W10169961A | Whirlpool Vent Hood Grease Filter

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Sku:  W10169961A
Condition:  New
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Grease Filter used on some Ikea, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP4482237, 8190858, 1551344, AH2372036, EA2372036, PS2372036, W10169961.


  • Approx. 12"L x 11"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool IH6362RS0
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS0
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS0
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS0
Whirlpool GXW7330DXS0
Whirlpool GXW7336DXS0
Whirlpool IH6242SM0
Whirlpool IH6242WM0
Whirlpool IH6302RS0
Whirlpool IH6302RS1
Whirlpool IH6302WS0
Whirlpool IH6362RS1
Whirlpool IH6362WS0
Whirlpool IHW6302VM0
Whirlpool IHW6302WM0
Whirlpool IHW6362VM0
Whirlpool IHW6362WM0
Whirlpool JXT6030ADR0
Whirlpool JXT6036ADR0
Whirlpool JXW6030WR0
Whirlpool JXW6036WR0
Whirlpool UTX5536AAB0
Whirlpool UXT5530AAB0
Whirlpool UXT5530AAS0
Whirlpool UXT5530AAW0
Whirlpool UXT5536AAS0
Whirlpool UXT5536AAW0
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS1
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS2
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS1
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS2
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS1
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS2
Whirlpool GXW7230DAS0
Whirlpool GXW7330DXS1
Whirlpool GXW7336DXS1
Whirlpool IH6302YS0
Whirlpool IHI6530BS0
Whirlpool IHW2530BS0
Whirlpool IHW6302YB0
Whirlpool IHW6530BS0
Whirlpool IHW7302YS0
Whirlpool KXW2536YSS2
Whirlpool UXI6536BS0
Whirlpool UXL6036YSS0
Whirlpool UXL6048YSS0
Whirlpool UXW6530BS0
Whirlpool UXW6536BS0
Whirlpool UXW7230BS0
Whirlpool UXW7324BSS0
Whirlpool KXW2530YSS2
KitchenAid KXW2536YSS1
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS2
KitchenAid KXW2536YSS2
KitchenAid KXI2536YSS1
KitchenAid KXW2330YSS1
KitchenAid KXW2336YSS1
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS1
KitchenAid KXI2536YSS0
KitchenAid KXW2330YSS0
KitchenAid KXW2336YSS0
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS0
KitchenAid KXW2536YSSO

90 Day Limited Warranty

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