W10823815 | Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor

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Sku:  W10823815
Condition:  New
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Compressor used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Estate, GE, Inglis, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, Scotsman and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP3108704, 2176660, 2176820, 2183464, 2183471, 2196771, 2208370, 2208490, 2212912, 2218376, 2218965, 2225647, 2256541, 2258449, 2313858, 2328465, 4356578, 4356737, 4356744, 4387964, 4389064, 4390791, 4390901, 586562, 68001140, 68001358, 8210260, AH371579, EA371579, PS371579, R0660026, R9800531, W10171778.


  • Includes Relay, Overload, Start Capacitor and Drier.
  • 1/5hsp. 585btu.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool ZDIS15CSSN
Whirlpool ET18GKXHW00
Whirlpool ET18PKXFW01
Whirlpool ET18NKXFW04
Whirlpool ET18NKXFW01
Whirlpool ET18NKXDW06
Whirlpool RT18DKXHW00
Whirlpool RT14BKXSQ00
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKT04
Whirlpool ET8MTKXKQ00
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ09
Whirlpool RT14BKXKQ05
Whirlpool RT18DKXJW01
Whirlpool RT21LMXKQ01
Whirlpool ET18PKXGW01
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB04
Whirlpool ET18GKXGW01
Whirlpool RT18ECRFW00
Whirlpool ET14JKXGW02
Whirlpool RT18DKXKQ00
Whirlpool ET18NKXFW00
Whirlpool ET8MTKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ04
Whirlpool ET18TKXDW05
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMQ00
Whirlpool RT14BKXJW00
Whirlpool ET18GKXGW00
Whirlpool ET18NKXFN01
Whirlpool ZDI15CBBN
Whirlpool ET18TKXDN05
Whirlpool ET18NKXJW00
Whirlpool ZDI15CWWN
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKS01
Whirlpool ET19RKXFW01
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB05
Whirlpool ET1MTKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKQ03
Whirlpool RT14BKXGW02
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ05
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ08
Whirlpool RT21LMXJW01
Whirlpool ST14CKXHW00
Whirlpool TT14DKXEW10
Whirlpool TT14DKXSQ00
Whirlpool ZDIS15CSSM
Whirlpool ET18NKXDW04
Whirlpool ET1MTKXKT01
Whirlpool ET21CKXHB01
Whirlpool ET8GHMXLQ00
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMQ01
Whirlpool RT14BKXKQ02
Whirlpool RT18AKXJW01
Whirlpool ST14CKXSQ00
Whirlpool ET18GMXHW00
Whirlpool ET18NKXDN06
Whirlpool ET18NKXJW01
Whirlpool ET18PKXGW00
Whirlpool RT14DKXJW00
Whirlpool RT18DKXKQ05
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKQ01
Whirlpool ET14JKXFN02
Whirlpool ET18NMXFW01
Whirlpool ET18NMXJW01
Whirlpool ET18TKXDN01
Whirlpool ET1MHKXMT06
Whirlpool ET1PHKXPQ06
Whirlpool ET20NKXDW10
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKQ03
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB02
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKT03
Whirlpool ET8MTKXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8MTMXKQ00
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ00
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKT00
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKQ08
Whirlpool GI1500XHB9
Whirlpool RT14DKXGW01
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ00
Whirlpool ET14NKXGW02
Whirlpool ET18GKXDW05
Whirlpool ET18GKXFW01
Whirlpool ET18NMXJW00
Whirlpool ET18PKXFN01
Whirlpool ET18ZKXDW06
Whirlpool ET1CHMXKB09
Whirlpool ET1FTTXKT01
Whirlpool ET21GKXHW01
Whirlpool ET4CSKYKQ01
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKQ05
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMQ04
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKT09
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKQ01
Whirlpool RT14DKXGW00
Whirlpool RT14DKYGN02
Whirlpool RT18DKXFW00
Whirlpool RT21LMXKQ09
Whirlpool ST14CKXKQ04
Whirlpool ET14JKXFW00
Whirlpool ET18GMXHW01
Whirlpool ET18NKXFN04
Whirlpool ET18NKXFW02
Whirlpool ET18NMXFW04
Whirlpool ET1FTTXKQ01
Whirlpool ET1MHKXMQ04
Whirlpool ET21LKXHW01
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKQ04
Whirlpool ET8MTMXKQ01
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKB09
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ03
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ09
Whirlpool GI1500XHW6
Whirlpool GI15NDXTB0
Whirlpool RT14ZKXGW01
Whirlpool RT18DKXEW05
Whirlpool RT18DKXKQ01
Whirlpool ST18PKXJW00
Whirlpool ET19RKXGW02
Whirlpool ET1FTKXKQ09
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKQ05
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKB05
Whirlpool ET8GHMXLQ01
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMQ03
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKT04
Whirlpool GI1500XHB7
Whirlpool GI1500XHS5
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ03
Whirlpool RT18DKXKQ03
Whirlpool ST14CKXKQ01
Whirlpool TT18AKXKQ00
Whirlpool ET0WSRXMQ00
Whirlpool ET1PHKXPQ04
Whirlpool ET21GMXHW02
Whirlpool ET21NKXJW00
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKQ06
Whirlpool ET4WSKXSQ00
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKQ04
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB06
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKT05
Whirlpool GI1500XHW3
Whirlpool RT14BKXKQ04
Whirlpool TT14DKXEW12
Whirlpool TT14DKXKQ04
Whirlpool ER2CHMXPL04
Whirlpool ET14JKXDW10
Whirlpool ET14JKXFW02
Whirlpool ET14JKXGN00
Whirlpool ET14JKXGN02
Whirlpool ET14JMXJW00
Whirlpool ET18GKXGW02
Whirlpool ET18GKXHW01
Whirlpool ET18NKXDN02
Whirlpool ET18NKXFW03
Whirlpool ET18NMXDW06
Whirlpool ET18NMXFW00
Whirlpool ET18UMXGN02
Whirlpool ET1CHKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET1CHKXKT01
Whirlpool ET1CHMXKQ01
Whirlpool ET1MHKXMQ06
Whirlpool ET1RHMXKQ01
Whirlpool ET21CMXJB00
Whirlpool ET21GKXHW02
Whirlpool ET21MMXJT00
Whirlpool ET21PKXGT03
Whirlpool ET21PKXGW02
Whirlpool ET22RKXGW03
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKT02
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKQ00
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKQ03
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKT02
Whirlpool ET8FTKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMT03
Whirlpool ET8MTKXKT00
Whirlpool ET8MTKXKT01
Whirlpool ET8RHMXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8RHMXKT04
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKB02
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKT08
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKQ00
Whirlpool ET8WTMXKQ04
Whirlpool ET9FTKXKQ02
Whirlpool GI1500XHB3
Whirlpool GI1500XHS6
Whirlpool GI1500XHT6
Whirlpool GI15NDXTQ0
Whirlpool RT14BKXKQ03
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ01
Whirlpool RT18DKXHW01
Whirlpool RT21SKXLQ00
Whirlpool TT21AKXJW01
Whirlpool TT21AKXKQ01
Whirlpool 7RT18BKXEW00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKB01
Whirlpool ER2MHKXPL06
Whirlpool ET14CKXGW01
Whirlpool ET14JKXGW00
Whirlpool ET14JKXGW01
Whirlpool ET14NKXGN00
Whirlpool ET18GKXGN01
Whirlpool ET18GKXHT00
Whirlpool ET18GKXHT01
Whirlpool ET18NKXDN04
Whirlpool ET18NKXFN02
Whirlpool ET18NMXFW02
Whirlpool ET18PKXGN00
Whirlpool ET1FTKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET1WTKXKQ01
Whirlpool ET21CKXHW01
Whirlpool ET21GMXHT02
Whirlpool ET21MMXJW00
Whirlpool ET21NKXJW01
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKQ06
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKT01
Whirlpool ET8CHKXKT02
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8CHMXKQ06
Whirlpool ET8FTKXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8GHMXLT01
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMT00
Whirlpool ET8MHKXMT04
Whirlpool ET8MTMXKQ02
Whirlpool ET8MTMXKT00
Whirlpool ET8RHMXKQ03
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKB04
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKB08
Whirlpool ET8WTKXKQ08
Whirlpool GI1500PHW8
Whirlpool GI1500XHS4
Whirlpool GI1500XHS9
Whirlpool IT14DKXRQ00
Whirlpool IT14DKXSQ00
Whirlpool RT14DKXGN02
Whirlpool RT14DKXGW02
Whirlpool RT14DKYFW00
Whirlpool RT18AKXHW00
Whirlpool RT18AKXKQ04
Whirlpool RT18DKXHN00
Whirlpool RT18DKXJW00
Whirlpool RT18EKREW03
Whirlpool TT18DKXEN03
Whirlpool TT21AKXKQ06
Whirlpool 10660842102
Whirlpool 10670834102

90 Day Limited Warranty

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