W10254672 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Faucet Adaptor

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Faucet adaptor used on some Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Crosley, Inglis, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool dishwasher and washer models.

Directly Replaces: WPW10254672, W10254672, AP4567019, 0803149, 0803391, 110552, 14205693, 1638900, 300446, 326039784, 3374592, 39898-1, 40006-1, 40420-1, 4107541, 4160080, 4160963, 4161359, 4170538, 4170540, 4170541, 4170551, 4170552, 4340088, 4340099, 4355128, 7-57004, 711445, 712709, 712721, 712781, 713750, 718045, 757004, 8-3149, 8-3391, 80-3149, 80-3391, 803149, 803391, 80582, 83-0311, 9-0084, 9-0159, 9-84, 900084, 900159, AH3407202, EA3407202, PS3407202, Y0803149, Y0803391, Y757004.


  • Approx. 1"Diameter x 1"L.
  • Both male and female threads.

Compatible with the following models:

Supco 1107433700
Supco 11074470100
Whirlpool LCR5244AN0
Whirlpool 8595^00
Whirlpool DP1098XRN0
Whirlpool DP1098XRN1
Whirlpool DP3000XRG0
Whirlpool DP3000XRN0
Whirlpool DP3000XRN1
Whirlpool DP4800XSG0
Whirlpool DP4800XSN0
Whirlpool LCR5244AN1
Whirlpool MDC4809PAB1
Whirlpool MDC4809PAW1
Whirlpool WDP350PAAB0
Whirlpool WDP350PAAB1
Whirlpool WDP350PAAB2
Whirlpool WDP350PAAW0
Whirlpool WDP350PAAW1
Whirlpool WDP350PAAW2
Whirlpool DP3000XRN3
Whirlpool DP6881XLP1
Whirlpool DP8350XVN2
Whirlpool DP840CWDB0
Whirlpool DP8700XTN1
Whirlpool DP920PFGY4
Whirlpool DP920QWDB4
Whirlpool DP940PWKM1
Whirlpool DWC7302AAB
Whirlpool KDS21
Whirlpool LC4900XTW0
Whirlpool WC202
Whirlpool WU701
Whirlpool CCW5264W4
Whirlpool CDC400B
Whirlpool DP6881XLP0
Whirlpool DWC4910AAW
Whirlpool DWC6402AAE
Whirlpool KDB21
Whirlpool KPDJ630Y0
Whirlpool KUDS21CS0
Whirlpool LCR7244HQ2
Whirlpool MDC4100AWE
Whirlpool CAWC529JQ1
Whirlpool CCW5264W1
Whirlpool CCW5264W2
Whirlpool DP6000XRP0
Whirlpool DP840DWGX0
Whirlpool DP8500XBN1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN0
Whirlpool DP8500XTN2
Whirlpool DP8700XTN2
Whirlpool DP8700XTN3
Whirlpool DP920PFGQ4
Whirlpool DP920QWDB5
Whirlpool DP920QWDB6
Whirlpool DP940PWPQ1
Whirlpool DU471
Whirlpool KPDC610S2
Whirlpool KPDI620T2
Whirlpool LCR7244DQ0
Whirlpool LCR7244DQ2
Whirlpool WC204
Whirlpool WC282
Whirlpool WC504
Whirlpool WU302
Whirlpool WU702
Whirlpool 60W
Whirlpool CAWC529PQ0
Whirlpool CCW5294W0
Whirlpool DP3880XMW0
Whirlpool DP8350XVN0
Whirlpool DP8350XVN1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN5
Whirlpool DP8700XYN4
Whirlpool DP920PFGQ1
Whirlpool DP920PFGQ2
Whirlpool DU451
Whirlpool DU470
Whirlpool DU490
Whirlpool DWC7602AAB
Whirlpool GDP8500XXN2
Whirlpool GSHF7801W0
Whirlpool GSHF7804W0
Whirlpool KDC21
Whirlpool KDI21AD
Whirlpool KDM21
Whirlpool KDSC21A
Whirlpool KPDI620T1
Whirlpool KPDI620T5
Whirlpool KPDI620T6
Whirlpool LC4900XSW1
Whirlpool LC4900XTF0
Whirlpool LCR7244DQ3
Whirlpool LCR7244DZ0
Whirlpool LCR7244DZ5
Whirlpool PDC3600BWX
Whirlpool WC704
Whirlpool 4KPDI620T0
Whirlpool 4KPDI620T1
Whirlpool 4KPDI620T2
Whirlpool 4KPDI620T3
Whirlpool 601C
Whirlpool 601W
Whirlpool 61C
Whirlpool 61W
Whirlpool 701C
Whirlpool 70C
Whirlpool 7DP840CWDB0
Whirlpool 7DP840CWDB1
Whirlpool 7DP840DWGX0
Whirlpool 7DP840SWKX0
Whirlpool 7DP840SWKX1
Whirlpool 7DP840SWSX0
Whirlpool 8595*00
Whirlpool 8595L10
Whirlpool 8595W00
Whirlpool CCW5244W0
Whirlpool CCW5264EW0
Whirlpool CCW5264W3
Whirlpool CCW5294W1
Whirlpool CDC5J
Whirlpool CDP2406
Whirlpool CDP2406-1
Whirlpool CDP2406A
Whirlpool CDP2406H
Whirlpool DC24B6
Whirlpool DC24B6R
Whirlpool DC24D6
Whirlpool DC24D6-A
Whirlpool DC24D6A
Whirlpool DC24D6A1
Whirlpool DC24H6
Whirlpool DC24H6A
Whirlpool DC24H6B
Whirlpool DC24J6A
Whirlpool MDC4809AWB2
Whirlpool MDC4809AWB3
Whirlpool MDC4809AWB4
Whirlpool MDC4809AWW2
Whirlpool MDC4809AWW3
Whirlpool MDC4809AWW4
Whirlpool MDC4809PAB0
Whirlpool MDC4809PAW0
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB1
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB3
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB4
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB5
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB6
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ1
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ3
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ4
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ5
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ6
Whirlpool MDC4000AWX
Whirlpool MDC4650AWW
Whirlpool DP840DWGX1
Whirlpool MDC5100AWW
Whirlpool MDC4100AWX
Whirlpool PDC3600AWX
Whirlpool MDC4650AWB
Whirlpool DP940PWKQ1
Whirlpool MDC5100AWB
Whirlpool DWC7400AAW
Whirlpool LCR7244HQ1
Whirlpool DP840SWKX0
Whirlpool DP840SWSX0
Whirlpool MDC4000AWE
Whirlpool DP840CWDB5
Whirlpool DP940PWPQ0
Whirlpool KDI21A
Whirlpool CDC450B
Whirlpool DWC7602AAE
Whirlpool DP8500XXN2
Whirlpool DP840SWPX0
Whirlpool KUDC210S0
Whirlpool DP920QWDB3
Whirlpool KUDS21MS0
Whirlpool LCE4332PQ1
Whirlpool DP840CWDB3
Whirlpool DP8700XYN0
Whirlpool KDC21A
Whirlpool CDC610B
Whirlpool DP8500XBN2
Whirlpool DP920PFGQ3
Whirlpool LPR6244AW0
Whirlpool PDC3600AWE
Whirlpool WU482
Whirlpool CAWC529PQ1
Whirlpool DP6000XRP1
Whirlpool DP840DWGX2
Whirlpool DP940PWPQ2
Whirlpool DP940PWSQ0
Whirlpool DWC8330AAW
Whirlpool KDC21AD
Whirlpool LCR7244HQ0
Whirlpool LPR6244AN0
Whirlpool DP840CWDB4
Whirlpool DP840SWPX2
Whirlpool DP8500XXN0
Whirlpool DP920PFGY3
Whirlpool DP940PWKM0
Whirlpool CAWC529JQ0
Whirlpool DP8500XBN0
Whirlpool DP920PFGY0
Whirlpool DP920QWDB0
Whirlpool DWC8240AAW
Whirlpool KUDI21DS0
Whirlpool LCE4332PQ0
Whirlpool DM45A
Whirlpool DM45A-1
Whirlpool DM45B
Whirlpool DM55A
Whirlpool DM55A-1
Whirlpool DP1040XTXB0
Whirlpool DP1040XTXQ0
Whirlpool DP1098XRW0
Whirlpool DP1098XRW1
Whirlpool DP3000XRN2
Whirlpool DP3000XRN4
Whirlpool DP3000XRN6
Whirlpool DP3000XRW0
Whirlpool DP3000XRW1
Whirlpool DP3800XLW0
Whirlpool DP3800XLW1
Whirlpool DP3801XLW0
Whirlpool DP3840XPN0
Whirlpool DP3840XPN1
Whirlpool DP3840XPN2
Whirlpool DP450
Whirlpool DP450-C
Whirlpool DP451
Whirlpool DP470
Whirlpool DP471
Whirlpool DP476
Whirlpool DP4800XMW0
Whirlpool DP4800XSW0
Whirlpool DP6000XRP2
Whirlpool DP6880XLP0
Whirlpool DP6880XLP1
Whirlpool DP840CWDB2
Whirlpool DP840CWDW0
Whirlpool DP8500XTN1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN3
Whirlpool DP8500XTN4
Whirlpool DP8500XXN1
Whirlpool DP8500XXN3
Whirlpool DP8700XBN1
Whirlpool DP8700XTN0
Whirlpool DP8700XTN4
Whirlpool DP8700XTN5
Whirlpool DP8700XTW2

90 Day Limited Warranty

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    FIT !

    Posted by Ben Pressley on Dec 27th 2016

    Great Fit

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