W10703867 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Heating Element

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Sku:  W10703867
Condition:  New
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Heating element used on some Ikea, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: W10703867, AP5809076, 3387288, PS9494999, W10687954, W10696509, W10473250, W10518402, W10329322, W10195052.


  • Approx. 13"L x 15"W.
  • Includes 2 Heater Fasteners.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool BLB14BRANA0
Whirlpool 7WDT950SAYM0
Whirlpool 7WDT950SAYM1
Whirlpool KUDC10FXBL3
Whirlpool KUDC10FXSS3
Whirlpool KUDC10FXWH3
Whirlpool KUDE40FXSP5
Whirlpool JDB8200AWP0
Whirlpool JDB8700AWP0
Whirlpool KUDE20IXBL8
Whirlpool KUDC10IXBL7
Whirlpool KUDS30SXBL4
Whirlpool KUDS30SXBL8
Whirlpool KUDS30SXSS4
Whirlpool KUDS30SXSS8
Whirlpool KUDS30SXWH4
Whirlpool KUDS30SXWH8
Whirlpool KUDE20IXSS8
Whirlpool KUDE20IXWH8
Whirlpool KUDE40FXPA6
Whirlpool KUDE48FXBL4
Whirlpool KUDE48FXSS4
Whirlpool KUDE48FXWH4
Whirlpool KUDE50CXSS8
Whirlpool KUDE70FXPA1
Whirlpool KUDE70FXPA2
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBL6
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBL7
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBL8
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBT6
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBT7
Whirlpool KUDS30IXBT8
Whirlpool KUDS30IXSS6
Whirlpool KUDS30IXSS7
Whirlpool KUDS30IXSS8
Whirlpool WDF750SAYB0
Whirlpool WDF750SAYB1
Whirlpool WDF750SAYM0
Whirlpool WDF750SAYM1
Whirlpool WDF750SAYW0
Whirlpool WDF750SAYW1
Whirlpool WDF775SAYB0
Whirlpool WDF775SAYB1
Whirlpool WDF775SAYM0
Whirlpool WDF775SAYM1
Whirlpool WDF775SAYW0
Whirlpool WDF775SAYW1
Whirlpool WDF780SLYB0
Whirlpool WDF780SLYB1
Whirlpool WDF780SLYM0
Whirlpool WDF780SLYM1
Whirlpool WDF780SLYW0
Whirlpool WDF780SLYW1
Whirlpool WDL785SAAM0
Whirlpool WDT790SAYB1
Whirlpool KUDE70FXPA3
Whirlpool KUDC10IXSS7
Whirlpool KUDC10IXWH7
Whirlpool KUDS30FXPA8
Whirlpool KUDS30CXBL7
Whirlpool KUDS30CXBL6
Whirlpool KUDS30CXSS6
Whirlpool KUDS30CXSS7
Whirlpool KUDS30CXWH6
Whirlpool KUDS30CXWH7
Whirlpool KUDS30IXWH6
Whirlpool KUDS30IXWH7
Whirlpool KUDE70FXSS0
Whirlpool KUDE70FXSS4
Whirlpool MDB7749SAB0
Whirlpool WDT790SAYM1
Whirlpool WDT790SAYW1
Whirlpool MDB7759SAB0
Whirlpool MDB7759SAB1
Whirlpool MDB7759SAS0
Whirlpool MDB7759SAS1
Whirlpool MDB7759SAW0
Whirlpool MDB7759SAW1
Whirlpool MDB7760SAS0
Whirlpool MDB8959SAB0
Whirlpool MDB8959SAB1
Whirlpool MDB8959SAS0
Whirlpool MDB8959SAS1
Whirlpool MDB8959SAW0
Whirlpool MDB8959SAW1
Whirlpool MDB7749SAB1
Whirlpool MDB7749SAM0
Whirlpool MDB7749SAM1
Whirlpool MDB7749SAQ0
Whirlpool MDB7749SAQ1
Whirlpool MDB7749SAW0
Whirlpool MDB7749SAW1
Whirlpool MDB8949SAB0
Whirlpool MDB8949SAB1
Whirlpool MDB8949SAM0
Whirlpool MDB8949SAM1
Whirlpool MDB8949SAW0
Whirlpool MDB8949SAW1
Whirlpool MDBH979SAB1
Whirlpool MDBH979SAM1
Whirlpool MDBH979SAW1
Whirlpool WDT790SLYM1
Whirlpool WDT910SAYE0
Whirlpool WDT910SAYE1
Whirlpool WDT910SAYH0
Whirlpool WDT910SAYH1
Whirlpool WDT910SAYM0
Whirlpool WDT910SAYM1
Whirlpool WDT910SSYB0
Whirlpool WDT910SSYB1
Whirlpool WDT910SSYM0
Whirlpool WDT910SSYM1
Whirlpool WDT910SSYW0
Whirlpool WDT910SSYW1
Whirlpool KUDS30FXBL8
Whirlpool KUDS30FXSS8
Whirlpool KUDS30FXWH8
Whirlpool KUDS30IXWH8
Whirlpool MDBH979SAB0
Whirlpool MDBH979SAM0
Whirlpool MDBH979SAQ0
Whirlpool MDBH979SAW0
Whirlpool KUDS35FXBL8
Whirlpool KUDS35FXSS8
Whirlpool KUDS35FXWH8

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