W10365758BL | Whirlpool Refrigerator Freshener Bundle

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Sku:  W10365758BL
Condition:  New
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Freshener Bundle used on Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana and Jenn-Air Refrigerators using an interior push-button filter.

This kit includes an Air Filter to reduce food odor 15x more effectively than baking soda, a produce preserver that slows and extends produce freshness up to 25%, and a EDR1RXD1 water filter that keeps your water fresh up to 6 months.

Directly Replaces: EDR1RXD1, W10295370, W10295370A, FILTER1, FILTER 1, P4RFWB, P5WB2L, 46-9930, 9930, W10276924, W10291030, PS2378001, W10346771A, W10311524, 2118001, AH3501922, EA3501922, PS3501922, AP5322564, AP5672236, 2310769, P4RFWB, PS3653009, W10291030, AP5324183, 2117689, AH3503014, EA3503014, PS3503014, AP4538127, 1876318, 2319308, AH2580853, EA2580853, PS2580853.


  • Includes EDR1RXD1 EveryDrop Filter 1 Water Filter, W10346771A Produce Preserver and W10311524 Air Filter.
  • Replace every 6 months for optimum freshness.
  • Compatible with Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana and Jenn-Air models using an interior push-button filter.


  • Operating pressure: 30 - 120 psi.
  • Flow rate: 0.5 gallons per minute.
  • Dimensions: 7 1/8 inches x 1 7/8 inches.
  • Operating temperature: 33 - 100 degrees F.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 7WSC19D2XL00
Whirlpool 7WSC19D2XS00
Whirlpool 7WSC19D2XS01
Whirlpool 7WSC19D2XW00
Whirlpool 7WSC21C4XA00
Whirlpool 7WSC21C4XW00
Whirlpool 7WSC21C4XY00
Whirlpool 7WSC21C4XY01
Whirlpool 5WSC20CAYB00
Whirlpool 5WSC20CAYY00
Whirlpool 6ISC20C6AY00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XB00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XB02
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XB04
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XD00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XD02
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XD04
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XW00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XW02
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XW04
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XY00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XY02
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6XY04
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6YB00
Whirlpool 6WSC20C6YY00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4AY00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4XB00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4XD00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4XW00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4XY00
Whirlpool 3WSC19D4XY01
Whirlpool 7GSC22C6XA00
Whirlpool 7GSC22C6XW00
Whirlpool 7GSC22C6XY00
Whirlpool BRS62CBANA00
Whirlpool BRS62CRANA00
Whirlpool BRS70HEANA00
Whirlpool BRS70HRANA00
Whirlpool ISC23CNEXW00
Whirlpool ISC23CNEXW01
Whirlpool ISC23CNEXY00
Whirlpool ISC23CNEXY01
Whirlpool ISC23CNEXY02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXA00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXA02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXB00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXB02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXF02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXS00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXS02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXS03
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXT00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXT02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXW00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXW02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXY00
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXY02
Whirlpool GSF26C4EXY03
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXA00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXB00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXB02
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXS00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXS03
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXT00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXW00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXW02
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXY00
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXY02
Whirlpool 7GSC22C6XY01
Whirlpool BRS70HRBNA00
Whirlpool BRS62CBBNA00
Whirlpool BRS62CRBNA00
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYB00
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYB01
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYB02
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYW00
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYW01
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYW02
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYY00
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYY01
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYY02
Whirlpool GSC25C4EYY03
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYB00
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYB01
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYB02
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYW00
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYW01
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYW02
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYY00
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYY01
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYY02
Whirlpool GSC25C5EYY03
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYB00
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXA00
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXA02
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXA03
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXB00
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXB02
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXB03
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXF02
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXW00
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXW02
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXW03
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY00
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY02
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY03
Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY04
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXA00
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXA02
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXA03
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXB00
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXB02
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXB03
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXW00
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXW02
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXW03
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXY00
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXY02
Whirlpool BRS80ARANA00
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYW00
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYY00
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYY01
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXY03
Whirlpool GSS26C5XXY04
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYB00
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYW00
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYY00
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYY01
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYB00
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYW00
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYY00
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYY01
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYB01
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYW01
Whirlpool GSF26C5EXY03
Whirlpool WRS526SIAE00
Whirlpool ISC23CDEXB00
Whirlpool ISC23CDEXB01
Whirlpool ISC23CDEXY00
Whirlpool ISC23CDEXY01
Whirlpool ISC23CDEXY02
Whirlpool WSF26C2EXB01
Whirlpool WSF26C2EXF01
Whirlpool WSF26C2EXW01
Whirlpool WSF26C2EXY01
Whirlpool WSF26C2EXY02
Whirlpool WSF26C3EXB01
Whirlpool WSF26C3EXF01
Whirlpool WSF26C3EXW01
Whirlpool WSF26C3EXY01
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXB01
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXW01
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXY01
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXY02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXA00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXA02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXB00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXB02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXL00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXL02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXS00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXS02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXS03
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXW00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXW02
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXY00
Whirlpool WSF26D4EXY02
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXA00
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXB00
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXL00
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXS00
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXW00
Whirlpool WSF26D5EXY00
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYB02
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYB03
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYF00
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYF02
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYF03
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYW02
Whirlpool WRS526SIAH00
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXF01
Whirlpool WSF26D2EXS02
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXA00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXB00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXL00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXS00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXT00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXW00
Whirlpool WSF26D3EXY00
Whirlpool WRT579SMYB00
Whirlpool WRT579SMYF00
Whirlpool WRT579SMYM00
Whirlpool WRT579SMYW00
Whirlpool WRL767SIAM00
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYB00
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYB02
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYW00
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYW02
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYY00
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYY01
Whirlpool KSC23C8EYY02
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYB00
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYB02
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYW00
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYW02
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYY00
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYY01
Whirlpool KSC23C9EYY02
Whirlpool KSC23W8EYB00
Whirlpool KSC23W8EYW00
Whirlpool KSC23W8EYY00
Whirlpool KSC24C8EYB02
Whirlpool KSC24C8EYW02
Whirlpool KSC24C8EYY01
Whirlpool KSC24C8EYY02
Whirlpool KSF26C6XYY00
Whirlpool KSF26C6XYY02
Whirlpool KSF26C6XYY03
Whirlpool KSF26C6XYY04
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYW03
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYY02
Whirlpool GSS30C6EYY03
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYB02
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYB03
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYF00
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYF02
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYF03
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYW02
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYW03
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYY02
Whirlpool GSC25C6EYY02
Whirlpool WRT579SMYB01
Whirlpool WRT579SMYF01
Whirlpool WRT579SMYM01
Whirlpool WRT579SMYW01
Whirlpool KSF26C7XYY04
Whirlpool MSB26C4XYB00
Whirlpool MSB26C4XYM00
Whirlpool MSB26C4XYW00
Whirlpool GSS30C7EYY03
Whirlpool JSC24C8EAM00
Whirlpool KSF26C7XYY00
Whirlpool KSF26C7XYY02
Whirlpool KSF26C7XYY03
Whirlpool WRS537SIAB00
Whirlpool WRS537SIAF00
Whirlpool WRS537SIAW00
Whirlpool MSF25D4XAB00
Whirlpool MSF25D4XAM00
Whirlpool MSF25D4XAW00
Whirlpool WRS325FDAB01
Whirlpool WRS325FDAM01

90 Day Limited Warranty

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Always fits

    Posted by Kathy Boylen on Dec 15th 2019

    Fine product. Just a bit expensive.

  • 5
    What is the Best Replacement Product for the Whirlpool Refrigerator?

    Posted by bankervelm@yahoo.com on Aug 7th 2019

    Have ordered replacement many times. Product is received in a timely manner. The product performs very well.

  • 5
    Refrigerator Filters

    Posted by Ken Altshuler on Jan 20th 2017

    Perfect. Exactly what I needed and arrived in reasonable timeframe.

  • 5
    Very nice!

    Posted by Elizabeth Barnes on Feb 24th 2016

    Arrived quickly and was just what I wanted. Filters work great. Thanks for the fast free shipping!

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