W10245217 | Whirlpool Microwave Vent Grille

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Sku:  W10245217
Condition:  New
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Vent grille used on some Ikea, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool microwave models.

Directly Replaces: W10245217, AP4411377, 1482737, AH2350383, EA2350383, PS2350383.


  • Approx. 2.5"L x 30"W x 4"H.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool GMH3204XVB0
Whirlpool GMH3204XVB1
Whirlpool GMH3204XVB2
Whirlpool GMH3204XVB3
Whirlpool GMH3204XVQ0
Whirlpool GMH3204XVQ1
Whirlpool GMH3204XVQ2
Whirlpool GMH3204XVQ3
Whirlpool GMH3204XVS0
Whirlpool GMH3204XVS1
Whirlpool GMH3204XVS2
Whirlpool GMH3204XVS3
Whirlpool GMH5184VAQ0
Whirlpool GMH5184XVB0
Whirlpool GMH5184XVB1
Whirlpool GMH5184XVQ0
Whirlpool GMH5184XVQ1
Whirlpool GMH5184XVS0
Whirlpool GMH5184XVS1
Whirlpool GMH5184XVT0
Whirlpool GMH5184XVT1
Whirlpool GMH6185XVB0
Whirlpool GMH6185XVB1
Whirlpool GMH6185XVB2
Whirlpool GMH6185XVB3
Whirlpool GMH6185XVQ0
Whirlpool GMH6185XVQ1
Whirlpool GMH6185XVQ2
Whirlpool GMH6185XVQ3
Whirlpool GMH6185XVS0
Whirlpool GMH6185XVS1
Whirlpool GMH6185XVS2
Whirlpool GMH6185XVS3
Whirlpool IMH2205AS0
Whirlpool IMH2205AW0
KitchenAid KHMC1857BBL0
KitchenAid KHMC1857BSP0
KitchenAid KHMC1857BSS0
KitchenAid KHMC1857BWH0
KitchenAid KHMC1857WBL0
KitchenAid KHMC1857WSS0
KitchenAid KHMC1857WWH0
KitchenAid KHMS1857WBL0
KitchenAid KHMS1857WSS0
KitchenAid KHMS1857WWH0
KitchenAid KHMS2040BBL0
KitchenAid KHMS2040BSS0
KitchenAid KHMS2040BWH0
KitchenAid KHMS2040WBL0
KitchenAid KHMS2040WBL1
KitchenAid KHMS2040WBL2
KitchenAid KHMS2040WSS0
KitchenAid KHMS2040WSS1
KitchenAid KHMS2040WSS2
KitchenAid KHMS2040WWH0
KitchenAid KHMS2040WWH1
KitchenAid KHMS2040WWH2
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB0
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB1
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB2
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB3
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB4
Whirlpool WMH1163XVB5
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD0
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD1
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD2
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD3
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD4
Whirlpool WMH1163XVD5
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ0
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ1
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ2
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ3
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ4
Whirlpool WMH1163XVQ5
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS0
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS1
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS2
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS3
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS4
Whirlpool WMH1163XVS5
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB0
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB1
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB2
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB3
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB4
Whirlpool WMH2175XVB5
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ0
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ1
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ2
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ3
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ4
Whirlpool WMH2175XVQ5
Whirlpool WMH2175XVS0
Whirlpool WMH2175XVS1
Whirlpool WMH2175XVS2
Whirlpool WMH2175XVS3
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT0
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT1
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT2
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT3
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT4
Whirlpool WMH2175XVT5
Whirlpool WMH2205XVB0
Whirlpool WMH2205XVB1
Whirlpool WMH2205XVQ0
Whirlpool WMH2205XVQ1
Whirlpool WMH2205XVS0
Whirlpool WMH2205XVS1
Whirlpool WMH3205XVB0
Whirlpool WMH3205XVB1
Whirlpool WMH3205XVB2
Whirlpool WMH3205XVQ0
Whirlpool WMH3205XVQ1
Whirlpool WMH3205XVQ2
Whirlpool WMH3205XVS0
Whirlpool WMH3205XVS1
Whirlpool WMH3205XVS2
Whirlpool WMH76718AB0
Whirlpool WMH76718AS0
Whirlpool WMH76718AW0
Whirlpool YGMH6185XVB0
Whirlpool YGMH6185XVQ0
Whirlpool YGMH6185XVS0
Whirlpool YKHMS2040WB0
Whirlpool YKHMS2040WS0
Whirlpool YKHMS2040WW0
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVB0
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVB1
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVQ0
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVQ1
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVQ2
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVQ3
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVS0
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVS1
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVS2
Whirlpool YWMH2205XVS3

1 Year Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on May 16th 2019

    Fast-easy to order. Part was perfect fit. Would not hesitate to recommend appliance zone to all.

  • 5
    Right part for my microwave

    Posted by Max Bonnett on Dec 10th 2017

    Decent shipping time, right part. My microwave looks good.

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