whirlpool LGHS2644KM0
Whirlpool LGHS2644KM1
Whirlpool LGHS2644KM2
Whirlpool LGHS2655KE0
Whirlpool LGHS2655KE1
Whirlpool LGHS2655KE2
Whirlpool LGHS2655KP0
Whirlpool LGHS2655KP1
Whirlpool LGHS2655KP2
Whirlpool LGHS2665KF0

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