WB27X10682 | GE Microwave Magnetron

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Sku:  WB27X10682
Condition:  New
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Magnetron used on some GE microwave models.

Directly Replaces: WB27X10682, AP3203599, 1086312, AH953838, EA953838, PS953838, WB27X10559.


  • Approx. 5.5"L x 4.5"W x 4.75"H.

Compatible with the following models:

GE JE2160SF03
GE JES1142SJ04
GE JE2160SF001
GE JE2160BF03
GE ZE2160SF02
GE JES1142WD04
GE ZE2160SF03
GE JE2160SF02
GE JES1142WD03
GE ZE2160SF001
GE JES1142SJ01
GE JE2160BF02
GE JES1142WD001
GE JE1160WD04
GE JE2160WF001
GE JE2160WF02
GE JES1142SJ02
GE JE2160CF001
GE JE1140WD001
GE JE1160BD04
GE JE1160WD001
GE JE2160CF03
GE JES1142SF02
GE JES1142SJ03
GE JE1140BD001
GE JE1160BD001
GE JE1160BD01
GE JE1160BD02
GE JE1160BD03
GE JE1160WD01
GE JE1160WD02
GE JE1160WD03
GE JE2160BF001
GE JE2160BF01
GE JE2160CF02
GE JE2160SF04
GE JE2160WF03
GE JES1142SJ05
GE JES1142WD02
GE ZE2160SF04
GE ZE2160SF05

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