Y055980 | Whirlpool Appliance High Temperature Adhesive

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Sku:  Y055980
Condition:  New
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High Temperature Adhesive used on various appliances and models.

Directly Replaces: WPY055980, Y055980, AP4284239, 055980, 055984, 1243096, 14205665, 3M847, 55980, 55984, 7-57185, 7-57186, 70102, 757185, 757186, AH2196040, EA2196040, GA601, PS2196040, Y757185, Y757186.


  • 2 oz. tube.
  • used on rubber and felt seals/gaskets for installation.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 66CB
Whirlpool 67C
Whirlpool 741C
Whirlpool 742C
Whirlpool 76CB
Whirlpool 77C
Whirlpool 8035A
Whirlpool A100S
Whirlpool A101
Whirlpool A102
Whirlpool A102S
Whirlpool A103
Whirlpool A103S
Whirlpool A108
Whirlpool A108S
Whirlpool A15CA
Whirlpool A15CM
Whirlpool A15CT
Whirlpool A16CA
Whirlpool A16CM
Whirlpool A16CT
Whirlpool A200
Whirlpool A200S
Whirlpool A202
Whirlpool A202S
Whirlpool A203
Whirlpool A203S
Whirlpool A208
Whirlpool A208S
Whirlpool A300S
Whirlpool A302S
Whirlpool A50
Whirlpool A500
Whirlpool A500S
Whirlpool A502
Whirlpool A502S
Whirlpool A606
Whirlpool A606S
Whirlpool A608
Whirlpool A608S
Whirlpool A700
Whirlpool A700S
Whirlpool A702
Whirlpool A702S
Whirlpool A900
Whirlpool A900S
Whirlpool A902
Whirlpool DE50
Whirlpool DE500
Whirlpool DE700
Whirlpool DE701
Whirlpool DG100
Whirlpool DG101
Whirlpool DG102
Whirlpool DG105
Whirlpool DG300
Whirlpool DG30CA
Whirlpool DG30CM
Whirlpool DG30CMD
Whirlpool DG30CT
Whirlpool DG31CA
Whirlpool DG31CM
Whirlpool DG31CT
Whirlpool DG32CA
Whirlpool DG32CM
Whirlpool DG32CT
Whirlpool DG33CA
Whirlpool DG33CM
Whirlpool DG34CD
Whirlpool DG34CQ
Whirlpool DG500
Whirlpool DG700
Whirlpool DG701
Whirlpool GA608
Whirlpool GA608S
Whirlpool GDG31CA
Whirlpool GDG31CM
Whirlpool GDG31CT
Whirlpool GDG33CA
Whirlpool GDG33CM
Whirlpool GDG34CD
Whirlpool GDG34CQ
Whirlpool LA302
Whirlpool LA608
Whirlpool LA608S
Whirlpool LDG30CMD
Whirlpool LDG31CA
Whirlpool LDG31CM
Whirlpool LDG31CT
Whirlpool LDG33CA
Whirlpool LDG33CM
Whirlpool LDG34CD
Whirlpool LDG34CQ

90 Day Limited Warranty

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