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  • WFCB | Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter
  • WFCB-side

WFCB WF1CB | Frigidaire PureSource Plus Refrigerator Water Filter

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Water Filter used on some Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Universal and Westinghouse.

Directly Replaces: WF1CB, WFB, WFCB, AP2591529, 9906, 218670303, 218710901, 218710902, 218904602, 5303917752, 5303917836, 5303917937, 5303918017, 9906P, AH503627, EA503627, FRWFCB, PS503627, RC-101, RC-200, RC101, RC200, RENEWFCB, 218717805, 240389101, 240389102, 240394501, 242007903, 5304461598, 9910, RENEW1CB, RENEWFCB, RG100.


  • Reduces the following:
    • Cysts by 99.99%.
    • Particulates (Class I) by 99.80%.
    • Turbidity by 99.70%.
    • Lead by 99.30%.
    • Aesthetic Chlorine by 97.80%.
    • 2,4-D, a Common Herbicide, by 94.2%.
    • Atrazine by 94.9%.
    • Toxaphene, a Common Pesticide, by 87.5%.


  • Approx. 4"L x 2" Diameter.
  • Operating temperature 33 - 100 (°F).
  • Operating pressure 30 - 125 PSI.
  • Filter Life: 6 months or 200 Gallons (whichever comes first).

WFCB Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Whirlpool FRS23X3AQ0
Whirlpool FRS23X3AW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHW2
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHW2
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHD2
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHW3
Whirlpool FRS22ZRHW3
Whirlpool GLRSF266JW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB3
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB5
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHB4
Whirlpool GLRSF266JW1
Whirlpool GLRSF266JW2
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJB0
Whirlpool GLRSF266JB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHW4
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJW2
Whirlpool FRS22ZRHD0
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHB5
Whirlpool FRS26ZNJSB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZNJSB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD3
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHW5
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD1
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHD0
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD2
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZNJSB1
Whirlpool GLRSF236JB0
Whirlpool GLRSF266JB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHW5
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD0
Whirlpool GLRSF236JB1
Whirlpool GLRSF236JB2
Whirlpool GLRSF236JD1
Whirlpool GLRSF236JW0
Whirlpool GLRSF236JW1
Whirlpool GLRSF266JB1
Whirlpool GLRSF266JD1
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD0
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW0
Whirlpool FRS22ZRHD1
Whirlpool FRS22ZRHD2
Whirlpool FRS22ZRHD3
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJB1
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJQ0
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJQ1
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJQ2
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJW0
Whirlpool FRS23ZTJW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHD1
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHD5
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHQ2
Whirlpool FRS26ZNHQ5
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD1
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD4
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHD5
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHQ3
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHQ4
Whirlpool FRS26ZTHQ5
Whirlpool GLRSF236JD0
Whirlpool GLRSF236JD2
Whirlpool GLRSF236JW2
Whirlpool GLRSF266JD0
Whirlpool GLRSF266JD2
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHD5
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHD6
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHD7
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHD8
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHW5
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHW6
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHW7
Whirlpool GRS20ZRHW8
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD2
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD3
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD4
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD5
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHD6
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW1
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW2
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW3
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW4
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW5
Whirlpool GRS26ZRHW6
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGB8
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGWA
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB4
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGWC
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGWB
Whirlpool MRS26LGJB0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW6
Whirlpool FRS26ZSGB4
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW8
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW9
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB5
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGGW4
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGD8
Whirlpool FRS26ZSGB0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW3
Whirlpool FRS20ZSHB0
Whirlpool F45ZR24JD0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB4
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW2
Whirlpool F45ZR24JW0
Whirlpool F45ZR24JW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGHW3
Whirlpool FRS20ZSHB3
Whirlpool FRS22ZGGB0
Whirlpool FRS24ZSGB4
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW8
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW9
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGB1
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGW0
Whirlpool FRS24ZRHB0
Whirlpool FRS24ZSGB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZGGW6
Whirlpool FRS26ZGHW2
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW4
Whirlpool FRS26ZXHD0
Whirlpool MRS26LGJC0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB5
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZGHB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZPHB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGB3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGD3
Whirlpool FRS26ZSGB2
Whirlpool FRS20ZGGW2
Whirlpool FRS24ZSGB2
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGD9
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW4
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFW3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFD0
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZSEB4
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFW2
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFD2
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEW3
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFD3
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFD0
Whirlpool FRS26ZSEB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFW0
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZSEB0
Whirlpool FRS26ZSEB3
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFD1
Whirlpool FRS24ZSFB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEW4
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEB0
Whirlpool FRS24ZSFB0
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEW2
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFW2
Whirlpool MRS26LGJW0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB9
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFW3
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGD0
Whirlpool FRS24ZGGW2
Whirlpool FRS24ZSFW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZGGB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGGB4
Whirlpool FRS26ZPHW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZPHW2
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGB6
Whirlpool MRS26LGJB1
Whirlpool MRS26LGJQ2
Whirlpool FRS20ZGJW0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW1
Whirlpool FRS20ZSHB4
Whirlpool FRS20ZSHB5
Whirlpool FRS26ZGEB1
Whirlpool FRS26ZGGD4
Whirlpool FRS26ZGHD3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFB3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFD1
Whirlpool F45ZR24JD1
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB6
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGD7
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGD9
Whirlpool FRS22ZGEW2
Whirlpool FRS22ZGHW4
Whirlpool FRS22ZRFD3
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGD3
Whirlpool FRS24ZGEB0
Whirlpool FRS24ZGEW2
Whirlpool FRS24ZGGB1
Whirlpool FRS24ZGGD2
Whirlpool FRS24ZRHW4
Whirlpool FRS26ZGED4
Whirlpool FRS26ZPHD2
Whirlpool FRS26ZPHW3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGD6
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGDA
Whirlpool FRS26ZSEW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZSGB3
Whirlpool FRS26ZSGW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHW0
Whirlpool MRS26LGJW2
Whirlpool MRS26LGJW3
Whirlpool FRS20ZGFW0
Whirlpool FRS26ZRGW1
Whirlpool FRS26ZSHW2
Whirlpool MRS26LGJB2
Whirlpool MRS26LGJC2
Whirlpool MRS26LGJQ1
Whirlpool F45ZR24JQ1
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGB3
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGD1
Whirlpool FRS20ZSGB0
Whirlpool FRS20ZSGB2
Whirlpool FRS22AGED2
Whirlpool FRS22ZGEW0
Whirlpool FRS22ZGGB2
Whirlpool FRS22ZGHB4
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGB2
Whirlpool FRS22ZRGD2
Whirlpool FRS28ZRFW0
Whirlpool FRS28ZRGW0
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGD6
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGD8
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGDA
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGW7
Whirlpool FRS20ZRGWA
Whirlpool FRS24ZRGW0
Whirlpool FRS28ZRGW3
Whirlpool FRS26ZRFD2

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Awesome product

    Posted by Carol Garrison on Nov 3rd 2016

    This filter works great! Buying from Appliance Zone is simple and I get product quick.

  2. New filter

    Posted by Maggie on Mar 22nd 2016

    Was just needing a new filter. Works very well, easy to replace. Good price and fast shipping.

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