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  • W10121138 | Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Housing
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  • W10121138-front
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  • W10121138-top

W10121138 | Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

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SKU: W10121138

Water filter housing used on some Amana, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: WPW10121138, W10121138, AP4369390, 1480816, 2260507, 2260513, AH2347790, EA2347790, PS2347790.


  • Approx. 14"L x 2"W.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 5ED2FHGXVA00
Whirlpool 5ED2FHGXVQ00
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXVA01
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXVQ01
Whirlpool ASD2520WRB00
Whirlpool ASD2520WRW00
Whirlpool ASD2522WRB01
Whirlpool ASD2522WRB02
Whirlpool ASD2522WRD01
Whirlpool ASD2522WRD02
Whirlpool ASD2522WRS01
Whirlpool ASD2522WRB03
Whirlpool ASD2522WRB04
Whirlpool ASD2522WRD03
Whirlpool ASD2522WRD04
Whirlpool ASD2522WRS03
Whirlpool ASD2522WRS04
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWA00
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWA01
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWB00
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWB01
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWQ00
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWQ01
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWS00
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWS01
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWY00
Whirlpool ES5DVAXWY01
Whirlpool GS5DHAXVA01
Whirlpool GS5DHAXVB01
Whirlpool GS5DHAXVQ01
Whirlpool GS5DHAXVY01
Whirlpool GS5SVAXVA01
Whirlpool GS5SVAXVB01
Whirlpool GS5SVAXVQ01
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXVA00
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXVQ00
Whirlpool ASD2522WRS07
Whirlpool ASD2522WRW03
Whirlpool ASD2522WRW04
Whirlpool BRS62BRBNA00
Whirlpool BRS70FBANA00
Whirlpool BRS70FRANA00
Whirlpool BRS70FRANA01
Whirlpool ED2DHEXWB00
Whirlpool ED2DHEXWL00
Whirlpool ED2DHEXWQ00
Whirlpool ED2FHEXVS02
Whirlpool ED2FHEXVS03
Whirlpool ED2GVEXVD01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS02
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS03
Whirlpool ED2LDEXWB00
Whirlpool ED2LDEXWL00
Whirlpool ED2LDEXWQ00
Whirlpool ED2SHEXXB00
Whirlpool ED2SHEXXQ00
Whirlpool MSD2242VEB01
Whirlpool MSD2242VES01
Whirlpool MSD2242VES03
Whirlpool MSD2242VEU01
Whirlpool MSD2242VEW01
Whirlpool MSD2542VEB00
Whirlpool MSD2542VEB01
Whirlpool MSD2542VES00
Whirlpool MSD2542VES01
Whirlpool MSD2542VES04
Whirlpool MSD2542VEU00
Whirlpool MSD2542VEU01
Whirlpool MSD2542VEW00
Whirlpool MSD2542VEW01
Whirlpool MSD2550VEB01
Whirlpool MSD2550VES01
Whirlpool MSD2550VEU01
Whirlpool ASD2522WRS02
Whirlpool ASD2522WRW01
Whirlpool ASD2522WRW02
Whirlpool ED2NHGXVL01
Whirlpool ED2NHGXVQ01
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWB02
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWQ02
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWS02
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWT02
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVA00
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWB00
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWB01
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWB02
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWQ00
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWQ01
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWQ02
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWS00
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWS01
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWS02
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWT00
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWT01
Whirlpool ED5LHAXWT02
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWB00
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWQ00
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWS00
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWT00
Whirlpool ED2LHEXTD00
Whirlpool ED2LHEXTD10
Whirlpool ED2LHEXTD11
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS01
Whirlpool ED5JHEXWB00
Whirlpool ED5JHEXWQ00
Whirlpool ED5LVAXWS01
Whirlpool ED5PVEXWS01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVA01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVA02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVA03
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVA04
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVB01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVB02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVB03
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVB04
Whirlpool ED2SHEXXU00
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVA02
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVA04
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVA05
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVA06
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVB02
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVB04
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVB05
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVB06
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVQ02
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVQ04
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVQ05
Whirlpool GD5DHAXVQ06
Whirlpool MSD2272VEB00
Whirlpool MSD2272VES00
Whirlpool MSD2272VES01
Whirlpool MSD2272VES02
Whirlpool MSD2272VEW00
Whirlpool MSD2273VEB00
Whirlpool MSD2273VES00
Whirlpool MSD2273VES02
Whirlpool MSD2273VEW00
Whirlpool MSD2572VEB00
Whirlpool MSD2572VEB01
Whirlpool MSD2572VES00
Whirlpool MSD2572VES01
Whirlpool MSD2572VES02
Whirlpool MSD2572VES03
Whirlpool MSD2572VEU00
Whirlpool MSD2572VEU01
Whirlpool MSD2572VEW00
Whirlpool MSD2572VEW01
Whirlpool MSD2573VEB00
Whirlpool MSD2573VEB01
Whirlpool MSD2573VEB02
Whirlpool MSD2573VES01
Whirlpool MSD2573VES02
Whirlpool MSD2573VES03
Whirlpool GS2KVAXVS03
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWB03
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWL03
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWQ03
Whirlpool ED5FHEXVS04
Whirlpool ED5FVAXWL01
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS06
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS07
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS08
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD05
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB01
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB02
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB03
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB04
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB05
Whirlpool ASD2523WRB00
Whirlpool ASD2523WRW00
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVQ01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVQ02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVQ03
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVQ04
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVS01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVS02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVS03
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVS04
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVT01
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVT02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVT03
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVT04
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVY01
Whirlpool GS2KVAXVS02
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVB02
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVB03
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVL02
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVL03
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVQ02
Whirlpool ED5HHAXVQ03
Whirlpool KSRV22FVMS03
Whirlpool KSRV22FVMS04
Whirlpool KSRV22FVSS03
Whirlpool KSRV22FVSS04
Whirlpool ED2KVEXVB01
Whirlpool ED2KVEXVL01
Whirlpool ED2KVEXVQ01
Whirlpool ED5HVEXVB03
Whirlpool ED5HVEXVL03
Whirlpool ED5HVEXVQ03
Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB00
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWB00
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWL00
Whirlpool ED5DHEXWQ00
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS00
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD00
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD01
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD02
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVA01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVB01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVL01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVQ01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVT01
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVB00
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVL00
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVQ00
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS00
Whirlpool ED2KHAXVT00
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS02
Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS05
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD03
Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD04
Whirlpool ED5PVEXWS02
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB03
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVL02
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVL03
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVQ03
Whirlpool MSD2574VEM11
Whirlpool MSD2576VEM01
Whirlpool MSD2578VEM01
Whirlpool ED2VHEXVB01
Whirlpool ED2VHEXVL01
Whirlpool ED2VHEXVQ01
Whirlpool ITQ225301
Whirlpool ITQ225801
Whirlpool ED5LVAXVB01
Whirlpool ED5LVAXVQO1
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB01
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB02
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB04
Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB06
Whirlpool MSF22C2EXB00
Whirlpool MSF22C2EXM00
Whirlpool MSF22C2EXS00
Whirlpool MSF22C2EXW00
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVY04
Whirlpool ED5FHEXVS02
Whirlpool ED5FHAXVY03

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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