Y706012 | Whirlpool Vent Hood Grease Filter

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Sku:  Y706012
Condition:  New
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Grease Filter used on some GE and Kenmore models.

Directly Replaces: WPY706012, Y706012, AP4292427, 706012, 4381777, 1246946, 7-6012, AH2201738, EA2201738, PS2201738.


  • Chrome.
  • Approx. 16-1/2"L x 9"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool CVEX4270B
Whirlpool CVEX4270W
Whirlpool CVGX2423B
Whirlpool CVGX2423Q
Whirlpool CVGX2423W
Whirlpool JED8430ADB
Whirlpool JED8430ADQ
Whirlpool JED8430ADW
Whirlpool JED8430BDB
Whirlpool JED8430BDF
Whirlpool JED8430BDN
Whirlpool JED8430BDS
Whirlpool CVDX4180W
Whirlpool CVE3400W
Whirlpool CVEX4100W
Whirlpool CVEX4370W
Whirlpool RC8700EDB0
Whirlpool RC8700EDW0
Whirlpool RC8720EDB0
Whirlpool RC8720EDW0
Whirlpool CVDX4180B
Whirlpool CVG2420B
Whirlpool CVG2420W
Whirlpool CVEX4100B
Whirlpool CVE3400B
Whirlpool CSE9900ACB
Whirlpool CSE9900ACE
Whirlpool CM100
Whirlpool CM100-E
Whirlpool CM200
Whirlpool CM200-E
Whirlpool CVE3401B
Whirlpool CVE3401Q
Whirlpool CVE3401W
Whirlpool CVEX4370B
Whirlpool 62942865
Whirlpool 62942869
Whirlpool 62942765
Whirlpool 62942769
Whirlpool 62942979790
Whirlpool 62942975
Whirlpool 62942975790
Whirlpool 62942979

1 Year Limited Warranty

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