W10139323 | Whirlpool Dryer Door Switch

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Sku:  W10139323
Condition:  New
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Door switch used on some Maytag and Whirlpool dryer models.

Directly Replaces: WPW10139323, W10139323, AP4307470, 1450964, 33002166, 33002250, 33002664, AH1960988, EA1960988, PS1960988.


  • Approx. 2"L x 0.75"W x 1.75"H.
  • Gray.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MDG16PRAWW
Whirlpool MDG16PRAXW
Whirlpool MHE15PDAGW
Whirlpool MDG21PNDGW
Whirlpool MDG21PNAGW
Whirlpool MDG21PDDGW
Whirlpool MDG21PDAGW
Whirlpool MDG16PRAEW
Whirlpool MLE19PDDGW
Whirlpool MDG16PDSAW
Whirlpool MLE23PDFGW
Whirlpool MDG16PDDGW
Whirlpool MDG16PDBGW
Whirlpool MDG16PDAGW
Whirlpool MDG16PDAEW
Whirlpool MDE21PNDGW
Whirlpool MDE21PNAGW
Whirlpool MDE21PDDGW
Whirlpool MLG19PDDGW
Whirlpool MDE21PDAGW
Whirlpool MDE16PRAZW
Whirlpool MDE16PRAYW
Whirlpool MDE16PRAGW
Whirlpool MUE15PDAGW
Whirlpool MDE16PDDGW
Whirlpool MDE16PDAYQ
Whirlpool MDE16PDAYA
Whirlpool MDE16PDAUW
Whirlpool MDE16PDAGW
Whirlpool MDE14PDAGW
Whirlpool MDE16PDAYW
Whirlpool MHG15PDAEW
Whirlpool MHG15PDAGW
Whirlpool MLE15PDAGW
Whirlpool MLE15PDBGW
Whirlpool MLE19PDAGW
Whirlpool MLE23PDAGW
Whirlpool MLE23PDHGW
Whirlpool MLG15PDAEW
Whirlpool MLG15PDAGW
Whirlpool MLG15PDBGW
Whirlpool MLG19PDAEW
Whirlpool MLG19PDAGW
Whirlpool MLG19PDBGW
Whirlpool MLG19PDSAW
Whirlpool MLG23PDAGW
Whirlpool MLG23PDFGW
Whirlpool MLG23PDHGW
Whirlpool MUG15PDAEW
Whirlpool MUG15PDAGW

1 Year Limited Warranty

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